Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Best Time For Sex?

I like morning sex. Who am I kidding – I love sex period. Anytime.

It was impossible not to over-hear some guys at the gym talking - yes, I recently joined a gym - and they were playing around. One thing they got to joking about was their favorite time of day for sex . . . or as they put it, "to get laid". Before you accuse me of eavesdropping, let me defend myself a bit. These guys were not the little dudes lining up to take the spinning classes. These were the wide loads. There were only six or so of them but with their combined mass all in one spot it was like the entire gym was pulled towards them due to their combined gravity. One guy's wife (I presume it was his wife anyway) was in the mix and she apparently had no problem joining right in with the group. She announced very clearly "mornings". I thought about it. I kind of agreed, but I kind of didn't agree too. Leave it to me to be unable to decide. Morning, afternoon, evening, each is special to me and different for me. And then, maybe because I was in a gym with a lot of hard bodies, I got to thinking about Harley again. I really loved Harley. Harley would sometimes ‘need’ me late in the evening. And I mean really late in the evening; like sound asleep late. I would wake up to find Harley between my legs and his dick already slipping inside of me. It was only a few times, but it was a major turn on to me every single time. The first time he did it, he said in the tone that only he could manage – “Miss Rachel, you're needed”. (Apparently this was a reference to an old TV show, The Avengers, where the star would always say to his female counterpart, "Mrs. Peel, you're needed". But I did not get the joke until months later). I can not say what it was about it that turned me on so much. It just did. Hell, it still does everytime I even think about it. I miss Harley. And I miss being "needed" in the middle of the night as well.



  1. I thought about it, and I can't decide either:
    Morning: Great way to start the day
    Mid-day: Great naughty "we shouldn't be doing this now" feeling
    Afternoon: Great way to re-energize yourself
    Evening: Great way to exhaust yourself before sleep

    I guess at the end, my best answer is "when you're horny".

  2. Oh yes, I agree completely.... There is no BEST time.... anytime is fine. middle of the afternoon is a good one. I've only had one lover wake me up in the middle of the night wanting it and yes, i loved it.

  3. Blue Latern:

    Hey there! Thanks for reading. I would amend your answer to "when I am horny . . . or maybbe when I know my man is horny".


    As always, I love hearing you tell me I am not alone in some of the things I feel. What is it about being awakened in the middle of the night?

  4. I am an anytime of day girl for sex. Never a bad time, EVER!!!!
    Although I have had most of my sex at night.

  5. In reality, I'll take it whenever I can get it and that is usually between the hours of 11 and 12 at night.
    But, in the perfect world, if I could pick whenever I wanted, morning or early evening would be better. I like it when sex is the beginning of something rather than the end, beginning of the day or beginning of a great evening out, perhaps followed by more sex!

    But, don't get me wrong, I'm ready, willing, and happy to perform whenever!