Sunday, January 27, 2013

Can't Sleep Again

I can't sleep.  I get like this sometimes.  Not worried about anything (that I know of).  But I just lay there . . . hour after hour.  Or, like now, I go to bed extremely late and still wake up before the sun.  Most times I just lay there.  I wish I had a special someone in my bedroom.  This would be a great morning to be doing this or, to be more precise, to have it being done to me.  


  1. mmmm indeed.... this would be good

  2. Dang, I was up late too, but now I have to hit the shower or I'd come right over. Well, as soon as I could get to the airport, buy a ticket, get a cab... Can you hold on for a couple of days?

    :-) I lay in bed for about 30 minutes last night, thinking about book ideas I'll never right, until suddenly my alarm clock was nudging me back out bed. I thought, "Why is my alarm going off at 1:15, but it was already 6:00.

    What I woke up I was more than ready to act out that picture, but then the boy woke up, the wife rolled over, and the day had begun.

    I hope you get a better wake-up call soon.

  3. It wasn't a "wake-up call", but the Boyfriend benefited from my mood today. We were already supposed to meet for lunch. I texted him that I would pick him up at his place instead his meeting me. I planned for just an 'appetizer', but was still 'hungry' after lunch, so had 'desert' too.