Sunday, July 4, 2010

Brock vs. Shane

Have you ever been simply unable to sit still. Last night, I was unbelievably restless. I wanted - NEEDED - to go out. I wanted to do something wild and out of control; I was willing to settle for going out to bar and watching the UFC Fight; Brock vs. Shane. I love to watch them. The Boyfriend is not so much into it. He finally agreed to go out with me.

You have to get there soooooo early if you want to get a table. That means a lot of waiting. And more sitting. When I am already sick with restlessness. What's a girl to do . . . except drink. Have I mentioned before how I get when I have been drinking. Either alcohol turns me into ultra-horny chick or it removes all the inhibitions hiding my near constant state of arousal; either way, look out.

I tried flirting with the Boyfriend. He has a hard time with flirting when we are alone in the apartment. In the middle of a crowded bar, he was way out of his element. I tried loosening him up by making a bet on the fight. If Brock won, then I would strip down naked and suck him dry. (There is no point mentioning what I would have won since Shane tapped out in the second round!!!!) I tried running my foot along his leg. He did the best he could to flirt back, but he was clearly not comfortable with public displays of affection. (Sigh.)

I texted a few girlfriends. Nothing special. Just playing and wasting time. I made it a point to show the Boyfriend a few of those texts. Then I texted Primo. He chastised me for teasing him. He texted that I needed to be taken outside and fucked up the ass until I promised to behave. (Sigh, Primo knows how to talk to a girl . . . laughing).

I saw a few boys noticing me from another table. They were late teens and early twenties. I had my hair down. I was wearing a "Tapout" T-shirt, short denim skirt, and very high heels. I think the boys appreciated me. I crossed my legs and shifted to let them be out from under the table. Let the boys get a better view. Good to know I still had it.

There were a lot of people from the gym there too. And I mean the wide loads as well. I was surprised at how many seemed to know me from the gym. Many waved, nodded, or came over to speak for a moment. One wide load actually came over and pulled up a chair. He talked with me for a bit, then spent a lot of time talking with the Boyfriend. Guy code, I guess, he did not want to appear to be intruding on another man's date.

Wide Load had set his phone and keys on the table. I had lost most of my inhibitions by that time, so had no problem just picking his phone up to scroll through its menu. I was opening his pictures when i realized Wide Load was watching me. He simply smiled and cautioned me to be careful at what I open. Now, tell me, how could I stop after that? OMG. Yep, you guessed it, naked women everywhere. He said he used to have a girlfriend who was into women as well and that she was always sending him pictures of herself or of her with other women to him. He said he loved her, but that she was not ready to settle down with him and she left. He missed her saying that was why he still had most of the photos; admitting with smile that they were damned fine photos too. I think he did miss her though, so I gave him a hug. Oh momma, Wide Load was huge. I kept playing with his phone. I pretended to text a few of his friends. I texted me - so that I could get his number.

After Wide Load went back to his friends, I texted him to pout that he paid so much attention to the Boyfriend. He texted what should have have done. I said simply, "pay more attention to me". He asked for suggestions. The alcohol took over what was left of my brain - I said he and the Boyfriend should have taken me home, stripped me naked, and made me fuck them both AT THE SAME TIME. We went back and forth a few times and I simply said he had missed his opportunity.

Shane lost. Dammit!!!! I went home to make good on my bet.


  1. LOL damn girl.... if you're ever in my neck of the world we HAVE to go out together. We'd have a blast. Sounds like so much fun. But Wide Load would have been better a little less wide I think... you might have a problem on your hands next time you go to the gym!


  2. Cande:

    I think I finally sobered up about noon today and I have been worrying about the same thing since. Ugh. On the upside, if I decide to hide my face in Italy, then we would at least have a chance to get out together once. I am not sure Italy could handle the two of us more than once (teasing).