Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was reading a few blogs, just relaxing, trying to think of what I might want to write about, when I nearly choked on my drink. I saw a girl that I pretty well . . . or thought I knew well. She was a bit younger, her hair was a lot longer, but it was definately her; in all her naked glory. It is hard to keep a blog anonymous if you are going to post a photo of your face looking back at you in the bathroom mirror. Beyond that, post all the photos you like I say.



  1. oh man.... that's my worst nightmare, that someone is going to recognize me... That's why I tend to cut my head off in HNT pics.

  2. Come on!!! You can't leave us hanging without a link. If she want's to be famous, let's make her famous!!

  3. Cande: Tell me about it. I had to remove the partial face picture I posted because I could not handle the anxiety.

    Advizor: Sorry, I can not do that to her. It is actually a fairly extensive blog and she posted the picture years ago. Maybe she forgot about it (how?!?!). I will let her keep her secrets (smile, given that I also get to read and see all her secrets too).