Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I Want

I'm having trouble sleeping tonight.  No reason I can think of.  I'm tired.  Sometimes - and I know this will not make sense - if I am too tired, then I can have trouble sleeping.

I also have this weird feeling tonight.  I want to have my legs wrapped around my lover.  I want to feel his weight on me.  I want to feel his dick still inside of my sheath still full w his cum.  He should be talking.  I don't care about what: how his day went, his dreams, a hobby or favorite past-time, plans for us, anything really, as long as I can hear how happy he is.


  1. I hate that... when you're so tired you can't sleep. It's a very intimate moment you've described. Those moments that have something about them, something you can't forget.

  2. I finished in this position last night, just about the time you were posting this... Coincidence? I think not.