Sunday, January 13, 2013


My blog and I are at war w one another.  I'm not really sure what I did to piss it off, but shots have been fired and there do not appear to be any signs of peace talks.  December, we were getting along great.  January, things turned ugly.  The area of contention appears to center upon pictures.  I noticed photos I had placed in my blog were being deleted and replaced w a circle w a white bar in it.  What the fuck?!?!  I would upload a photo . . . all would look fine in a preview . . . then when I publish I see the same dreaded circle w white bar appear.  I think I finally have it figured out and that maybe we are at peace.  And today, when responding to a comment, I see that my own profile now is replaced w that damned white bar!!!!! 
Now, time for a little fun fact about me.  When something does not go as planned - as expected - I can become obsessed w it.  Not able to do another damned thing until I finally get past that one stupid little thing.  Yeah, I have OCD issues.  Sucks.


  1. I see all your pics fine... maybe you're just missing a little plugin for your browser?

  2. K scratch that... your profile pic on my blog is indeed a grey circle with a bar. :(

    Have you tried downloading the picture to your computer rather than using a URL link for the picture?

  3. If it is all about you posting pictures of you, well, I'm calling Google's Sr. Vice President of Evil and tell him to cut it out and let you get back on-line. My blog freaked the other day and was keeping people out, so maybe the Sr. Vice President of Evil is my wife. Don't know.

    If you need to send along some test pictures, you have my e-mail. you know, for 'testing.'

  4. I'm like that. Some little unimportant thing doesn't happen right and I have to spend a long time getting to the bottom of it.

  5. Weird - I wonder what the problem is? Probably some random blogger issue and not your fault, I'll bet.

  6. Cande: That's just it. Blogger won't let me post my photos from my computer now. I HAVE to go through Google's Picasso.

    A54: Tell your wife to cut it out then. Fix my problem and I promise to post a nude . . . umm topless . . . umm maybe.

    Mal: I feel more crazy because I have trouble letting it go. I keep saying to myself, just another moment then I'll move on . . . but I never do.

    Adam: I just wish someone would pretend to be having the same problem so I didn't feel like the only idiot.

  7. Well, it looks like I got my profile picture to reappear w my comments at least. The only thing I know to do is delete and repost. That's been working sometimes.