Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wide Load (Part 3)

“Tell me what you want”, I said floating and looking up at him, “just say it”.

I do not know what I expected. I do not know why I had said it. I was like I was just riding the waves then and going where the motion took me.

“I want you”.


“I want to feel you underneath me and I want to look into your eyes when you open yourself and I enter you for the very first time”

“I think we might can arrange that”, I said back as I put my feet down finally. I took his hand in mine and lead him towards the steps out of the pool. Kissing him again on the pool deck, I handed him a towel and asked if he would please wait a few moments.

I went inside, drying my own self off, then went into my parent’s room. I wanted to dry my hair at least some and brush it out at least a bit. I got out of the wet suit and hung it up to dry. Standing there naked, I looked in the mirror trying to see what he was going to be seeing in just a moment. I could not believe he was actually interested in me. I say that, but at the same time, something about the way he talked to me made me feel so incredibly beautiful and sexy. I was soaking wet . . . and I do not mean from the pool.

Choosing to remain naked, I padded in my bare feet to the spare room. I wanted to make sure it looked okay. The spare room was actually my room; or maybe I should say that it used to be my room. The room was spotless. I lit a candle. Taking a deep breath, I left the room. It was time.

Wide Load was standing in the living room. He had removed his wet shorts and was wearing the towel wrapped around his waist. I swear he looked like an ancient warrior or gladiator. I tried very hard not to self-consciously cover my breasts with my hands when I came into the room. This is not to say that I was not feeling self conscious. Oh God was I ever. I hope I can always remember the look on his face when he saw me. He was beaming.

I held out my hand for him to take and for me to lead him to the bed. Entering, I closed the door. I have no clue why I closed the bedroom door on an otherwise empty house. He remained standing where I left him beside the bed. I walked back over to him and lowered myself down to my knees. Removing his towel, I saw for the first time what lay beneath. Okay, I suppose you will want particulars. He was not huge. I was a bit worried that he might be, given that he was so freaking huge everywhere else. Basically, average size; a little bigger than some, not as big as others maybe. More importantly, when I opened my mouth to take him inside, he fit perfectly.

It is hard to describe what was going through my mind. I wanted to please him. I guess wanting to please him sums it up what I was thinking and feeling about the best. He gasped softly when I first slipped my lips around his length. I took that to mean he liked what I was doing.

If he had asked me too, I would have stayed right there on my knees taking care of him. I have to say though I was not disappointed when he moved me to the bed.

“Promise me you’ll finish that later”, he asked.

“I promise”, I said smiling, thinking he was enjoying himself and already plotting on when to finish him with just my mouth.

He laid me onto the bed. I did not hesitate to spread my legs for him, inviting him to slip into me. He kissed me while still on his knees, his body not yet fully covering mine, his dick just kissing my lowermost lips. He pulled his face back a bit, rested himself upon his elbows, then his eyes just seemed to dive into mine. He held them there while he adjusted himself at my opening. A moment later, he was inside of me.

I can feel myself starting to get wet again just by thinking about it and saying, “he was inside of me”.

If everything to this point could be described as “How to Romance Rachel”; then everything after this point would have to be described as “How to Fuck Rachel”. Wide Load rode me slowly at first; thrusting into me with slow firm strokes. He alternated between kissing me passionately to staring deep into my eyes while his dick stroked inside of me to burying his teeth into my neck until I squealed. He increased his pace inside of me and demanded more from my body. He took my hands into his wrists and pushed them both over my head; then stared down into my face while he continued to fuck me hard.

“What”, I asked.

“Nothing, I like looking at you”.

It made me self-conscious, but turning my head to avoid his gaze only made my neck a direct target again. I asked him, “what do you see”.

“I see an amazing woman underneath me”.

“Where, I thought I was the one underneath you”, I said teasing him back.

“Careful, that might earn you a spanking”.

“Promise”. What is it with me? Am I insane or do I just love to be spanked?

At that stupid remark, he promptly pulled back and out, grabbed my legs, flipped me over, and pulled my ass back until I was kneeling, then he pushed himself right back inside of me. I love this position. However, it also exposes my ass. He did not hesitate in smacking my cheek hard. Yes, I squealed.

He did not stop with just the one smack either. I know my ass cheek had to be bright crimson. He said, “I'm not stopping until you make up for that remark”. He must have heard me thinking it because I do not think I actually said anything – how was I supposed to make up. “Tell me you're an amazing woman”.

“I'm an amazing woman”, I said panting into the pillow, and then I ad-libbed, “who loves having your dick inside of me”. I am not typically a talker in the bedroom. I could not believe the string of filth that flowed from my lips that night. I begged him to keep fucking me, to use me, to cum in me, to keep spanking me, to treat me like a bad girl, to make me do whatever he wanted.

Wide Load needed very little encouragement.

When he was ready for me to be in a different position, he simply moved me there; sometimes just pulling, sometimes bodily lifting and tossing me. We were standing on the side of the bed, me bent over it, hanging onto the mattress, while he gripped my flaming ass cheeks and pounded me from behind, when he apparently decided he wanted me on my back again. He pulled out, then lifted me and tossed me onto the bed. I will admit it. I loved it. I loved being tossed and moved to where he wanted me; him just putting me to where ever he wanted me. He then did this thing I had not had done before. He was on his knees between my spread legs, he lifted my ankles into the air, then crossed them, before he entered me again. He rode me like this for a while before he then took each ankle, uncrossed them, and then lifted far over my head, I think they were touching the mattress above my head. What is it with me and wanting to fold me up – who cares – I love it. He pressed his entire body down onto mine with me folded up underneath him, powerless to whatever he wanted. I have never been with a man so big and powerful. Harley was big. Harley was strong. Wide Load was just more. I think that is the thing about Wide Load. Whatever you compare him too, he is just more. I can not begin to describe what it was like, although I am trying, to have such a big and incredibly powerful man demanding pleasure from my body.

Almost done – A littlle bit more to go.


  1. oh man oh man oh man.... this is one f**ing hot story!! can't wait to read more!!

  2. Damn, what a hot write up! Looking forward to seeing the rest!