Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Boyfriend's Booty Call Concludes

Boyfriend took me out to a local sports bar.  Yes guys, I am that girl who likes to drink beer, watch football, and fuck.  We had a great night out.  The beer was cold.  The waitresses were hot.  The games were great.  It was maybe one of the best nights I can recall ever out w the Boyfriend.
We even had a few semi-serious conversations about our relationship.  And that's something we just never do!  He had been staring at me and smiling.  It was a little disconcerting.  I asked him several time - "what".  He would just change the subject or make some dorky comment about me being pretty (like I'm not smart enough to see through that).  Now, we weren't fighting.  It was more playful than anything. 

Finally, I told him if he ever expected to get head again, he had better speak.  He said that was kind of what he was thinking about.  "What, wanting head again", I said back laughing.

"That's not what I meant - and yes maybe when we get back to the apartment - I meant in all the years we've been together, you have never told me no".  At first I said how I told him no all the time; that I maybe disagreed w him too much.  That's when he leaned forward onto the table and in his serious Boyfriend voice (I rarely get the serious Boyfriend voice) said, "you know what I mean (I really didn't), you have never told me 'no' when I've wanted to make love". 
I think its funny how life does things.  Daddy and I will be watching a game, he'll make some bizarre comment and a few seconds later the announcer will make the same comment.  I write a post about not saying "no" to the Boyfriend and, about a month later, he's making the same comment.  Daddy is always asking if ESPN has a microphone in our house.  Guess I should wonder if the Boyfriend has found my blog.
He started telling me about the guys in his office and how they were all bitching about sex; specifically, the lack of sex.  Apparently, they struck out at home far more often than they got laid.  He said that's when he started thinking and realized that he had not struck out once; not ever.  "The more I thought about you always being there whenever I needed you . . . the more I needed you". 

I responded back to the Boyfriend that taking care of him was kind of like my job.  He said he liked that, but added that our relationship "under construction" at the moment and he didn't know what I would do.  This is the closest we have come to having a serious conversation about my moving out. 

I apologized for making things complicated.  He shocked me when he said he completely understood - the car accident and Mom's dying - "it had to feel like your world was falling apart".  "I understand you need some time to sort things out.  Later, we can see if we both still want the same things and if we want to try again".  For the Boyfriend, this was a deep relationship discussion!

The beer, the food, the games, the talk, I was feeling pretty good by the time we returned to his apartment.  In the bathroom, I remembered his original request earlier that evening about me being naked and I smiled, "why not".  However, I decided to add a little kink to his request - I came out of the bathroom totally naked except for my heels.

I found him in the kitchen.  He took one look at me and his smile was all the appreciation I needed.  I walked into his open arms for a series of kisses.  Its very submissive and sexy being naked in a pair of high heels w your lover fully clothed.  In time, he took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

He sat me on the edge of the bed.  Then, lifting my legs into the air, he lowered himself onto his knees and tasted my wetness.  When he stood up, he lowered my legs and grabbed my arm to spin my head towards the edge of the bed.  I had an idea what was expected.  He lowered his pants and I opened my lips to receive him.  We went back and forth like this for a while.  He would get on his knees between my legs for a while, then he would stand and pull my mouth back onto his dick. 

When he was ready, he had me stay on the bed, but get onto my hands and knees.  Standing, he came up behind me.  He slid into me w ease.  Taking my hair into his hands he pulled my head up and then just stood there deep inside of me.  He let go of my hair and pushed my head gently down onto the mattress so that just my ass was sticking up into the air.  I love this position.  Taking my hips firmly into his grip, he began to thrust.  Gently at first, then harder and faster.  I don't know if it was whiskey dick or what, but he had amazing staying power.  He pounded me forever!!!!  The Boyfriend is not one to change positions once he starts fucking and I was totally okay w that this time. 

I love being an active aggressive participant in making love.  I also love being the willing vessel and just receiving.  That evening, high heels still on, my ass high up in the air, on my hands and knees, face buried in the mattress, I was enjoying being ridden hard by the Boyfriend. 

I can always tell when the Boyfriend is close to cumming.  He breathes a little different and grunts a little more.  Laughing.  The poor thing must have been on the edge for a very long time because he was making those familiar noises for a very long time.  When he did explode inside of me, I could tell he was totally spent.

I tried to move my head just a bit to look back at him, but he stopped me.

"Don't move", he panted almost like it was all he could do to say that much. 

"Okay", I said laughing, "I won't.  But you ought to sit down".

"Not yet . . . I'm right where I want to be".

I smiled and stayed right where I was.  I'm not really sure how long I stayed there like that for him.  I kept my head on the mattress, closed my eyes, and just let him enjoy being inside my well-fucked sheath.

 All in all, I would say the Boyfriend did pretty well for his "booty call".

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By Request

Advizor asked me to finish the story.  There really isn't that much to tell, but far be it for me to leave him wanting.   :)
I changed to go over.  I know, it seemed kind of silly to me also to get dressed knowing that I was going to get undressed as soon as I got there.  To my defense, I had decided he was going to take me out for dinner and drinks after he got his dick sucked.  Mostly, it had been a long week and I wanted to get drunk.  Boyfriend could be my DD.  And I figured that after swallowing his cum and a fair amount of top shelf alcohol that I'd be wanting to get laid as well.  I changed into my local slutty clothes. What I will wear around my hometown is considerably different from what I will wear out of town.  In this case, I put on a very low cut sheer blouse, painted on blue jeans, and my favorite pair of black heels.  My goal was sexy enough to have the Boyfriend change his mind and want me to stay clothed.
Arriving, the Boyfriend almost seemed surprised to see me.  I said laughing that if he wasn't all that excited, then maybe I should go on back home and turned like I was going to leave.  He damned near leaped to grab my shoulders shouting that he was excited and led me into the living room.  He said he was afraid I might change my mind or was just teasing him.  I made it very clear to him that I had never left him hanging . . . or erect I should maybe say. 
We jabbered for a little bit about nothing of any importance.  I finally told him he was going to have to tell me when he was ready for me to get down on my knees for him.  He kind of laughed and said, "how about now".  Standing, because we had been sitting on the couch, I asked him again "in clothes or out".  The test - how sexy had I dressed.  "You do look nice", he said.  Smart man to compliment the girl getting ready to suck on his dick.  He had decided on "in clothes" when I suggested I take my top off . . . "in case any spills" (God forbid cause I do try to swallow it all).
He remained sitting on the couch like a king on his throne.  I kind of liked that image when I thought about it then.  I was surprised his dick was not hard when I set it free.  That was okay too though, I also like getting my lover hard in my mouth.  Men can't really know what that feels like.  Its a special feeling for a woman; at least, it is for me.  I like knowing that I am doing something my lover finds exciting and that he wants me.  Men are not always the most talkative, so I guess God found a way for the penis to do its talking for a man. 
I have learned that the Boyfriend responds best to my holding him deep in my mouth for prolonged periods alternating w vigorous head bobbing.  This blowjob progressed pretty quickly.  It had been a while for us.  And apparently it had been a long time for him!!!!  I swear he deposited a bucket full in my mouth!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Boyfriend Texts For Help

The Boyfriend was blowing up my phone last night.  And before you say "so what", let me add that it would have been weird even before our relationship went onto the back burner.  The Boyfriend and texting are not exactly on friendly terms.  If that wasn't bizarre enough, Mr. I Don't Text is also trying to be funny.  Fair enough, I will give him his props, he was making me laugh. 
I'm was also trying to figure out what's up?
I was texting my friend Randi in between texting the Boyfriend back.  Randi knew immediately, "Rache, sweetie, what is every man thinking about any time he is texting a girl".
Duh - Rachel can be a little slow sometimes.  (And you men are such pigs - laughing).
Poor thing, he was bringing his A-game too.  Despite our relationship kind of being in limbo, I do love the Boyfriend.  Being flirtatious is not his strength.  I could almost imagine a gang of guys in his apartment feeding him lines to text.  I wish there were, we might have gotten to the point a little quicker.  As it was, we texted for the longest time.  I knew he would never ask me straight out - "can I fuck you tonight?"  I thought he might eventually at least ask if I would come over.  After about 30-45 minutes of texting banter, I could tell he was never going to just put it out there.
"I bet you're feeling horny, am I right".
"Yeah . . . sorry".
"Sorry?  For what Sweetie?"
"I dunno.  I know you moved out wanting some space and here I'm texting you for sex".
"Don't apologize, a girl likes knowing that she turns a man on".
"You do.  You always have".
"Would you like some help w your condition"
"That would be GREAT"
"Tell me what you want".  Sadly, being aggressive or descriptive can be very hard for the Boyfriend.  But sometimes . . .
After a pretty long pause where I was afraid I'd asked the Boyfriend for more than he could do, he responded.  "I would really like you on your knees".
I smiled and asked him, "dressed or naked".
"I can do that for you . . . on my way".