Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Best Time For Sex?

I like morning sex. Who am I kidding – I love sex period. Anytime.

It was impossible not to over-hear some guys at the gym talking - yes, I recently joined a gym - and they were playing around. One thing they got to joking about was their favorite time of day for sex . . . or as they put it, "to get laid". Before you accuse me of eavesdropping, let me defend myself a bit. These guys were not the little dudes lining up to take the spinning classes. These were the wide loads. There were only six or so of them but with their combined mass all in one spot it was like the entire gym was pulled towards them due to their combined gravity. One guy's wife (I presume it was his wife anyway) was in the mix and she apparently had no problem joining right in with the group. She announced very clearly "mornings". I thought about it. I kind of agreed, but I kind of didn't agree too. Leave it to me to be unable to decide. Morning, afternoon, evening, each is special to me and different for me. And then, maybe because I was in a gym with a lot of hard bodies, I got to thinking about Harley again. I really loved Harley. Harley would sometimes ‘need’ me late in the evening. And I mean really late in the evening; like sound asleep late. I would wake up to find Harley between my legs and his dick already slipping inside of me. It was only a few times, but it was a major turn on to me every single time. The first time he did it, he said in the tone that only he could manage – “Miss Rachel, you're needed”. (Apparently this was a reference to an old TV show, The Avengers, where the star would always say to his female counterpart, "Mrs. Peel, you're needed". But I did not get the joke until months later). I can not say what it was about it that turned me on so much. It just did. Hell, it still does everytime I even think about it. I miss Harley. And I miss being "needed" in the middle of the night as well.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First Affair (Part 2)

I am sorry for th delay. Work has been un-real intense and home has been impossible to write from lately. Then, you factor in that I am not the world's greatest writer and need ample amounts of time to sort through my thoughts to put them down. Ugh.

Now, where were we?

Primo finished in my mouth. I still can not believe I gave him a blowjob in my knees in a parking lot. Finishing, he spun me around and tied my hands behind my back telling me that they would remain tied until he was done with me that evening.

"Yippee", my inside voice said (at least, I hope it was my inside voice).

He placed me into the car, buckling me in, and getting a few gratuitous gropes in at the same time. My hands being tied, I guess it was expected. He drove us back to the hotel, fondling my breasts or running his fingers along my lips at every stop light. And there seemed to be a lot of stop lights. I had assumed he would untie me for when we walked through the lobby back to the room. Instead, he slipped a jacket around my shoulders when hung low enough to conceal my wrists tied behind my back. Returning to the room, I expected it would be short time before I was back on my knees or bent over taking him from behind. I could not have been more mistaken.

He placed a blindfold over my eyes. Then, Primo untied my hands long enough to undress me. I next found myself tied naked spread-eagle on the bed. I assumed my 'captor' was till fully clothed, though I could not say for sure as I remained blindfolded. The hours - yes, I said HOURS - that followed found me tied up in dozens of positions; kneeling, standing, bent over, spread-eagle, legs over my head, on all fours, with most positions being repeated. His lips were everywhere on me. And always there was a finger, or fingers, inside of me somewhere. Oftentimes, there were mutliple fingers inside of me. He would nuzzle my clit with a finger in my clit and another in my ass while he reached up with his other hand to have me suck his fingers with my lips. I loved having him in every one of my openings at the same time and apparently he loved it as well. He would occasionally take breaks from 'torturing' me by having me suck on his fingers or his dick. He seemed to love getting his fingers wet with my juices and then placing them inside of my lips. He said he loved watching me "taste myself on him". He would do the same with his dick.

One of my favorite moments had to be when he bent me over the bed and entered me from behind. He slapped my ass and told me to fuck him. He slapped my ass again and again until I did and slapped my ass again if I slowed down any.

It was an incredible evening.

I think he must have finally reached the end of his ability to refrain from his own urges, because he finally undid the blindfold, undid the ties, and kissed me. Sensing that he needed fulfillment, I asked him, "where do you want me". He answered by pulling me up a bit from the bed and slipping into my mouth. I decided it was time for me to take over. I squirmed around into a different position and took control of his need. Before long, he was filling my mouth for the second time that evening with his cum.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

My First Affair (Part 1)

Primo was already there when I finally arrived. Right up to the hotel door, I debated turning and running. I must have changed my mind a thousand times alone just in the time it took me to walk from the parking lot to the room door. Even as I knocked, I thought to myself, “It is not too late to turn around and run away”. But, then if I had run away, I would not have nearly so much fun stuff to talk about now (blushing smile).

I half expected to be attacked the moment Primo opened the door. Instead, he took me out to dinner. He requested a booth and he sat down beside me. Awww. Call it silly, but that is the kind of thing men only do when they are first dating a girl. I could not tell you the last time the Boyfriend has sat down beside me in a booth. Dinner was the perfect blend of light conversation, romance, and naughty flirting; mixed together with the right amount of alcohol.

When we left the restaurant, I was ready to be jumped – repeatedly. Reaching the car, he kissed me and worked some magic along my neck. I was ready and willing to do whatever he wanted. He spun me around, pushing me frontside into the car, while he continued to caress my neck with his lips. I could feel his hardness pressing into my backside.

“Are you ready to be tied down to my bed”, he whispered into my ear.

“I promise I will not run away”, I said back to him.

“So you say now, but you do not know what all I have in mind for you . . . you are going to be screaming before I am done with you tonight”.


He opened the door to let me into the car. I will blame the alcohol for what happened next. I stroked his hardness beneath his pants.

“Careful”, he threatened.

“Careful or what”, I teased, not stopping.

“Careful or I will bend you over right here and now”.

“You want to rape me? I might scream”.

“Then maybe I should make it so that you can’t scream instead”.

“Are you going to make me”? I do not know why I was playing like this.

He surprised me by ‘making me’. I say ‘making’; the pressure he applied to my shoulders was so light that it would not have pushed a little old lady down – not unless she really wanted too. He applied the tiniest amount of pressure to my shoulders and I descended to my knees.

We were far in the back and it just happened to be reasonably dark where we had parked.

“Please sir, I will be good”.

“Yes, you will,” was all he said in response.

He unzipped his pants and thrust his dick towards my mouth. I opened for him and was prepared to bob on his length for a few minutes as he pushed himself deep into my mouth for his first entry. He was having none of that apparently. He took my hair firmly into his hands and began to pump his length into my parted lips. He was fucking my mouth! In a parking lot! He pumped fast and hard. My mouth was full and empty and full again. I focused upon keeping my lips tight and my teeth pulled back. I tried to have my tongue rub the underside as he thrust into and out of my mouth. He did not slow his pace until towards the end. I could hear him breathing harder, not from exhaustion I thought, and was correct. I prepared myself for what came a moment later. His seed filled my mouth even as he pressed himself in for that last time. His dick, his cum, filled me. I forget how many times he spurted, but each explosion seemed to bring another large load. I think I swallowed it all. I held him still between my lips while he recovered. It was only a few more moments, but it seemed like forever. He held my hair tight still. When he released my hair, I pulled back to smile up at him.

He helped my to my feet.

Yes, I made him kiss me on the lips as well. Good boy, he did.

He turned me around again and took my hands behind my back. I was light-headed from the alcohol and from what we had just done. He tied my wrists together. Huh?

“These will come off much later”.

Really, I thought to myself.

“You have only just begun to be made to do things for me”.

Really, I thought, smiling.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Did It Again – And the Boyfriend Did Me Again Too

I am back.

Yes, I did Primo again. A lot. And yes, the Boyfriend did me again too.

Let us start in reverse order – the Boyrfriend.

I returned home with the expected guilt. I have desc;ribed it before, so I will not bore by describing it again, except to say that it was there. The Boyfriend was taking a shower this time when I returned. I needed to pee, so I went in to say "hey there" and to make use of the facilities. He was being talkative, so I remained sitting with my pants around my ankles, listening. He opened the shower curtain and I was surprised to see him sporting wood. He almost seemed embarrassed by it.

"I missed you," he said.

"Apparently," I said smiling back at him, "would you like me to help you with that?"

Borrowing a phrase from a favorite author of mine, Janet Evanovich, I gave myself a "mental head slap". What did I just do!!!! Last time I return from an affair, I am shocked when the Boyfriend insists on bending me over while I still have another man's cum dripping out of me; this time, I offer to bend over for him with my pussy still leaking cum.

Not waiting for him to finish drying off, I step out of my pants still lying bunched around my ankles. I move to the sink and bent over the counter; watching him in the mirror. I can not describe why, it just felt sexy being bent over waiting for him.

He came behind me and slowly inserted himslf into me. I looked at myself in the mirror. There, I said silently to the slut looking back at me, this is twice now you have been fucked by two different men in the same day.

"You're wet", he said to me.

Yeah, I thought, cum has a way of making my pussy wet. Instead, I wisely chose to say, "Whatever Nurse Rachel can do to relieve her man's swelling".

Sometimes the Boyfriend takes me slow. Sometimes the Boyfriend takes me hard. This time he took me hard. I like hard the best.

He gripped my hips and began hammering away at me with his dick. We watched each other through the mirror. It is a strange sight watching him fuck me. His eyes took turns between staring into mine to watching his dick slide into and out of me. During one of the times he was staring into my eyes, he reached forward to push my face down and somehow covered my eyes with his other hand. It was exciting to have him treat me like this. He wanted to watch me. He did not want me to watch him.

He hammered into me like this for several powerful minutes. When he was close to finishing, he released my eyes and grabbed my hair instead to now pull me. I could see him now in the mirror, riding me like a stallion riding his chosen mare. When he finished inside of me, I felt completely possessed.

I will write about Primo and all that he did next time. I learned something. I think I like being tied up.