Friday, July 9, 2010

I Dread Going To Work Each Morning

I wrote this a few days ago and have been debating whether to post it or not. Its a bit depressing and not what I normally talk about. I thought maybe by writing it down it would stop the thoughts from running around in my head all the time. This is what I wrote:

I feel like crying almost every day anymore. The owner brought a new woman into the office who makes every day a nightmare. We all used to go lunch together. We told jokes in the office, played pranks on each other, and we always helped each other out with work. Not anymore. We went from a friendly little office to a group of people who now stay in their own rooms to avoid dealing with her. What does she do? She complains about the thermostat. If anyone is talking in the hallway, then she complains that she could not hear her client on the phone (realize that she is almost NEVER on the phone with a client). If a sales rep comes into the office to see her, then she gets mad and complains if you even speak to them yourself. If a sales rep comes to speak to one of us; then she will not speak to them unless they make an appointment to come back another day with just her. She complained to the owner that she needed a better computer system, so she got her very own upgrade. If the Administrative Assistant does not handle her work first - and its always just made up work because she does not do anything - then she complains to us that we are preventing her from taking care of her accounts (and she has no accounts). The owner was after me to give her some of my accounts. I refused because that meant I was taking a pay cut; I get paid by the account and created every account that I have. But, the owner will not cut her because the economy sucks and she has certain connections of which he is hoping to take advantage. She seems to have taken a particularly strong dislike towards me. Why? Probably because she wants my accounts; not that she would actually manage those accounts or be able to keep them. I dread every morning the thought of having to go into the office. I pretty much stay in my office all day except for lunch and bathroom breaks. I worry about what will happen if I do lose my job. I worry about having a job. I worry about what it might mean if I do lose my job. And mostly, I just dread going into work every morning.


  1. It's a pity when someone new joins the group and makes no effort to learn the culture, to build positive relationships, or even get along at the most basic level. Group dynamics, at home, at work, or in the bedroom are a delicate balancing act in the best of times. When a group gels like yours had, it's a wonderful feeling, when it's gone, it's just awful.

    Good luck. Hang on, build the friendships again in spite of the new person, and be a positive influence, and DON"T give up your clients, they are yours. :-)

  2. Geee'z that seems horrible, i hope all works out for you.. And keeping writing because it is truly an outlet : )

    P.S I enjoy you blog

  3. I've been meaning to comment on your blog but keep missing my opportunity, but have definitely enjoyed reading these past few weeks, your blog has been sizzling!

    So, I saw the pictures and then went back and read this post to see what had prompted it.

    I'm sorry that work sucks right now but I think it will turn around for you. Writing and venting will help put things in perspective, and eventually the people that are working hard and deserving at work will come out ahead (although sometimes it doesn't seem that way at first).

    So, hang in there and let your work speak for itself and will show everyone how valuable you are.