Saturday, January 12, 2013

What You Give A Woman

Found this tucked away on my laptop this morning.  Copied it somewhere a long time ago, before I took my extended hiatus I think, and disappeared before I got around to posting it.  I liked it.  I laughed.
And maybe I'm just weird, but I also agree w it.  Mostly.
Being a mom scares the hell out of me, but I would also love to someday carry my lover's baby.  I honestly can't think of anything that says "I love you" more than that.  The meal might be a problem - cooking is not my strength.  But I do look good in an apron!  Know how to make me smile and I'm all yours.  If you want a blowjob every day - just ask.  Better yet, just pull me down sometimes :)  A million dollars is really not necessary.  I'd rather have the smile.  But money is good too.
And about the crap - you damn sure better know that's right.


  1. if you add up my annual salary for that past many years, I'd be close to a million but nowhere near a blow-job per day. Hmmmm...

    I'd love to see you in an apron, just an apron...


  2. I agree with you more than the meme. I'd rather have smiles, a little head pushing, and openness than a million dollars. And yes carrying your lover's baby is a huge 'I love you'.

  3. A54: Read again Sweetie, a million dollars is not really necessary. But seriously, would you really want a blowjob everyday . . . I'd be afraid you might get bored. :)

    Cande: Smiles, head-pushing, and openness . . . who knew it'd be so hard to find them.