Sunday, March 24, 2013


"You're in the middle of the house and a fire starts there. I'm on one side, your phone is on the other - which do you save?"
"Can't I grab my phone and text you?"
He glared. 
"Your point?"
"You're addicted to you phone - you need liberation".
"Put the phone down.  I bet you can't go one hour w/o touching it.  Better yet, every time you touch it in the next hour, you surrender an article of clothing".
Five minutes later, she'd lost her shoes.  She said, "won't happen again". It happened again and again.  Before long she was in only her panties.  She nearly picked up the phone to throw it at him, but stopped herself because that would cost her panties.  And then it rang!
He told her to go ahead, but while she was talking to her friend Candi, he began removing her panties. 
She huffed to the wall and sat down on the floor - nude.
She finished w Candi, then he took the phone.
"Nothing left to lose and you still have 30 more minutes".
"I may just have to spank you next".
He turned to sit down.  She smiled.  Candi was to call back in five minutes.
Fuck liberation - she wanted spankings.

Do I Need To Post A Topless Pic?

I'm so sick.  Yeah, I get sick too damned much.  I've been told that many times this week already.  Stress?  Unhappiness?  Bad genes?  Bad luck?  All the above?  I will return when i feel a bit better.  I want to finish the bit w Tree.  Talk about other things coming up.  Can't think what they are right now, but I know there was something (I'm so sick).  And I want to respond to Advizor's FFF.  I've actually got an idea.  But no strength to write it.  I'm babbling right now, so this does not count - and I'm probably not making any sense (way too many drugs and no freaking sleep because i can't stop caughing).  But the real thing I wanted to post this second is that I LOST A FOLLOWER.  So sad.  I was up to 115.  Yeah, I know that number counted some people who've long since gone away.  I know I'm not a Candy or Advizor or any of y'all other great posters.  I was okay w not having many followers.  But to lose one.  What'd I do?  Just having a few followers is one thing, but it sucks to lose a follower.  Don't even know how to see who dropped out.  You might need to know that I've had some (a lot) of whiskey and honey to try to stop my non-stop caughing.  Add that to my tending to get sensitive when I am sick, and there you have my babbling.  I'm kind of teasing here too.  But hey, if it takes a nude shot to get followers . . . hmmm . . . I will certainly consider it.  Not opposed to it.  :)  Have been thinking about it anyway.  Girl likes to be encouraged and appreciated though, you know.  Maybe.  When I feel better.  And not buzzed too.  Hmm, may delete this entire post when I wake up . . . way too many shots to stop the caugh . . . caugh stopped . . . and I do feel better . . . really better . . . a buzzed better . . . and I am a drunk texter, as you maybe remember (though I know a certain reader has probably forgotten!!!).  I need a cold shower.  Hmm, maybe I'll take a picture in there too?  :)  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Weekend w Tree III

We had a conversation I really want to include too.
After having made love for the second time Friday night and before the nights concluding blowjob, Tree and I were sitting on the balcony listening to the waves and talking about nothing in particular.  We had also done some pretty good damage to a 20 pack of Bud Light.  i don't know how to describe my feelings sitting there except to say that I can't recall ever feeling more relaxed. 
Its hard for me to remember what all we talked about.  His family.  Mine.  Interests.  Dreams.  I asked him if there was anything special he wanted to do our weekend together.  We were in Saint Augustine, my personal favorite local getaway destination, and there are a wealth of things to see or do there.  It's also the oldest European city in the States and since I consider myself a bit of a closet historian, I would have loved to have played his personal tour guide.  I'm making suggestions of places we can go see and basically getting my nerd on.  I'm not sure a half-drunk, half-dressed blonde on a balcony over-looking a beach can be a nerd, but I was doing a fair job of trying w my stories about the history of Saint Augustine.   During all this, I make a smart-ass comment that I was hoping there was something else special he really really wanted to do that weekend.  He looked at me, unable to figure it out, until I finally laughed and said, "ME".  He responded w something like hoping I would want to do "it" some more.  My feet were in his lap, but I think I kind of nudged him hard w one foot saying, "goof, I'm spending the weekend w you at the beach - what do you think I want to do".  I told him that whenever he wanted me again, he just needed to take my hand and lead me to the bed.  "Better yet, just bend me over".  What I didn't say, but I remember thinking and wanting to say - or just push me to my knees, or throw me down, make me gag, pull my hair, smack my ass, or tie me up even.  I had been drinking, but not enough to say all that out loud. 

That conversation soon led to the blowjob.  He had repeated a little later, "just bend you over".  I took the hint and asked, "did you want me to bend over for you now".  Then, I kneeled down on the balcony adding, "or is there something else you might like me to do for you".  I'm enjoying the feeling of him getting hard in my mouth.  I'm trying to bob on his dick, but I was a tired Rachel by this time of the evening.  Using my hands on his legs, I encouraged him to take over the pace by thrusting into my mouth.  He did, gently at first, increasing his speed as his own urges took over inside of him.  His hands were already in my hair and kind of put my hands on top of them.  It wasn't something I was really thinking about.  I was just in the moment and going w it.  Looking back, it was kind of fun showing him how to be dominant.  And I loved ending the night w me on my knees for him getting ready to swallow his semen.

It was a beautiful first night together.

And little did I realize that he was still thinking about our conversation.


Friday, March 15, 2013

My Moods . . .

Pretty much always I am in the mood to . . .
And sometimes I am in the mood for . . .

But sometimes I am in the mood to . . .
. . . or maybe. . .
. . . and maybe . .
And sometimes I am in the mood to . . .

Sometimes I am in the mood to . . .
But more often I am in the mood to . . .


Or if you prefer . . .
And sometimes I am in the mood to . . .
Or if you prefer . . .

And afterwards I am always in the mood for this.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Weekend w Tree II

I promise not to post forever about every little detail.  But there is just so much I do want to describe and that I want to remember forever too.  Please bear w me.
Truth be told, I was a little nervous about how we would be w each other once that initial burst of passion had been spent.  And maybe Tree was nervous about that as well because neither of us moved to seperate for the longest time.  He kept me there, impaled beneath him.  Who am I kidding - I kept me there.  At first, he rose up enough to see down into my face.  No words.  We just looked at each other.  I was kind of embarrassed for some reason.  Naked, his dick still inside of me, the memory of things I had just said and done fresh in my mind, but I didn't really have anywhere I could go hide.  He just kept staring down at me until finally I just stared back up at him.  He eventually rested his head down on my shoulder.  It's been a while since a lover has rested on top of me.  I liked the feeling of Tree there.  I stopped feeling nervous about being w Tree and was just enjoying every moment.
We made love twice more that night.  Once was a slower, more intimate, time in the bed.  The first time was pure passion and need - finding and taking our pleasure in each other.  That second time was was every bit as intense, but so very different too.  Unspoken, we each focused instead on givng pleasure to the other.  Tree used his mouth on hands on me.  I guided him a bit when his head was between my legs.  I'm always a little nervous trying to say what feels good there.  Tree couldn't have been a more attentive lover.  He surprised me by getting me to cum again.  I enjoy sex, but don't often cum during sex.   Cumming twice in a single night was WOW!!!!   And no, I didn't bite him this time . . . but I did pull the pillow over my face and bit into it. 
Later, Tree recieved a well deserved blow job.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Weekend w Tree I

The weekend w Tree was everything I could have wanted.  It was so awesome, I don't even know where to begin.  I reckon the beginning is the obvious place, huh?
We left for the beach right after I got off work Friday.  Between the texting all day long and the drive, my panties were soaking wet long before we arrived.  Worse, they had soaked through to my pants.  This is not an understatement because I am telling you there was a wet spot in the crotch of my pants.  Khakis clearly were the wrong choice.  Guys can at least hide their boners - what the hell was I supposed to do?  It was really not a little spot!!!  I was sure he'd seen it when we stopped for drinks and more making out (and the making out didn't help things dry up any either).  Embarrassed much?  I decided just to tell him what he was the cause of.  He seemed surprised as all get out that any woman, much less me, had physical changes happen to them too because they were horny.  This led to a funny conversation about the differences between men and women.  You might say that my wet spot soaked up the tension.

And besides, how in the hell could he not be pleased knowing how badly I wanted to fuck him.

I had this romantic fantasy that we'd arrive and prolong our desire by going to dinner, maybe followed by a walk along the beach.  Who the hell was I kidding!!!  Seconds after entering the room, I was dragging him to the bed to be on top of me.  Never really occured to me until right this second that he might not like an aggressive woman.  Oops.  Guess that boat has sailed.  I did't know what Tree's sexual experiences were before me, but I didn't really give him any opportunity to show me.  I was running this show.  And I had so not intended too.  I cannot describe what came over me - but I can describe what we did.

I pulled him to the bed walking (running?) backwards.  I fell onto the bed and he had little choice but to follow, landing right on top of me.  We were still fully dressed at this point, but it felt great to have him between my legs and to have his weight on top of me.  Before long, I was undoing his shirt.  Then his pants.  I managed his shirt w him still on top of me.  The pants required us to move.  Of course, since I was then sitting on my ankles beside the bed w him standing, it seemed right to take him into my mouth.  I love the way he always sighs just like he did the very first time I gave him head.  I looked up at him and said, "I need you inside of me".  Seconds later, I'm pretty much getting stripped out of my clothes.  This gets a little weird funny.  Tree was watching me struggle w my belt.  I don't know what to say except that I could not get the damned thing to unfasten.  I said, not really meaning it, "you can help, you know".  That was all the prompting the boy needed apparently.  He pushed my hands out of the way - only to struggle w the damned belt himself.  When he finally got it, he was like a man possessed.  I was honestly laughing at his enthusiasm.  I mean he's yanking my pants down, spinning me around to get them over my ass, then pushing me onto the bed to get them off me completely . . . somewhere in that process my panties were gone as well . . . then my blouse was over my head.  I did slow him down w my bra.  Those dang things can be expensive and I had not worn one of the cheaper ones for him, you know.  So, there we were.  Him standing naked by the bed looking down at me naked on the bed.

I crooked my finger for him to come to me.  He climbed onto the bed between my knees and onto me.  Everything to then had been a blur.  I wanted those next few seconds to go slow.  I wanted to see his face when he first slipped into me.  I don't know how to describe his face in that moment.  Its a look I hope never to forget.  Serene.  Perfect happiness.  I don't know the words to describe it.  I can only say how special he made me feel by the way he looked down at me.  And maybe thats how he was feeling too.  We didn't move for the longest time.  Or maybe it just seemed like the longest time.  I was simply enjoying the feeling of him inside of me. 

He started moving into me.  He felt so good.  Somewhere in this, I had him roll over.  Its easier for me to cum on top - and I really needed to cum.  I wanted too w him.  I had too.  Okay, time for another confession.  Making love to me can leave you w battlescars.  I've been known to scratch a lover's back when things get intense.  And apparently, as I just learned this weekend, I might bite too.  I was leaning forward, my face next to his, he was nuzzling my neck while I rode him.  I began to breathe heavier and I pressed my face harder into his shoulder.  I started to moan.  Okay, yes, I make noise also.  I remember thinking I was being too loud, so I buried my mouth into his shoulder.  And I think that's why it happened.  When I came, I bit bit him. 

I told him he could bite me back later - or spank me - and I wouldn't complain.

We rolled back over.  I liked the feeling of him on me.  I did not expect him to last long and was pleased he'd last this long.  He soon began to breathe heavy.  I held him tight and whispered into his ear, "cum in me Tree, cum in me".  I kept saying it as he thrust into me.  And then he came.

It was everything I wanted our first time to be.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend w Tree

What an incredible weekend!!!!!
Went away w Tree for the weekend.  Everything about the trip was amazing.  I didn't want to come back, so we stayed an extra night.  I want to describe it all . . . but maybe tomorrow.
I'm planning to just sleep tonight.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Asked Tree . . .

I asked Tree if he would like to go away w me for the weekend.

I thought my heart was going to explode I was so nervous.  My friend Randi said I was an idiot to be so scared.  "What's he going to say," she would nag, "No babe, I'd much rather stay home watching tv than go to the beach for the weekend w a hot blonde".  Maybe it doesn't make sense to anyone, but I could still imagine his saying "no thanks".  And I wasn't really sure what to do if he did say no.

But he didn't (big smile).

Just got a text from Tree - "Is it Friday yet".  Friday can't get here soon enough.

Friday, March 1, 2013


"If you could have anything you wanted, what would you want for your birthday?"
"You", he answered.
"Seriously, anything . . ."
"Seriously, you . . ."
"And what would you do with me?"
"Whatever I wanted".
That had been their conversation.  She sat there - his birthday present, his to do whatever he wanted - waiting.
Parents whispered his name to scare their children into behaving.  "Be good or the Dread Pirate Roberts will come get you".  Preachers shouted his name to scare their flock into behaving.  "Be good lest God send the Dread Pirate Roberts to come get you".  And all who lived in port towns looked to the sea, praying today would not be the day Dread Pirate Roberts sailed into town.
His name alone was enough to cause any ship to immediately drop sail and surrender.
His name alone was enough to cause any town to pay whatever price he demanded to not savage them.
"Place your most priceless treasure on the beach at sun up and I will not plunder your town". 
It had been the threat made all up and down for the coast for years.  None had dared challenge.  Towns to the north, towns to the south, all had been made victim; but never her town.  The town of his birth.  The town that, in a sense, created him. 
They had flirted, she and he who would go on to dangerous fame.  He was not her equal and she thought he understood it could never be, that it was just all in fun.  He didn't understand, he dared to dream, and her father beat him for asking to court her.  He ran from the town that day, never to return . . .
. . . Until now.
The town elders had debated the price to be paid in her father's home.  They had all known what priceless treasure the Dread Pirate Roberts expected to find on the beach at dawn.
She sat there, nearly naked, exposed, vulnerable, tied to the chair . . . waiting.