Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love it when my lover takes control during sex. I am not sure how long it took me to realize this. Over time, I realized the things that I remembered the most or I enjoyed the most when I was with someone.

I remember the first time a lover held my wrists over my head while he rode me on top with me looking up into his eyes. He was gently thrusting into me. My hands were rubbing along his back, I think (what man does not like that!!!). He took a hold of my wrists and lifted them over my head. Then he just held them there while he looked down into my eyes. It may not sound like the most intense or erotic thing in the world, but I still think about that time. I felt so completely under his control and that he was completely inside of me.

I love being taken from behind. Face to face is for romance. From behind is when I want to be possessed. (And don't you think my ass is meant to be ridden from behind?)

I have been tied down once, but I do not find that nearly as pleasurable as being held in place my my lover. I can not explain the difference. I feel a tighter bond to my lover maybe. It is him holding me with his strength.

I remember the first time a lover took my hands and held them behind my back while he rode me from behind. I remember asking him about it later when we were curled up in bed talking. He looked genuinely suprised. "I did that . . . I did do that, didn't I?" He said he had never done anythhing like it before and had not really even thought about it then. I was bent over the bed and he was behind me. He said he had a rough day and that he had really appreciated being with me that evening (I really am incredibly supportive). He was fucking me and apparently I was really starting to get into thursting back onto him as well. I remember exactly how he sounded when he said - hesistant and nervous to tell me - that he wanted to ride me and fuck me. He did not want me, to use his words, "fucking back". Without thinking, he said, he took my wrists behind my back to limit my moving. I think he was afraid how I might react. I don't know, maybe it does sound bad that way I am describing it now. Its now how I think of it. I laughed and told him it was perfectly okay, that I was glad he went with how he felt and needed me. To this day, I sometimes slip my hands behind my back hinting for them to be held there.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Romantic Thoughts

Some romantic things to have happen for my bucket list:

I would love to be in the kitchen and have my lover put me on the kitchen counter, making love to me right there just because he could not wait long enough to take me into the bedroom.

I would love to make love outside in the rain.

I would love to call my lover home one day for lunch, but then suprise him when he pulls up by placing my nude leg outside the door and me concealed just behind the door.

I would love for my lover to tie me down upon the dining room table and place food and toppings on my bare body, turning me into his personal feast.

I love to for my lover to wake me up in the middle of the night with his need for me so great that he can not wait until the morning. (And of course, I would gladly cooperate).

I do not count the Boyfriend's bending me over in the kitchen that day as making love on the counter. First, I was bent over, not on the counter (technical point, I admit). Second, I was too terrified about having just spent the night with another man to be caught up in romance. And being bent over, while damned fun, is not romantic. I have done the last one once. And welcome having it done a few more times . . . hopefully.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

He Noticed Finally

Sorry for the disappearing act. Most of the time I could never get any serious alone time with the laptop. Makes it hard to write about certain things when the Boyfriend is likely to pop up over my shoulder any moment. Guess I have also been feeling a little more paranoid lately too. And when I did have some actual alone time, those were times that I just did not feel like writing or thinking or having anything to do with anyone. For those of you wishing me another night out on the town, last night was a veg night. It had been a ridiculously long week filled with way too much drama. The Boyfriend had plans out with his friends. I had the apartment to myself. It was me, ice cream, and the season premiere of Supernatural. Now those are two boys I would love to spend some quality time with.

I am sure the question on everyone's mind is - did the Boyfriend ever finally notice my picture on his cell phone. Yes. I was busy working this week - and I swear it seems that I spend as much time on any given project trying to avoid drama as I do on the actual project itself - when my phone rings. It is the Boyfriend. He does not call very often.

"You are the perfect girlfriend"

I tell him that he can show his appreciation later that evening.

He fixed dinner and led me into the bedroom to have me as dessert. He 'appreciated' to a very pleasant orgasm.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Workout Girl

Called the Boyfriend THREE TIMES today. What did he say? "Why are you calling me so much today?". He never noticed once. Maybe I should have taken instead the picture I took today after I was left the gym. I almost hope he is with his mother when he finally notices.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Try To Be Good . . . I Really Do.

I can not tell if I am a good girlfriend who does bad things or if I am a bad girlfriend who does good things? The Boyfriend was off doing something today and he left his phone in the bedroom. I could not resist scrolling through to see who he has been texting and calling. Yeah, nothing. No dirty pictures either! Not even of me! On impulse, I lifted my t-shirt and snapped a quick picture. I then assigned it as my Call ID. Wonder how long before he notices? Hmmm, I will have to call him several times tomorrow. : )

Monday, September 13, 2010


Why is it that most women love shoes and purses which is also perhaps the two things that guys care the least about?

How did I not inherit the shoe-loving gene?

Why are men so turned on by women in heels?

If given the choice, I believe every man alive would want his woman to keep her heels on when getting fucked - am I wrong? (By now, it should be obvious what Wide Load asked me to keep on while I was giving him a blowjob).

How did stiletto’s get to be called "cum fuck me heels"? (Granted, that is usually what I want when I wear mine. And yes, that's why I had them on when I went to see Wide Load)

Why do strippers have to wear shoes?

And just why are stripper shoes so damned ugly? C'mon already, it is the only damned piece of clothing she is wearing; does they have to be hideous as well? Do not tell me that they are sexy either because there is nothing sexy about platform stiletto's.

And, just for what it is worth, this is the sort of post-coital cuddling talk that Wide Load gets going with. Of course, when he does it, my sides usually start hurting so much from laughing so hard, and for some strange reason that just turns me on all the more, which then means I am working extra hard to get him all aroused and back in the saddle again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Nite Kiss

Sorry, I have been a bit distracted of late. I promise to have something interesting to tell . . . even if I have to go out drinking again. : )

Kisses and promises to do better,

Sunday, September 5, 2010


A long time ago, I briefly exchanged emails with someone. The emails got increasingly hot and he included this picture in one describing just what he had in mind for me. I think it was just cybersex for the both of us and never went any further, but I did keep this picture. I wanted to be that woman. I love it when my man 'takes' me in this position.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I had way too much to drink last night!!!!

I had way too much to drink last night!

Went out with the girls after work yesterday. It has been a really long time since we have done anything together In time, it was just me and Randi; everyone else having gone home to their families. Randi wanted to dance, so she led me to another place for our fun. Of course, Randi is a country girl which meant my ass was now sitting inside a country bar. I hate country, but after way too many vodka tonics, I had this irrisistible urge to dance to it. The drinks? Randi took care of keeping us supplied with drinks. What that meant though was apparently we had a lot of men to dance with. Clearly, I was way to worked up!!!

I texted Wide Load for a bit - he was all into teasing and sexting, but was not able to do anything more. Oh, this was not going to do at all. I texted the Boyfriend, "you there". Sweet boy, he asked if I was okay. I told him yes, that Randi was riding shotgun and keeping me safe. However, I added that she did not have something I needed. He asked "what". "Your dick", I texted.

I told him, "I NEED you to fuck me tonight". I am sitting her now looking at the texts I sent last night and am shaking my head. It had to be some sex crazed evil spirit that took over by body, not me.

1. Absolutely no talking. Do not even say hello. Just be waiting and ready for me.
2. Be lubed up - you're cumming in my ass tonight.
4. When I start to moan, spank my ass.
5. I would love to suck your dick to get you ready to fuck my ass - but no talking.

I think Randi was involved in some of these texts by now, so its not like I was not being prodded. (And no, she did not see any that went to Wide Load).

She drove me home, which was good. I found him in the bedroom, sitting on the side of the bed, waiting for me, no lights on. I walked right over, dropped to my knees, and began to suck his dick as I promised. This was not about getting him off, this was about getting him hard. I stripped out of my clothing as I was sucking his dick; having fun with it by seeing how much I could get off without having to release him. Quite a bit actually. When he hardened, I went to the nightstand and picked up my vibrator. Getting onto my knees, my face buried into the mattress, I shoved it home. Nothing was said, but I had hoped that my ass pointed up into the air would be enough of a hint for him. It was. A moment later, I had my vibrator in my cunt and his dick in my ass. Oh, God, the fullness is about the only way I know to describe it. I came hard and, just before I started to cum, he began smacking my ass. HARD TOO. Its still red. Not upset now, smiling, I can totally understand his losing control and actually I love that he did. And honestly, I loved him hitting my ass hard then and just feeling him starting to hammer away at my ass with my vibrator still humming away inside of me. It was the perfect end ot a perfect evening.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Waiting by the door . . .