Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wide Load's Birthday

I slept in this morning. I have the apartment to myself. And I am having a fantastic breakfast – peanut butter on graham crackers. Am I living or what!

I had to go out of town for business this past December and I wanted Wide Load to come with me again. His birthday is in December and I wanted to do something special for him. We stopped for breakfast – nothing nearly as good as peanut butter on graham crackers – and I told him my surprise. I was going to take him into a lingerie store and would buy whatever he liked for me to wear for him. Okay, maybe not the most creative gift in the word and maybe not all that special, but he seemed extremely pleased. In fact, he was ready to get up from breakfast then to go shopping and, if you knew Wide Load, you would know that nothing gets between him and food, so I feeling rather pleased with myself. (I have a picture – which means “yes” that I let him take a picture – and I might upload it, but pictures make me feel embarrassed and this picture really makes me feel self-conscious). Selection made, we finished the drive and I went off to do the work thing. The evening could not arrive fast enough. We went out to dinner and I am sorry for sounding boring, but there is a point to all of this. The waitress was beautiful; short with long black hair. And she was being very attentive to Wide Load. Wide Load was being attentive to me, so I was not really feeling jealous. Instead, and I blame the alcohol for me starting this, I asked him if he wanted a three-way. The previously mentioned alcohol makes it hard for me to remember everything that was said, but I remember the gist of it pretty well. He laughed and said, “Rachel, she is hitting on you, not me”. I think I choked on my drink he got me to laughing so hard with that one. We talked more about threesomes and fantasies. I remember his saying all the right things about not needing another woman when he was with me. He said something about threesomes not being his number one fantasy which then meant that that I had to have him list his fantasies. Someday I may tell you his number one fantasy – after we get around to doing it, that is. We traded telling fantasies, but I told him that I did not believe him about the three-way. He said he would not “REFUSE IT”, but that he would never ask for it either. I smiled at him and said “I’d do it for you”. It was his turn to choke on his drink. We joked around and drank more and I asked him what he wanted from me that night on his fantasy list. He said he wanted the world tour with Rachel. I knew exactly what he meant, but I enjoy hearing him tell me what he wants from me and my body. He wanted to cum in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass that night. Laughing, I told him that we had probably better leave to get started if he wanted to do all that “traveling” in one night. Wide Load got his ‘around the Rachel world tour’ and it was a very long night for me. I say that smiling.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Valentines Day Lament

I think it incredibly ironic that a sex bet ended the day before Valentine's Day. I would like to tell you that the Boyfriend went all out and was the proud recipient of one ginormous sexual thank you. I would love to tell you that actually. But, I would be making it all up. Remember, it is our lack of intimacy which led to this blog to begin with. If I do not initiate an encounter, then months might pass. Months have passed before! Okay, deep breath, I did not mean for this little lament to turn into a rant.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bet Fully Paid

I may not be “The Blowjob Queen”, but I think eight blowjobs in eight days makes me “a blowjob queen”.

Wide Load had us train our legs like demons. Sunday was four days ago and my legs only just stopped feeling sore. In Wide Load’s world, that means it is about time to go back and hurt them all over again. I do this why? But I digress. When we finished, he took us around to front office and I figured that I knew what he was up too, but he surprised me. He had me sit down while he made us each a protien shake. Then, he disappearred for a moment only to return with a Snickers candy bar unwrapped on a plate with a lit red birthday candle sticking out of its center. You can laugh – I did – but it was sweet. I said something about not needing the calories and he said that chocolate does not have calories on holidays. So, the two of us sat there, in our post workout glow, drinking our protien shakes and splitting the rare non-fattening holiday Snickers.

I joked, as the Snickers was nearly gone (they do not last nearly long enough), that it was probably about time for me to finish paying off my debt. Not for the first time, Wide Load offered to let me out of the bet. Ignoring him, I lowered myself down onto my knees while he stood behind the counter. Keep in mind, just in front of the counter were HUGE glass windows. The counter itself is wood and you can not see through it however. And, with the sun, you can not see through the window tinting either. After seven days of sucking his dick, I did not see any point to being coy, so I simply pulled down his pants and took him into my mouth. I think I prefer taking a man into my mouth when he is soft. I liked feeling Wide Load get hard between my lips. I liked looking up at him and watching him look down at me. It is hard to describe what it feels like to me having him get hard in my mouth and having him look down at me. And when he came, I made it a point not to let go of him until every drop was in me.

And yes, I said eight blowjobs in eight days. The bet with Wide Load was for a week. There was a bet with the Boyfriend too and he collected in the fourth quarter. Damned Packers!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 7

Going to the gym soon . . . in about 45 minutes. Figure on 90 minutes to work out (it is legs today) and I imagine that about 2pm I will busy paying off my bet. Damned Packers!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Damned Packers!

Going to the gym this week has been a challenge for two reasons. One, I just ain’t had the drive to go. Two, and this is the part that really sucks, I made a bet that I have had to pay off every night for the past week. Damned Packers!

Feeling a bit confident about Big Ben and my Steelers, I did not hesitate when Wide Load asked if I wanted to make it more interesting. No money. Winner got whatever they wanted. I laughed and said I knew what he wanted. I rather dumbly added that this did not seem like much of a bet. I never seem to know when to shut up. Wide quickly added then that the winner got oral every day for one straight week. I asked him if he could really handle getting me off every night and his going home suffering. Do not guess I will ever know. Damned Packers!

I just returned from the gym and paying off my debt. Oh yeah, he still makes me work out first. The bastard.

Tomorrow is day seven.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Bowl

Damned Packers.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Go Steelers!

I do not understand women.

Friday was Super Bowl Day at the office. Everyone was to wear the colors of their team. I borrowed a friend's Steeler jersey (it helps to have nice rack and a killer smile). I tend to pull more for players than actual teams. In the day, I was a big Green Bay fan, but that was more because I had this major crush in Bret Favre. He looked like he was always so excited and having a good time. I am irresitably attracted to those characteristics. By now, you should be able to figure out that I am a Big Ben fan too.

Which brings me to my point - I do not understand women.

I listened to some of the ladies saying they were pulling for Green Bay now that Bret was not there. Huh? Bret was the only reason I ever pulled FOR Green Bay. The standard complaint was that they did not like Bret because he was full of himself. Let me repeat myself - huh? Women say that they like men to be self-confident. But, if a man actually is self-confident, then we accuse him of being full of himself. I remember watching Bret and Green Bay once with Daddy when they were behind and driving down the field. Daddy said, "there goes Favre, willing them down the field". I remember Daddy smiling watching it. And I remember that Bret was smiling every time the camera was on him. The most serious drive of the game and he looked like he was having the time of his life. How could I not be attracted to that?

I guess for the same reasons, I like to watch Big Ben play.

Go Steelers!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Back

I'm back!

I was going to say that returning to blogging must be like returning to the gym after a really long lay out. I say that I was going to say that, but it is nothing like returning to the gym. If I skip the gym enough days in a row, then it takes everything I have to drag my fat ass back into there. I do it because I know I have to do it. And that is nothing like how I am feeling now.

Instead, I think returning to blogging again must be like having sex again after one really long dry spell. I want too. I really want too. I know what goes where. I am dripping wet with excitement. But I feel incredibly awkward and self-conscious about my every move (in this case, every word I write . . . or do not write).

Where have I been? Those are stories to tell some other nights.
In deference to my anxiety and feelings of awkwardness, let me start slow, kind of like foreplay. I promise to warm up and share better tales.

A few weeks ago, I went to visit Mom and Dad. Mom was cooking something and Dad was watching football. Dad was unusually talkative, which may have had something to do with the beer he was drinking, and I sat in the living with him for most of the time. Thank God for football. My parents and I went through a pretty rough patch for a while when I was in my teens. It may have been only days, but I swear it felt like there were years we could barely speak without fighting. But, no matter how tense things were, I could always talk football with Dad. Those games are some of my fondest memories. Okay, I am sure that is boring information for you, but it is part of the memory for me. Daddy must have been feeling really comfortable. He offers me a beer - something he never has done before. I needed the beer to not get frustrated with him and that damned flicker. We are watching the game, but he keeps flicking channels. What is it with you men! Mostly, he kept flicking between the game and this auto auction. Every now and then, he would mention having owned one of those cars and fussing that they were now selling for obscene amounts of money. A Ford F100 rolled across and Daddy told me how this was his first car (okay, truck) ever. I remember this for two reasons. First, it was important to me because he told me how it was his first car. Second, and this might be the real reason, he proceeds to tell me how this is the car he was driving when he met my mother. Memorable enough on its own. But he tells me about their first date. He picks up her at Granddaddy's house, opens her door, and he described how she slid all the way over to sit beside him. He told me how she was the first girl to ever slide over to sit next to him. I thought that was so sweet and romantic. Daddy said that bucket seats were the worst thing ever to happen to cars. I was still thinking how it was all romantic about a girl sitting next to her date when I went into the kitchen to get us each another beer. Mom said to me that she agreed with Daddy. Smiling, she whispered, "more room". Right then I needed that beer to medicate the images flitting through my head. But later on, I kind of smiled at the thought of my Mom and Dad having fun in his truck.