Saturday, July 31, 2010

About That "Special Alone Time" I Mentioned . . .

"Wide Load (Part 3)" actually was supposed to keep right on going and there was not supposed to be a "Wide Load (Part 4)". However, I required a time out. To be blunt, I was worked up and needed to go take care of myself. Strange, I am finding it more embarrassing telling on myself that I needed to go pleasure myself than I found it telling about any of the things Wide Load did to me. I guess that explains maybe why I have a vibrator, but that is also very rarely used. Recalling the events for "Wide Load (Part 3)" had me dripping so badly that I was convinced there was a puddle in my chair. As it happens, my panties were completely soaked.

The Boyfriend was watching a movie or something on the television. I gave him a little kiss, telling him to finish his movie, that I was going to go read in bed. I went into the bedroom, pulled out my rabbit, pulled off my jeans and soaked panties, then settled in for some much needed relief. No special fantasy needed. Not that night. I just lay back, closed my eyes, and remembered the fun with Wide Load. I have said before that I do not cum especially easy and had not planned on things to be any different that night. I just wanted to relax and let what may happen. This was working really well. I was feeling good. Things were starting to tingle. I did not think it possible to get any more wet, but that was happening as well. And then I heard the door open.

"Would you like some help with that" the Boyfriend asked, taking in the scene. Say what you will about him, the Boyfriend has a knack for timing.

What I wanted to say was, "No thank you, I am doing just fine thinking about the Greek God who hammered me nearly senseless".

What I did say was, "Hurry up, I need you right here", patting where I wanted him to lay down.

He shucked his clothes and lay down flat on his back where I wanted him. I rolled to my side and lay my head on his tummy, taking his soft dick into my mouth, and keeping the vibrator between my legs.

The vibrator was feeling good between my legs. The Boyfriend was hardening in my mouth. I imagined what it would be like to have two men having their way with me. I imagined the Boyfriend and Wide Load sharing me. The Boyfriend would be in my mouth. Wide Load would be fucking me from behind. I could hear them talking to me; praising me for what I was able to do for them with my body, encouraing me to please two men at the same time, pushing me to suck harder, pressing me to fuck harder. I could hear them talking to each other; the Boyfriend telling Wide Load to pull my hair, Wide Load telling the Boyfriend to reach forward and have a turn at spanking my ass. I imagined myself being in the middle of these two men. I saw myself on my hands and knees, immobile, open, receptive, with both men fucking me from either end.

I could hear the Boyfriend's breathing getting more intense. He was clearly enjoying me enjoying my fantasy. I could taste his salty pre-cum. Soon, I thought. I imagined what it would be like to have my two men demanding my body and for them both to explode into me at the same time. The Boyfriend came and I took every bit into my mouth. I just held him then, caressing him with my tongue while I let Wide Load do his work between my legs. My own breating increased. Several moments later, I was creaming my rabbit too.

Spent, the Boyfriend and I just lay there. I kept my head on his tummy, He massaged my scalp. I was perfectly relaxed. I simply lay there thinking about nothing.


  1. Damn girl!! you've been having WAY too much fun lately. This is one of my all-time favourite fantasies too. One day I will fulfill it... one day...

  2. This is one of my all time fantasies to be one of the m's in an mfm, very hot fantasy!