Saturday, July 31, 2010

About That "Special Alone Time" I Mentioned . . .

"Wide Load (Part 3)" actually was supposed to keep right on going and there was not supposed to be a "Wide Load (Part 4)". However, I required a time out. To be blunt, I was worked up and needed to go take care of myself. Strange, I am finding it more embarrassing telling on myself that I needed to go pleasure myself than I found it telling about any of the things Wide Load did to me. I guess that explains maybe why I have a vibrator, but that is also very rarely used. Recalling the events for "Wide Load (Part 3)" had me dripping so badly that I was convinced there was a puddle in my chair. As it happens, my panties were completely soaked.

The Boyfriend was watching a movie or something on the television. I gave him a little kiss, telling him to finish his movie, that I was going to go read in bed. I went into the bedroom, pulled out my rabbit, pulled off my jeans and soaked panties, then settled in for some much needed relief. No special fantasy needed. Not that night. I just lay back, closed my eyes, and remembered the fun with Wide Load. I have said before that I do not cum especially easy and had not planned on things to be any different that night. I just wanted to relax and let what may happen. This was working really well. I was feeling good. Things were starting to tingle. I did not think it possible to get any more wet, but that was happening as well. And then I heard the door open.

"Would you like some help with that" the Boyfriend asked, taking in the scene. Say what you will about him, the Boyfriend has a knack for timing.

What I wanted to say was, "No thank you, I am doing just fine thinking about the Greek God who hammered me nearly senseless".

What I did say was, "Hurry up, I need you right here", patting where I wanted him to lay down.

He shucked his clothes and lay down flat on his back where I wanted him. I rolled to my side and lay my head on his tummy, taking his soft dick into my mouth, and keeping the vibrator between my legs.

The vibrator was feeling good between my legs. The Boyfriend was hardening in my mouth. I imagined what it would be like to have two men having their way with me. I imagined the Boyfriend and Wide Load sharing me. The Boyfriend would be in my mouth. Wide Load would be fucking me from behind. I could hear them talking to me; praising me for what I was able to do for them with my body, encouraing me to please two men at the same time, pushing me to suck harder, pressing me to fuck harder. I could hear them talking to each other; the Boyfriend telling Wide Load to pull my hair, Wide Load telling the Boyfriend to reach forward and have a turn at spanking my ass. I imagined myself being in the middle of these two men. I saw myself on my hands and knees, immobile, open, receptive, with both men fucking me from either end.

I could hear the Boyfriend's breathing getting more intense. He was clearly enjoying me enjoying my fantasy. I could taste his salty pre-cum. Soon, I thought. I imagined what it would be like to have my two men demanding my body and for them both to explode into me at the same time. The Boyfriend came and I took every bit into my mouth. I just held him then, caressing him with my tongue while I let Wide Load do his work between my legs. My own breating increased. Several moments later, I was creaming my rabbit too.

Spent, the Boyfriend and I just lay there. I kept my head on his tummy, He massaged my scalp. I was perfectly relaxed. I simply lay there thinking about nothing.

Name Change?

I am thinking Wide Load perhaps needs a new name.

The day that I first decided to write about Wide Load and his friends at the gym, I had been driving and was trapped behind several semi-trucks that had “wide load” banners across them. Wide Load and his friends created the same effect at the gym. When they were all congregated in the same area, there is no room to move around them. I guess because I am around them all the time, I never even thought that “wide load” could be taken as fat. Silly me. I was thinking about his shoulders which seem to go from one side of the room to the other.

And those shoulders are talented at holding me down for him to have his way with me.

I guess I could just call him "W". Any other suggestions for a name?


Friday, July 30, 2010

Wide Load (Part 4)

I apologize for stopping where I did. I got myself seriously worked up remembering the evening and I needed some . . . ummmm . . . special alone time.

Wide Load had me folded up in two; my knees were up near my head and my ankles were way the Hell over my head. He kept on with no indication he was expecting to finish anytime soon. Hammering away at my opening, he smiled down at me. He changed positions, this time moving me to my knees on the bed, my face buried in the mattress, my ass up high for him. He continued to pummel my well used sheath.

He moved me again, this time pulling me off the bed. I was completely submissive at this point. I would have done anything – anything – he demanded of me. Pulling me off the bed, he pushed down gently on my shoulders. Compliant, I lowered down to my knees and opened my lips to accept him into my mouth. I swear to you, he actually gasped again when my lips wrapped around his length. His dick was covered in my juices. I could taste me on him. Creamy is the best I can describe it. I took him deep between my lips and immediately began bobbing my head along his length. I was thinking he wanted to cum in my mouth and if that was what he wanted, then I wanted to do that for him. He soon moved me again, pulling me to my feet and bending me over in front of the dresser mirror. I took hold of the dresser as he entered me again from behind. I lowered my head to the dresser top. He took hold of my hair then, pulling back, forcing my head up. I could see him looking at me in the mirror.

“I want to see your face when I cum inside of you”.

“Yes sir”, I said obediently.

He did not release my hair, but instead held onto it with both hands like they were reins or a mane and I was his prized mare. I gazed into his face. He was so intent. I could see him watching me; sometimes he was looking back at my face, sometimes he was watching his dick slamming into and out of me. The idea of him watching either one turned me on all the more.

“Talk to me”, he commanded.

I had already amazed myself at the things I had said; things I had never said before, so I did not hesitate to obey him.

“Cum in me . . . fuck me harder . . . do not stop . . . fill my hole . . . pull my hair harder (which he did!!!) . . . I want – I need – your cum in me . . . make me drip with you cum . . . ride me like you own me . . . fuck me . . . watch me . . . watch your dick fucking me . . . I can feel your dick sliding inside of me, you can see see it too . . . watch my face when you cum inside of me . . . tell me when you are getting ready to cum . . . please tell me . . . “

He told me.

“Soon”, he said.

“Tell me”, I pleaded, staring at his face in the mirror, “tell me what you're getting ready to do”.

“I am getting ready to explode inside of you”.

“Please tell me more”, I said.

“I am going to cum in you . . . I am going to fill my slut up with my cum”.

Oh My God, I thought immediately, he just called me his slut. I beamed. I loved it.

“Yes, I am your slut, pump me full . . . pleeeeeeeeeease”.

And then he did.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wide Load (Part 3)

“Tell me what you want”, I said floating and looking up at him, “just say it”.

I do not know what I expected. I do not know why I had said it. I was like I was just riding the waves then and going where the motion took me.

“I want you”.


“I want to feel you underneath me and I want to look into your eyes when you open yourself and I enter you for the very first time”

“I think we might can arrange that”, I said back as I put my feet down finally. I took his hand in mine and lead him towards the steps out of the pool. Kissing him again on the pool deck, I handed him a towel and asked if he would please wait a few moments.

I went inside, drying my own self off, then went into my parent’s room. I wanted to dry my hair at least some and brush it out at least a bit. I got out of the wet suit and hung it up to dry. Standing there naked, I looked in the mirror trying to see what he was going to be seeing in just a moment. I could not believe he was actually interested in me. I say that, but at the same time, something about the way he talked to me made me feel so incredibly beautiful and sexy. I was soaking wet . . . and I do not mean from the pool.

Choosing to remain naked, I padded in my bare feet to the spare room. I wanted to make sure it looked okay. The spare room was actually my room; or maybe I should say that it used to be my room. The room was spotless. I lit a candle. Taking a deep breath, I left the room. It was time.

Wide Load was standing in the living room. He had removed his wet shorts and was wearing the towel wrapped around his waist. I swear he looked like an ancient warrior or gladiator. I tried very hard not to self-consciously cover my breasts with my hands when I came into the room. This is not to say that I was not feeling self conscious. Oh God was I ever. I hope I can always remember the look on his face when he saw me. He was beaming.

I held out my hand for him to take and for me to lead him to the bed. Entering, I closed the door. I have no clue why I closed the bedroom door on an otherwise empty house. He remained standing where I left him beside the bed. I walked back over to him and lowered myself down to my knees. Removing his towel, I saw for the first time what lay beneath. Okay, I suppose you will want particulars. He was not huge. I was a bit worried that he might be, given that he was so freaking huge everywhere else. Basically, average size; a little bigger than some, not as big as others maybe. More importantly, when I opened my mouth to take him inside, he fit perfectly.

It is hard to describe what was going through my mind. I wanted to please him. I guess wanting to please him sums it up what I was thinking and feeling about the best. He gasped softly when I first slipped my lips around his length. I took that to mean he liked what I was doing.

If he had asked me too, I would have stayed right there on my knees taking care of him. I have to say though I was not disappointed when he moved me to the bed.

“Promise me you’ll finish that later”, he asked.

“I promise”, I said smiling, thinking he was enjoying himself and already plotting on when to finish him with just my mouth.

He laid me onto the bed. I did not hesitate to spread my legs for him, inviting him to slip into me. He kissed me while still on his knees, his body not yet fully covering mine, his dick just kissing my lowermost lips. He pulled his face back a bit, rested himself upon his elbows, then his eyes just seemed to dive into mine. He held them there while he adjusted himself at my opening. A moment later, he was inside of me.

I can feel myself starting to get wet again just by thinking about it and saying, “he was inside of me”.

If everything to this point could be described as “How to Romance Rachel”; then everything after this point would have to be described as “How to Fuck Rachel”. Wide Load rode me slowly at first; thrusting into me with slow firm strokes. He alternated between kissing me passionately to staring deep into my eyes while his dick stroked inside of me to burying his teeth into my neck until I squealed. He increased his pace inside of me and demanded more from my body. He took my hands into his wrists and pushed them both over my head; then stared down into my face while he continued to fuck me hard.

“What”, I asked.

“Nothing, I like looking at you”.

It made me self-conscious, but turning my head to avoid his gaze only made my neck a direct target again. I asked him, “what do you see”.

“I see an amazing woman underneath me”.

“Where, I thought I was the one underneath you”, I said teasing him back.

“Careful, that might earn you a spanking”.

“Promise”. What is it with me? Am I insane or do I just love to be spanked?

At that stupid remark, he promptly pulled back and out, grabbed my legs, flipped me over, and pulled my ass back until I was kneeling, then he pushed himself right back inside of me. I love this position. However, it also exposes my ass. He did not hesitate in smacking my cheek hard. Yes, I squealed.

He did not stop with just the one smack either. I know my ass cheek had to be bright crimson. He said, “I'm not stopping until you make up for that remark”. He must have heard me thinking it because I do not think I actually said anything – how was I supposed to make up. “Tell me you're an amazing woman”.

“I'm an amazing woman”, I said panting into the pillow, and then I ad-libbed, “who loves having your dick inside of me”. I am not typically a talker in the bedroom. I could not believe the string of filth that flowed from my lips that night. I begged him to keep fucking me, to use me, to cum in me, to keep spanking me, to treat me like a bad girl, to make me do whatever he wanted.

Wide Load needed very little encouragement.

When he was ready for me to be in a different position, he simply moved me there; sometimes just pulling, sometimes bodily lifting and tossing me. We were standing on the side of the bed, me bent over it, hanging onto the mattress, while he gripped my flaming ass cheeks and pounded me from behind, when he apparently decided he wanted me on my back again. He pulled out, then lifted me and tossed me onto the bed. I will admit it. I loved it. I loved being tossed and moved to where he wanted me; him just putting me to where ever he wanted me. He then did this thing I had not had done before. He was on his knees between my spread legs, he lifted my ankles into the air, then crossed them, before he entered me again. He rode me like this for a while before he then took each ankle, uncrossed them, and then lifted far over my head, I think they were touching the mattress above my head. What is it with me and wanting to fold me up – who cares – I love it. He pressed his entire body down onto mine with me folded up underneath him, powerless to whatever he wanted. I have never been with a man so big and powerful. Harley was big. Harley was strong. Wide Load was just more. I think that is the thing about Wide Load. Whatever you compare him too, he is just more. I can not begin to describe what it was like, although I am trying, to have such a big and incredibly powerful man demanding pleasure from my body.

Almost done – A littlle bit more to go.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wide Load (Part 2)

We get to mom’s and I fumble with the key to get in the front door. Mom and dad had gone away again for the weekend. My mind was a whir not knowing what to do, what to say, or what to expect. I invited him inside and showed him around. Mom and dad’s house is very nice. I showed him the pool, then I went to get changed. I keep a swimsuit at mom’s; a very non-sexy one-piece. Hey, its my mom and dad’s house, okay. I debated briefly about coming out of the bedroom naked . . . or maybe wearing a cool whip bikini like the girl in the movie Harley always liked to watch . . . but I also remembered the guy she came out for turning her down flat cold . . . yeah, not something I needed to experience . . . so I went with the one-piece.

Wide Load was very appreciative. If I had not already been blushing at walking out in my bathing suit, I would have been with all of his compliments. I tried to just thank him and lead him out to the pool. It was about now that I finally wondered what he was going to wear. He was way ahead of me. He apparently wears special shorts under his pants on squat days and he had left them on for just this reason. However, he neglected to mention any of this to me beforehand.

I said something about did he have shorts with him.

He said “no, I’d planned on going commando”; at which point he began peeling off his clothes. I have never described Wide Load, have I? There is “big”. There is “really big”. Wide Load is “OMG Big”. 5’11”, 268 lbs (I asked him later so I would get this part right). It is hard to say now which shocked me more; standing there looking all of that muscle or thinking that he was going to be dropping his pants next. Okay, yeah, I was excited too. Before he pulled down his sweats, he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I said “no”, at least I think I said “no” . . . I opened my mouth to say “no”, but nothing may have actually come out.

“Turn around then”, he said.

I did not see the point, but he was pretty insistent. He wanted to get in the water first, then I could get in, he said. ??? Just consider how much my head was whirring before you laugh at me for actually turning around as he told me too. Of course, I was with it enough to try to catch his reflection in the glass doors. Not much success, but I was trying.

I heard, and kind of saw, him pulling down his sweats. I did see him toss them over my shoulder towards the house. Then, before I could react, even with me trying to watch his reflection, he grabbed me from behind and lifted me up into the air. He carried me towards the pool and, yes, I squealed like a girl – but I am a girl!!!.

“I thought you wanted to go in first!!!” My arms had a death grip around his neck.

“Change of plans”, he said, before jumping, taking both his ass and my ass into the deep end of the pool. It's been killer hot here, so I can thank God that the water was not ice cold to enter. Didn't stop me from squealing like a girl again . . . while he laughed . . . all the way into the water.

Surfacing, I shouted at him, and not about the fact that he had thrown me into the pool, “you got shorts on!!!” (Okay, I peeked when we hit the water). I splashed him, to which I promptly went flying through the air again what with his grabbing me and throwing me high up into the air.

I swam around him, dodging him, and tried to push him under. It was a bit like me trying to move a semi-truck; was not going to happen. Same result as before, I went flying again.

This went on for a bit until I surfaced behind him and jumped on his back, my arms again gripped around his massive neck. I say neck. He did not really have a neck. His shoulders and traps were so massive that his neck just disappeared into all the muscle. Nevertheless, I wrapped my arms around something. In my feeble brain, his back seemed like a safe place to be.

“Time out”, I yelled, laughing my own self. I suppose, in hindsight, he was acting a bit like a little boy he likes a girl; instead of being nice to her, he picks on her. I was not thinking any of that at the time. I just needed a breather. It is surprisingly tiring getting tossed around like that.

“You had shorts on all the time”, I chastised him.

“You are so gullible its adorable”, he laughed, at which point he essentially just shrugged and I went spinning around to be in front of him, my arms still around his neck. We were now almost face to face.

And then he kissed me.

I could not say how long I floated there in his arms, arms around him, the two of us kissing and the two of us talking about nothing in particular. I can only say that it was the most relaxed I think I have ever felt. Is it possible to be relaxed and excited at the same time?

I looked at him.

I said, ““Tell me what you want. Just say it”.

I was not saying I was going to do it. To be honest, I do not know what I meant.. I just wanted to hear him say what he wanted to do with me. Make sense?

(To be continued . . . I am sorry if I am boring some with all the bits which led up to the naked stuff, but this part also means a lot to me. Next time, promise).


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wide Load

The last thing in the world I wanted to do was work out at the gym. It was Friday. It had been another long miserable week. I simply did not have the energy. Being the dutiful gym newbie though, I drove myself to the last place in the world I wanted to be. I told myself that I would just get through it and then go home to be a couch potato the rest of the night. I was thinking about even having ice cream. And a really big bowl of it too. I really like ice cream Uninspired, I drug my fat ass inside the gym. Wide Load yelled his “hey”. He was sitting on a bench near the squat rack. I went over and sat beside him.

“Motivate me”, I told him, “I have no energy and even less desire to be here today”.

“Sorry Rach,” he said back, “I’m the wrong guy for you today. It's leg day and there is always a good reason not to do squats.”

I smiled and threatened that I was just going to leave then.

“Great, where are we going . . . and will there be beer”.

“Mom’s house, there’s a pool and there's beer . . .if you like Corona”.

“I love Corona, let’s go. How’s Mom going to feel about me drinking her beer”.

“Mom’s not going to be there”.

I do not think it possible for me to ever forget his smiling response.

“God loves me, he really does”. At that, he was up, had his bag slung across his shoulder and was herding me towards the door.

I do not understand me some days. I was not intending to be bad. My 'being bad' was going to be limited to a 'big bowl' of ice cream later that night. I was really looking forward to that ice cream. I know - nobody will believe me. I was just playing around. I was. Really. And yeah, I ended up being very bad.

To be continued . . .

Monday, July 19, 2010


What is it like being a man?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was reading a few blogs, just relaxing, trying to think of what I might want to write about, when I nearly choked on my drink. I saw a girl that I pretty well . . . or thought I knew well. She was a bit younger, her hair was a lot longer, but it was definately her; in all her naked glory. It is hard to keep a blog anonymous if you are going to post a photo of your face looking back at you in the bathroom mirror. Beyond that, post all the photos you like I say.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wide Load, My Mental Health Counselor

I am sure everyone reads Cande's blog. She is amazing. I often read her blog and ask myself, "why can't I write like that". Today, I saw the picture she took of herself and I ask, "why can't I take pictures like that!!!".

Oh well, to paraphrase Hermione Granger, let me return to things more of the muggle world.

I have been going to the gym. I returned to the gym because I was afraid I was getting a bit flabby. I enjoy working out. And, to be honest, I drive over most days hoping Wide Load will be there too. I find that I get to laugh more when he is there. Last week, as my writings indicated, was not a good week. I have been getting, the past several weeks, more depressed. More negative, I guess as well. It must have been pretty obvious this week that I needed a friend. Wide Load pulled me to the side and asked what was up. I told him some of it all. He listened. I decided to try being more positive about it. Not an easy task!!! Something good will work out. Maybe I am meant to be somewhere else. Maybe I am meant to be away from the office more (which means I might have more things to write about :) ). It is really weird, when I walk into the gym, my body is dragging and it is all I can do to put one foot in front of the other. When I am leaving, it is like I am less drained mentally and physically.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Re-Charging My Batteries

I am sorry about yesterday's whine post. It had been a long week and I was drained; drained physically and drained emotionally. Today is a beautiful day, the sun is out, the sky is blue, I have my bikini on, and I am washing the car (I might even wash the Boyfriend's car, though I doubt he deserves it :)). I love the sun. I am taking my time and letting it re-charge my batteries.

And for those of you who ask for pictures - I had vowed never to take any pictures. I want to make up for being such a downer, so here. Be kind.


Friday, July 9, 2010

I Dread Going To Work Each Morning

I wrote this a few days ago and have been debating whether to post it or not. Its a bit depressing and not what I normally talk about. I thought maybe by writing it down it would stop the thoughts from running around in my head all the time. This is what I wrote:

I feel like crying almost every day anymore. The owner brought a new woman into the office who makes every day a nightmare. We all used to go lunch together. We told jokes in the office, played pranks on each other, and we always helped each other out with work. Not anymore. We went from a friendly little office to a group of people who now stay in their own rooms to avoid dealing with her. What does she do? She complains about the thermostat. If anyone is talking in the hallway, then she complains that she could not hear her client on the phone (realize that she is almost NEVER on the phone with a client). If a sales rep comes into the office to see her, then she gets mad and complains if you even speak to them yourself. If a sales rep comes to speak to one of us; then she will not speak to them unless they make an appointment to come back another day with just her. She complained to the owner that she needed a better computer system, so she got her very own upgrade. If the Administrative Assistant does not handle her work first - and its always just made up work because she does not do anything - then she complains to us that we are preventing her from taking care of her accounts (and she has no accounts). The owner was after me to give her some of my accounts. I refused because that meant I was taking a pay cut; I get paid by the account and created every account that I have. But, the owner will not cut her because the economy sucks and she has certain connections of which he is hoping to take advantage. She seems to have taken a particularly strong dislike towards me. Why? Probably because she wants my accounts; not that she would actually manage those accounts or be able to keep them. I dread every morning the thought of having to go into the office. I pretty much stay in my office all day except for lunch and bathroom breaks. I worry about what will happen if I do lose my job. I worry about having a job. I worry about what it might mean if I do lose my job. And mostly, I just dread going into work every morning.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Dangers of Drunk Texting

Oh My God.

I went into the gym yesterday more than a bit nervous about my textual indiscretion from Saturday. I kind of hoped it would be dead inside the gym since most places were closed Monday and I kind of hoped I could just get it over with today. Waiting is Hell. My anxiety peaked when I saw there were almost no parking spaces the gym was sooooo packed. I tried to walk my personal Green Mile as casually as possible, without a care in the world, while the empty space inside my stomach just grew and grew. My dread was for naught because Wide Load had gone to train at another gym that night. Apparently this is something most of the wide loads do to stave off boredom. Great, I thought, I get to dread that first face-to-face for another twenty-four hours.

Or so I thought!!!!

I get an email today . . from Primo.

He wrote, “have I blown my opportunity forever or is there still a chance?”.

What “opportunity”, I asked him with an empty space growing in my stomach.

“Me and your boyfriend turning you into a sandwich”.


I had not texted Wide Load – I had texted Primo.

What had I texted? I had deleted everything when Sunday when the alcohol finally left my system. What had I written? I was trying desperately to recall.

“The Boyfriend would probably balk”, I emailed back.

“Then we’ll find someone else”.

“Um, I don’t know that I could. I was really drunk on Saturday”.

“No problem. We’ll just get you 'really drunk' again”.

Oh My God. I do not know if he was just torturing me with his teasing or if he was really being serious.

And what did I text Wide Load?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Brock vs. Shane

Have you ever been simply unable to sit still. Last night, I was unbelievably restless. I wanted - NEEDED - to go out. I wanted to do something wild and out of control; I was willing to settle for going out to bar and watching the UFC Fight; Brock vs. Shane. I love to watch them. The Boyfriend is not so much into it. He finally agreed to go out with me.

You have to get there soooooo early if you want to get a table. That means a lot of waiting. And more sitting. When I am already sick with restlessness. What's a girl to do . . . except drink. Have I mentioned before how I get when I have been drinking. Either alcohol turns me into ultra-horny chick or it removes all the inhibitions hiding my near constant state of arousal; either way, look out.

I tried flirting with the Boyfriend. He has a hard time with flirting when we are alone in the apartment. In the middle of a crowded bar, he was way out of his element. I tried loosening him up by making a bet on the fight. If Brock won, then I would strip down naked and suck him dry. (There is no point mentioning what I would have won since Shane tapped out in the second round!!!!) I tried running my foot along his leg. He did the best he could to flirt back, but he was clearly not comfortable with public displays of affection. (Sigh.)

I texted a few girlfriends. Nothing special. Just playing and wasting time. I made it a point to show the Boyfriend a few of those texts. Then I texted Primo. He chastised me for teasing him. He texted that I needed to be taken outside and fucked up the ass until I promised to behave. (Sigh, Primo knows how to talk to a girl . . . laughing).

I saw a few boys noticing me from another table. They were late teens and early twenties. I had my hair down. I was wearing a "Tapout" T-shirt, short denim skirt, and very high heels. I think the boys appreciated me. I crossed my legs and shifted to let them be out from under the table. Let the boys get a better view. Good to know I still had it.

There were a lot of people from the gym there too. And I mean the wide loads as well. I was surprised at how many seemed to know me from the gym. Many waved, nodded, or came over to speak for a moment. One wide load actually came over and pulled up a chair. He talked with me for a bit, then spent a lot of time talking with the Boyfriend. Guy code, I guess, he did not want to appear to be intruding on another man's date.

Wide Load had set his phone and keys on the table. I had lost most of my inhibitions by that time, so had no problem just picking his phone up to scroll through its menu. I was opening his pictures when i realized Wide Load was watching me. He simply smiled and cautioned me to be careful at what I open. Now, tell me, how could I stop after that? OMG. Yep, you guessed it, naked women everywhere. He said he used to have a girlfriend who was into women as well and that she was always sending him pictures of herself or of her with other women to him. He said he loved her, but that she was not ready to settle down with him and she left. He missed her saying that was why he still had most of the photos; admitting with smile that they were damned fine photos too. I think he did miss her though, so I gave him a hug. Oh momma, Wide Load was huge. I kept playing with his phone. I pretended to text a few of his friends. I texted me - so that I could get his number.

After Wide Load went back to his friends, I texted him to pout that he paid so much attention to the Boyfriend. He texted what should have have done. I said simply, "pay more attention to me". He asked for suggestions. The alcohol took over what was left of my brain - I said he and the Boyfriend should have taken me home, stripped me naked, and made me fuck them both AT THE SAME TIME. We went back and forth a few times and I simply said he had missed his opportunity.

Shane lost. Dammit!!!! I went home to make good on my bet.