Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wide Load, My Mental Health Counselor

I am sure everyone reads Cande's blog. She is amazing. I often read her blog and ask myself, "why can't I write like that". Today, I saw the picture she took of herself and I ask, "why can't I take pictures like that!!!".

Oh well, to paraphrase Hermione Granger, let me return to things more of the muggle world.

I have been going to the gym. I returned to the gym because I was afraid I was getting a bit flabby. I enjoy working out. And, to be honest, I drive over most days hoping Wide Load will be there too. I find that I get to laugh more when he is there. Last week, as my writings indicated, was not a good week. I have been getting, the past several weeks, more depressed. More negative, I guess as well. It must have been pretty obvious this week that I needed a friend. Wide Load pulled me to the side and asked what was up. I told him some of it all. He listened. I decided to try being more positive about it. Not an easy task!!! Something good will work out. Maybe I am meant to be somewhere else. Maybe I am meant to be away from the office more (which means I might have more things to write about :) ). It is really weird, when I walk into the gym, my body is dragging and it is all I can do to put one foot in front of the other. When I am leaving, it is like I am less drained mentally and physically.

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  1. I tried leaving a comment on here the other day but it wasn't working so I'll try it again. I saved the comment so I'll paste it back in.

    Heeey! That's so sweeeeet!!! But the pictures you took of yourself were mouthwatering good. Don't knock your photography!

    As for the gym it sounds like a good pick-me-up. Wide load seems to be making his move slowly, perhaps wanting to nurture a friendship with you. At least it keeps you distracted from the toils of work for a bit.

    It's not easy to have a positive attitude when things are so difficult, but it is necessary.