Thursday, October 23, 2014


I most definitely do not have a green thumb.  It's pretty much a guarantee that anything left under my care will die a slow horrible death.  (God help me if I should ever actually have any children).  Mom was the plant person in our family.  I tend to follow more my Dad's lead - leave the watering to God.  Needless to say, the color around our house has been reduced to all but the hardiest of bushes.  My favorite is the tropical plant Bird-of-Paradise.  We have quite a few in our yard and I thought, since I do the mowing now, that I had killed them all.  Since Mom passed, I can count on one hand the number of blooms.  That is until this year - this is the year of the Bird-of-Paradise.  Each plant has multiple blooms.  I took a picture tonight.  It's hard to say why I love this plant.  I remember as a kid thinking how much they looked like birds.  And they're orange and blue; can never go wrong being orange and blue.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Boyfriend Booty Call

A few Friday nights ago, I was settling into my comfortable bed, alone, for an un-eventful evening of watching "The Hobbit". If the movie was as good as promised, then part II was sitting on my bedside table for an evening of marathon viewing. Both had been loaned to me and I was looking forward to a quiet evening. And since I know Advizor54 will ask, I was wearing an extra-large orange Florida Gator jersey w blue panties.
A little while into the movie, the Boyfriend texted, "whacha doin?". Now, most will probably not recall, but the Boyfriend is not a texter. So, a "hi howdy" text from him is hugely atypical. His 'outa the blue' text could only mean one thing - he was horny. I can probably count on one hand the number of times that the Boyfriend has made the first move. And I have probably posted about each of those times here!!!
Following some increasingly intense sexting, I'm slipping into my ugg boots and driving over to his place (I don't know that I will ever be comfortable w men in my bedroom if Daddy is home). I had to be a sight. I was pretty comfy in my bed, but I'd be lying if I said there was not a part of me that wasn't feeling the moment. It was exciting going to the Boyfriend's for a 'booty call'.
Pulling up to his place, I almost jumped out in order to go put out. :) I guess I was getting more excited the more I thought about it. Okay, so now I decide to sexy up a bit. I slipped out of my ugg's and panties. The jersey was long enough to cover all my naughty bits. I had already done what I could w my hair and make-up before I left. I had a pair of high heels in the car (my car is a bit of a mess on a good day) which I was debating whether to put on or not. Football jersey w me in heels or football jersey w me barefoot - which would be sexier. The Boyfriend resolved the question for me - and I reckon he was more in need than I had even imagined - he saw me outside and came out to the car to get me. Jersey and bare feet it was then!!!
Big kiss at the car, he led me - pulled was more like it - inside. It did not take long for me to be stripped naked (I was only wearing the jersey). From his kisses, I gathered that he approved. It may just be me, but I like my lover making me naked while he is still fully dressed. This was Harley's thing, so I guess it kind of became my thing.
"Where do you want me", I asked him. Doggy and head were apparently the desired positions. Sadly, for him, he did not last long once he got behind me. I didn't say anything, but inside I was afraid he might be feeling disappointed. Not in me or even himself, just that he wasn't satisfied maybe. I got us some soda's and we curled up onto the couch to watch a little television, still naked - a definite sign he wanted more.
We talked for the longest time about nothing in particular. My hand found its way to his manhood. I asked him what had gotten him so worked up. Of course, at first, he denied that there was anything. He knew me enough to know that I was not going to stop until he fessed up. I teased the head of his penis with my tongue.
"Do you like this", I asked.
"Want me to keep going".
"Then you have to tell me what got you so worked up".
He finally conceeded he had been watching porn. "I saw someone that just really reminded me of you and I couldn't let it go", he added. I didn't believe for one second that he had been thinking of me, but that didn't bother me any.
"Show me".
It took a bit of coaxing, but he finally relented to my womanly charms (in this case, my mouth around his dick) and pulled up the video. And before you ask Advizor, I will never be able to find it. This wasn't my first porn clip, but I can't really say it looked all that special. A girl giving head and being fucked doggy style on a couch. What was unusual was watching a porn clip w the Boyfriend - I was ready to fuck again. The Boyfriend, however, was going to need a little more 'encouragement' to play some more.
I led him by the hand this time over towards his couch. I sat him down and did my best to re-enact the blowjob part of the clip. I got down on all fours between his legs. Taking his dick between my lips, I simply bobbed my head up and down his length. And lots of eye contact. The Boyfriend loves looking into my eyes when he is inside of me. When he didn't immediately respond, I got a little nervous that maybe I had tried to start him up too soon. I started humming so I could more vigorously bob my head and take him deep into my mouth w/o the fear of gagging; the added benefit being that my humming drives him even more wild. Before long, he was rock solid between my lips. I have always enjoyed making a man hard w my lips.
He stopped me and stood up to get behind me. I smile now when I think back to that moment. That's always the awkard moment - when my lover is trying to position me how he wants me. Some men are too indecisive and I almost have to read their minds to know where they want me. The rare few men like Wide Load and Harley, they just bodily lift and move me . . . almost tossing me around like a play toy (laughing). The Boyfriend is somewhere in the middle, except for those infrequent times when he initiates the move. Then he usually has something particular in mind. That's when he becomes a lot more aggressive in getting me how he wants me. That night was one of those nights!!!
He moved me to where my knees were on the cushions and I was bent over the back of the couch. I waited for him to penetrate me and relished the feeling of fullness. He thrusted a few times semi-gently. I think it was more him getting the feel for his position. Laughing, he was like a batter taking a few warm up swings. And then he started. OH MY GOD . . . he pounded me like there was no tomorrow. He gripped my ass cheeks, holding me in position, while he hammered me into the back of the sofa cushion. 
He was unrelenting.
"He was pulling her hair", I panted to him between thrusts, looking back.
He grapped my hair forcing my head up and facing forward. He used my mane now to hang onto while he rode me. 
"He was spanking her", I tried to say over the noise we were making.
And then he was spanking me; gentle for maybe the first smack or two, but then not so gentle at all. No bruises - but my ass was still red the next day.
He pulled me to my knees a few times when I told him I wanted to taste my juices on his dick. (I happen to love this). But then it was back over the couch.
I felt his dick throb inside my sore sheath as he began to cum inside of me. He stung my ass, smacking it like an explanation point w each spurt inside of me. Three for those who want to know. 
And then I just remained like that, bent over the sofa, Boyfriend still inside of me, until he was ready to slip out of the warmth of my sheath. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sexting and Hacked Phones

Whenever I'm listening to the radio in the car, I'm not always sure I've heard what I think I've heard. This is especially true in the mornings when I'm driving to work, putting on my make-up, brushing my hair, adjusting the girls in my bra, listening to voicemails, texting, thinking about where I might like to go for lunch that day - basically all the things I should not be doing while driving. A few weeks ago, when the news broke about different celebs having their phones hacked, I thought I heard the DJ say that a study found that about a third of the women polled said there were revealing pictures of them on the internet and that most just considered sending naked pictures of themselves a normal part of relationships now.
When I thought I might post my thoughts about all of this, I ran into a big problem. My thoughts are a big mess. 
I guess, to begin with, I'm among that group of women who considers sending naughty pictures of myself to my lover to be fun. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single picture I've regretted. As long as no one is being coerced into something they don't want to do, then I think we should just have fun w it. I did. Sadly, there is always someone out there who has to ruin it. In my case, mostly, it was my ex-husband. I really don't want to talk about him here; he is just a sad excuse for a man. After our divorce, pictures that I took for him or that we made together were on the internet for all to see (he never admitted doing it). Now, I guess I am embarrassed by those photos. But not because I'm naked or what they show me doing. I'm embarrassed, if that's any the right word, because he took something that was meant to be special between us and tried to make it hurtful.
The only ones it really hurt were the men I dated afterwards because I was more on guard about every little thing. It was a male co-worker who unintentionally helped me get better one day. He asked if I would go to lunch w him one day. Not a couples date or anything like that. He simply wanted to go to a specific place for lunch. Obviously, I was going to ask him why - which I did once we were at lunch. He told me that this place had been one of his favorite places to go for lunch. In due time, he was in a serious relationship and he often met his girlfriend there for lunch. Then, one day, at that very place, he said she dumped him. (I'm thinking quietly to myself - what a bitch to dump a man at his favorite place.  But how some women can be hateful is a topic for another day).  He said he avoided the place for months after that - "but I need to re-claim it, I need to make it my place again". I was honored that he asked me to join him on his maiden voyage back to his "place". And it got me to thinking - what all had I given up or stopped doing because someone hurt me? I went to lunch to support a friend, but I think he unknowingly supported me more. Slowly, I began to re-claim the fun things I enjoyed in dating and relationships.
The Boyfriend, as non-sexual as is, has always appreciated any picture I have ever sent him. And I always enjoyed doing it. It was sad that some jerk ruined that for me for so long. That's what I thought of the celeb's who had their phones hacked. I'm guessing they had fun sexting their lover. And now some jerk was ruining that for them.