Monday, July 19, 2010


What is it like being a man?


  1. Hard question to answer when you ask it so generically... How do I answer? Easy to buy clothes for work (charcoal pants, white shirt, optional tie). It's sometimes a pain to have facial hair. It sucks that it's harder (I imagine) to use a sex toy (vibrator, ben wa balls, etc) in public to orgasm with no one knowing. I imagine it's harder to get laid. It's kind of nice not having a period.

  2. Interesting. How do you mean?

    Overall, it's quite nice.

  3. I meant to answer this when I first saw it.

    What's it like being a man?

    Freaking wonderful.

    I can pee standing up, in the woods, off a train platform, while swimming, or pretty much anywhere I can turn my back to the crowd.

    I will never get pregnant or worry about missing my period.

    My vasectomy was relatively painless and now I don't have to worry about getting anyone else pregnant either.

    I get paid what I'm worth plus a little bit more, I don't have to justify being in a bad mood with PMS, I can swear @ work without being called a bitch, if there is a promotion I have a good shot at getting it, my good ideas at work don't get stolen and my bad ideas are forgotten.

    No one is jealous of my shoes, or even notices my shoes, so I only own three pair for work (2 black, one brown), and I own 3 belts. No one expects me to dress differently before or after Labor Day.

    People leave me alone at the gym. No one cares how many jumping jacks I do nor do they watch me when I bend over to pick up my towel.

    I could run for mayor, preach a sermon, pick a fight, win a race, or get arrested and no one mentions how old I am or if I have kids.

    Now, what are the bad things? I can only cum once, people don't buy me dinner to sleep with me, I don't have any fun options on clothes, I only have 3 pair of shoes, I will never nurse a baby that came out of me, no one will cry for me when they go off to summer camp, I can only do my hair one way without looking silly, no one has a web-site dedicated to DILF's, I have a prostate that hates me, when I go into the mall to buy underwear I can choose from white, gray or "cute" boxers. Yippee.

    On the whole, it's great.

    What's it like being a woman?