Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The War Continues . . .

. . . and I'm losing. 
I feel like I'm trapped in some Twilight Zone episode that Daddy makes me watch.  Every time I look at Blogger, another piece of me seems to disappear to be replaced by that damned white bar. 
It's driving me crazy.  I don't really post all that many pictures, so what's the big deal.  The big deal is that I can't let it go now.  Did I mention my OCD?  It's hard to think of posting any updates when I'm stuck on getting rid of that damned white bar.
And the worst part is how stupid I feel about the whole thing.  Obviously I am doing something wrong.  I'm doing the same damn thing I have done for years . . . but now it does not work . . . or it works for a few days . . . and then that white bar appears instead. 
Today my Header went away.  I've lost the one I used to have, so I updated it w something new.  I liked it.  She looks mischevious.  :)  Now, here's crossing my fingers she does not disappear tomorrow too.
Sorry for ranting.  I hate feeling stupid.  Absolutely f---ing hate it!!!!


  1. your not stupod, the internet is.

  2. You don't have to feel stupid, you are up against the great minds of Google. I suggest you put up a bunch of bikini pictures and then call the Blogger Help Desk. Once they see the pictures they will make sure they stay up forever. :-)

    Good luck. I wish I could help. When my freaked out, I stripped out all of the gadgets such as my archive list, my followers list, the link to my tumblr, everything, and then put it back together 1 slice at a time.

    You problem is different in that pictures aren't showing up, for me, users couldn't get in at all. Good luck!!!

  3. BIG fan of the new header! Congrats on that one :)

  4. Dog: Thanks. I really do appreciate it. Even if you are just being nice to the blonde . . . I appreciate it.

    A54: I may just try that. Do you think it will work? Others beside me couldn't get into your blog? Sorry for you, but at least that's one less thing for me to feel stupid about.

    Adam: Happy you approve. I could see me doing that. :)

  5. LOVE the new banner. It somehow reminds me of me too! haha I'm pretty sure they separated us at birth.

    It all sounds like a size problem to me. there are some circumstances where the size is ok, and others not.... who knows. I haven't tried changing anything recently and by the sound of your story I'm not even going to try!