Friday, February 1, 2013


"Yeah . . . ", Rachel paused before adding, " . . . I got nothing".
Silence filled the room.  The average person was uncomfortable w silence.  Wait long enough and the average person will say something just to end the silence.  Rachel was anything but average. 
He went old school on her.  When in doubt, repeat what was said, "so you got nothing.  I'd hate to see you skip FFF after you just joined".
"Then advise me Advizor . . . give me something to write . . . "
"What if we put a girl on the arm of the chair".
"Is she naked," Rachel asked.
Advizor responded, "except for black heels and stockings".
"I think so . . . does it help".
Rachel paused for a long moment, her eyes staring off into space, focused on nothing, then she responded w a simple "nope".
"How about imaging you sitting in that chair, only that you are fully clothed . . . wearing sexy red dress".
"I like red", Rachel smiled, "and I need to be wearing black heels and hose too".
Advizor smiled, now she was into it.  He paused, wating for her to take off now w the story.
Rachel waited too, before finally saying in frustration, "yeah, still nothing".
"And you're smoking a cigarrette."
"Because I have an oral fixation," she said completing his thought, then added, "yeah, nothing".
"Hmm, imagine me there, in a chair across from you watching you".
She smiled, "wearing a fedora maybe and you must be in suspenders".
"You like suspenders, do you," he smiled back, only to watch her shake her head no.
"Fedora's," he asked.
"Can take them or leave them".
Silence again filled the room.  This time it was Rachel who waited.  She understood silence.  She knew when to hold it . . .

. . . she knew when to break it, "I like the idea of you watching".


  1. Way to break through that writer's block! Nicely done.

  2. What a great take! Watching is good. Ad watching is fabulous! Happy FFF!

  3. Are you trying to kill me? :-)

    I have to crown this "Best post of all time ever anywhere on the Internet."

    Seriously, I've been smiling like a goon since I read this, it's making my boss very suspicious.

  4. Heh. Advizor gets a few special rewards for running this thing. It's no less than his due, really.

    Good work on this one!

    -- PB

  5. HAHA, this is great!! I love it because I can picture it going about just like you told it!! Great job!

  6. I do love your take! :) A very delightful tease.

  7. Okay, gonna try this for the third time. I love the tease, and the idea that you've been chatting with Advizor. Great take. :)

  8. Advizor: I'm expecting bonus words for the next FFF.

    Ms B: True story, that's how it played out in my mind.

    Panser: Thanks. I was praying he would be a good sport.

    Word: Thanks. I appreciate that.