Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sitting on the Backyard Swing w Tree

Memo to self: Friends help friends move - Real friends pay for the movers.
Long story short, I helped a friend move out of her apartment last Saturday.  The good news was that she lived on the first floor.  The bad news was that she was moving into a second floor apartment.  By the end of the day, my legs and arms were exhausted.  It was hard to say which part of my body hurt the most. 
I got through the day telling myself, over and over again, that I would go home and chill w Daddy watching a football game.  Okay, so I was having a blonde moment.  I thought for sure that one of the playoff games was on late Saturday.  Wrong!!!!  Both games were on Sunday.  Stupid, stupid Rachel.  So, to recap, I was hurting, miserable, and no damned football game to watch.  It was not going to be a pleasant evening.
Tree called and asked if I would like to go out.  (I  just love guys who wait till the last f--ing moment to ask a girl).  I said "no" and asked if he'd like to come over to watch football w me and Daddy.  Actually, it was Tree who then broke the news to me about the football games.  Good thing he realized the cursing that followed was not intended towards him.  I invited him over to watch movies w us instead.  The three of us sat down in the living room to pizza and "The Avengers".  Awesome movie!!!  Daddy and Tree were busy having a nerd-fest talking about Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Spider-Man, and pretty much every comic book superhero there has ever been.  I watched the movie and watched them (and smiling because Daddy seemed happy).
Daddy kind of made himself scarce after the movie.  It was nice outside, so we decided to take a walk.  And by walk, I mean we went into the backyard and sat on the swing.  I'm not really sure I can remember what we talked about or if we even talked.  Mostly, I just remember feeling completely relaxed.
I was curled up against Tree for a while.  I would lift my head and he would take the hint to kiss me.  Then I would lay my head back on his shoulder.  After a while, I scooted around until I was laying on my back and my head was in his lap.  I figured this would give him a chance to 'sneak' a hand under my bra.  Aside from the first time by the lake, Tree was not often very aggressive.  As expected, Tree's hand was soon under my bra.  I kept pulling him down to kiss me.  And I watched his face while played w my breast.  Tree is fascinated w my boobs.  He always gets this pleasant looking smile on his face when he is holding us ("us" is me and my breasts).  The swing is pretty well into the shadows and my parents room was not facing it either, so I was not all that concerned about being seen.  I was feeling relaxed, happy, and we could not be seen - clearly a recipe for Rachel's getting into trouble.
I began to move from Tree's lap.  I suspected he was disappointed at not being able to play w my breasts any longer.  I didn't think he would be disappointed for too long because I had something else in mind.  There was no real forethought into any of this.  The swing was not big enough for me to do what I initially had in mind; which was turning over to my stomach w my head in his lap.  So, I got up and got down onto my knees between his legs. 
I began undoing his belt and unzipping his pants.  He said, "what are you doing?".
I have been asked this question before by guys.  I would think it pretty obvious what's happening when a girl is on her knees undoing your pants.   What is it - do y'all just not get enough blowjobs to be able to tell when it's obviously getting ready to happen?  I decided to let my mouth do its speaking in another way.
When enough of him was free, I leaned forward and took him between my lips.  I will never forget his gasp when my lips first wrapped around him.  I guess that probably answered his question, huh.  A few moments later, I pulled his pants down further to make it easier for us both. 
I just kind of took my time w it.  I was just enjoying myself and the best I can describe is that I wanted to do this for him.  I was enjoying my making him happy. 
Of course, if my lips are wrapped around your dick, then you are going to have to kiss me some.  Tree never hesitated to kiss me every time I came up for one.  And I never failed to reward him by returning my lips to his dick. 
"Does it feel good for you?", I asked him.  Okay, probaby as stupid a question as "what are you doing", but I wanted him to say something to me while I was sucking on his dick.  He mumbled something about "oh my God yes".  I encouraged him to tell me more while I took care of him.
He stroked my hair some (I like that).  I'd like to tell you that he was a master talker.  But I'd be lying.  I really don't blame him.  I kind of took it as a compliment that I had him too flustered to be able to talk coherently.  He whispered a few things about how great my lips felt.  He did say one thing that I remembered and liked.  He said that he loved the way I smiled at him that first time in the tree tent.  He said he couldn't believe it when he actually got to kiss my smile.  And that actually being inside of my smile was a fantasy made real. 

I probably could have kept on all night.  I wasn't sure Tree could have survived it though.  I began to increase the pace and action some.  I used my hands a little bit when we kissed.  I think it's cheating to use my hands, but Tree was not complaining.  Tree was clearly reaching the explosive point.  I couldn't help but smile at him. 

"Do you want to cum in my mouth", I teased him.  He nodded his head.  If you have read any part of my past posts, then you know that he wasn't going to get away w just a head nod.  "You're going to have to tell me then".

"Rache, I want . . . I neeeed to cum in your mouth".

"I would love to do that for you".  And back to work I went.

In the movie version, he would have come very quickly then.  In Rachel's real life version, it still took several minutes.  But I could tell when we were right at the brink.  I vigorously rode his cock w my lips.  I tasted just a hint of pre-cum and knew he was close.  When he exploded, he let out another gasp much like when I first started.  Sweet!  I don't think he realized it, but he also took hold of my head, holding me there, like I had any intentions of moving.  I held off swallowing and let his cum fill my mouth.  When he seemed finished, I swallowed his seed and continued to bathe his dick w my tongue.  His hands stayed in my hair, holding me.  I decided to stay for as long as he held my head still.  When he began massaging my scalp, I slowly began to release him. 

I sat back onto my ankles looking up at him.

He leaned forward to give me a huge kiss.  I loved that. 

He fixed his pants and I crawled up to sit in his lap.  We stayed there for quite a long time afterwards.  Not really talking about anything special.  Just enjoying being there together.

I slept like a baby later that night.

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