Monday, May 31, 2010

Phone Sex - Revenge

I promised my boyfriend that my revenge would be sweet.

And I had not forgotten.

I was having a peaceful Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect day to lay out under the sun, work on my tan, and read a good book. I was having a perfect day.

And it got better.

I walked back into the apartment to find my boyfriend on the phone with his mother. I knew immediately what I was going to do. Setting my bag down, I slipped out of my shoes and glided over to him. I leaned over to whisper into his ear, "hang up before I am done and you can plan on going without for a long long time".

Removing his pants, I then settled in between his knees . . . on my knees.

At this point I should probably mention that his mother is extremely religeous. A sweet woman. And always very nice to me. Upset that her son and I are living in sin. Something for which I suspect she blames me; not him. And something for which she regularly makes wedding bell solutions. I wondered, if she knew what I was doing, what she would be thinking of me then.

I parted my lips and took him immediately between them. I have never claimed to be talented at sucking dick. Today, my intent was to make up for talent with eagerness. I got right to bobbing upon his length. My evil desire was to hear him moan while he was still on the phone. There is not much to describe. I had his dick firmly between my lips. I was bobbing up and down as hard and as fast as I could. I began to tire after a few moments of that.

I switched up my pace to holding him tighter and sucking in as I pulled back more slowly. It was probably around then that I worried I might not be up to the challenge. Maybe I would not be able to get him to cum with my lips. I thought about changing up positions, maybe climbing up to where I was straddling him and riding him that way while he was on the phone still. Was I being stupid? I wonder know - are there other women feel less like a woman because they can not get their man to cum in their mouth?

Still holding him in my mouth, I reached behind my back and undid my bikini top. Releasing him slowly, so that he just slipped out of my lips as I pulled back, I looked up into his eyes while I slipped out of my top. I took each breast in hand and squeezed them together with his dick held snugly between them. He cooperated by thrusting as best he could with him still sitting.

I returned his dick to my mouth and began to bob as furiously as before. I was rewarded after a bit with exactly what I wanted. He moaned.

I do not think he even realized he had done it until his mother asked him what was wrong.

"Nothing's wrong, my muscles are 'stiff' and Rachel is massaging them to help get them to feel better".

His mother said something else. He responded back, "yes, Rachel is very caring. She said it herself a few weeks ago - she is the perfect girlfriend".

His mother said something, he responded with, "yes, and she probably would make the perfect wife".

I nearly choked!!!!!

I bobbed all the more furiously. I could tell he was nearing his moment because he began to thrust gently up from the chair into my waiting mouth. His speaking was getting more strained on the phone. When he came, I just held him deep and let his dick keep exploding into my mouth, wanting his cum to fill my mouth fully before I swallowed.

I held him for a while afterwards with my lips. He rubbed his hand through my hair.

He kept trying to talk with his mom, but I could tell he had stopped listening to her a long time ago.

Revernge was nice.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Am I Going To Do?

I am so confused I do not know what to do.

I am going out of town again week after next for work. Primo wants to come.

Who am I kidding? If I did not want to see Primo again, then I would not have kept talking with him and I certainly would not have told him I was going away again.

I feel excited. I feel guilty. I think I wanted it to be like last time, a spur of the moment decision, spontaneous, something that I can pretend I did not actually plan and something that I could rationalize away my responsibility because of the circumstances.

I told Primo where to meet me.

I teased (a little serious though) that I was so anxious I could not promise I would not run out of the room. He says without hesitation, “then I guess I will have to tie you down to make sure”.

Promise, I thought to myself.

Yeah, we all know it, I am going to go. And Primo will come and probably cum repeatedly. I am simply going to torture myself until then.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

My First Affair - Primo

I told myself I would write about sex today.

And I know who and what I wanted to write about.

My first affair.

He's been calling. He's been emailing. He's been texting.

He needs a name.

Primo. I think I will call him "Primo". I think it is Italian for "First"; even if it is not, it still sounds better.

I had thought about calling him "Alpha", but that just brought up al sorts of "Alpha Male" wicked thoughts which was only going to lead me to a lot more trouble. I should be calling him "Once" or better yet "Never Again". But no, not me, I have been every bit as guilty of calling, emailing, and texting.

So far, nothing has happened. Well, nothing if you don't count the calling, emailing, and texting.

Yes, I am bad. Spank me.

I wish my boyfriend would spank me. That would at least be some type of physical contact between us.

I know what you're saying - "Rachel, shut up about the lack of sex with your boyfriend and tell us all the sordidness with Primo".

I would be glad too - except that there has not been any "more" sordidness with Primo.

Not yet.

And if I can resist temptation, then not ever.

Primo wants to see me again.

I wonder, if I saw him again, would I need to start calling him "Second"? But, would he really count as a second affair? Same guy, right. Wouldn't that keep me at one? Ugh, you see where my brain starts going anytime I get to really thinking about First. This is why I am writing too. Get it down on paper and get it out of my head.

I loved his first email. It was so cute. Three words, nothing more: "OH MY GOD". Those were my feelings exactly.

Well, that and the guilt.

Our emails were mostly just talking with a bit of flirting in them at times. I asked a lot of questions about him. Mostly what I wanted to know is how many times he had done that before. He insisted that he hadn't, of course. I guess it really didn't matter much. Part of me wanted it to be something special for him and not just a lay. He asked a lot of questions about me as well. He never asked if I had done it before. He did ask dance around asking why I though? I told him a lot of what I've told you already. He was firm in his opinion that he could not imagine any man not interested in me so I told him some of my boyfriend and mine's history. I blame myself because I asked him a lot of nosey questions my own self, so he must have felt comfortable doing the same with me. I ended up telling him about how my my boyfriend greeted me in the kitchen that evening I returned, how his hunger for me seemed to cool down within days again, how I tried igniting his fire by giving him a blowjob by the pool, and how things just keep cooling off between us. Primo seemed to hang on every word. He did a lot to make me feel desirable.

Primo said he would love to see me in just his work shirt; but maybe with a pair of hose along with the heels. He apparently has a thing for women in sexy nylons. Of course, slut that I am, I said I would do that for him before I even realized I had said it.

Remember recently when I said I was fighting back the tears. I don't know why; stress at work, some other personal problems, being sick, being exhausted. I don't know. I just was. Primo and I were emailing back and forth about this, when suddenly my phone rang. It was Primo. He had never called me before that. I answered and he said he wanted to ask me how I was doing, not email me. He was worried about me. I had never sounded down to him before. He got me to talking more which led to tears as well. He was so sweet.

The next day, I thanked him for being so sweet. And he was being so sweet too. I could not have asked for a better white knight.

I have a rather jaded sense of humor sometimes. I jokingly teased that he was being sweet just so he could get back into my pants. He caught me off guard with his response. He wrote back, "you get a spanking for that".

I think I wet my panties immediately!!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Phone Sex

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I am feeling much better. I know they say sun is bad for your skin and all, but after this post, the extent of my day is just to read a book and lay out under the sun. But first, this post.

When I last wrote, I thought the boyfriend was feeling horny. I was not wrong. Despite encouragements to the contrary, I had a number of delicious plans in mind. He wanted a piece of me, he was going to have to work for it. Dinner out. A romantic stroll. He was going to have to endure one hell of a lot of teasing. And most importantly - he was going to have to make the first move. The torturous teasing was more to make sure he made that first move. Ah, but as they say, "the best laid plans . . . ". By the time I got home, I was wiped. No dinner out. No romantic stroll. No torturous teasing. And no first move. But yes, the boyfriend still got laid.

Am I the perfect girlfriend or what?

One nice thing about getting sick the week before Mother's Day is that I do not go see my mother. My mother is such a hypochondriac that she does not want me even driving down her street if I have had the sniffles in the past two weeks. Instead, I arranged for flowers to be delivered to her on Friday. I would have had the boyfriend deliver the flowers on Sunday; however she would not have wanted to boyfriend on her porch either since he was living with her sick daughter. And, believe it or not, she would not have even let the flowers into her home if I had been around them. My mother.

Last Sunday afternoon, I am in my bra and panties after having just taken my second shower for the day (I tend to take a lot of showers when I am sick), when the phone rang. I groaned. Yes, you know who it was. My mother! I swear if it had not been Mother's Day, I would not have answered. I planned to call her later. I was just putting it off. She liked the flowers. She was pleased that I did not come see her. She eventually got around to asking how I was feeling. Of course, this meant that she then had to tell me how sick she had been recently. I swear, I may be in the casket at my own funeral and she will still have to out-sick me.

Have I set the scene?

Aside from being in my bra and panties, there is absolutely nothing sexy about me then.

So tell me why the boyfriend chose that moment to finally make the first move!!!! Men!!!! All of y'all are sick!!!

Apparently, he had been watching me walk around the apartment while I was talking (more like listening) to my mother. Apparently, he had been watching me very intently. At some point, I was, for whatever reason, bending over the table. This is when he chose to slip up behind me. I did not think much of it. This is the boyfriend we are talking about, after all. I sometimes forget that he is a sick demented man like the rest of them. I look back over my shoulder and smile at him, wiggling my ass against his crotch that he had pressed against me. He starts grinding into me. I am still not thinking anything (hey, I had been sick so I had a reason to be thinking slow), until I move to stand back up and he puts a hand in my back to keep me bent over. I look back over my shoulder at him. He is smiling. I give him the look! I swear I think that only turned him on all the more. I whisper "no". He just nods his head yes and proceeded to unfasten his pants. He was rock solid. He began to pull my panties down. When I resisted this, he changed tactics. He used his legs to spread mine and simply pulled my panties to the side. The boyfriend was coming inside Rachel.

I am the perfect girlfriend - a push button slut - because I was plenty wet enough to easily recieve him inside of me.

My mother is still on the phone telling me about something. I barely listen to her as it is. Her baby girl - me - is bent over a table getting her pussy drilled. The boyfriend was not about to let this be a quick, wham bam, fill Rachel with cum, see ya later sort of fuck. He was taking it slow. I think he was enjoying that I was on the phone and having to pretend like there was nothing going on behind me. I lay my head face down onto the table. I am intent on my bofriend in my pussy and my mother in my ear. He began to massage my clit with his fingers while still slowly riding me. Oh my God. I was going to cum. My mother is talking.

"Are you okay Rachel?"

"Why mom?"

"Your voice is sounding all rough and husky again".

I am thinking, "yes mom, it does that when I am about to cum".

Instead, I say, "just sick still".

"What are you taking for it Rachel? Can I bring you something?"

She chooses now to be caring?!?!?!

"No mom, I'm fine. I'm sure I will be feeling much better very soon". And I think it was right about that moment that I came all over my boyfriends dick that he was still rhythmically thrusting into me. Have I mentioned that I am sometimes a screamer? Not always. I never know when. Well, guess what I was getting ready to do while I was on the phone with my mother as my boyfriend is fucking me from behind? I shoved my fist so hard into my mouth that you could see the bite marks a day later.

"Gotta go mom".

At which point I hung up the phone and demanded that the boyfriend stop all this gentle love making and fuck me like the queen slut I was for him.

When he was finished inside of me, I looked back up to him and promised him "paybacks are Hell buddy".

I then looked over at the phone and wondered, did I turn it off before or after I told him to "fuck me like the queen slut I was for him".


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Have Been Sick - Ugh!

I am glad to see Cande "got some" finally.

I, however, have been sick as a dog. Doing better. Stay tired though. Started crying today for no reason at all. I have had to close my office door several times today because I would just start crying. Happens when I get so tired. In the next day or two, I will follow-up to the boyfriend's being horny.


Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Sick

I'm sick. A cold is kicking my ass. I will write about Friday night later when I can breathe again and my head stops pounding.