Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Plus Tree Makes A Move

Valentine's Day in Three Acts


Act I:  Harley

Act I begins like a bad movie - slow.  Nothing happens.  In this case, Harley was missing in action.  I was not surprised to not hear from him.  We had a great night not long ago (I posted about it).  Breaking a promise I had made to myself, I was starting let my guard down w him again.  About a week later, he disappeared mid-text.  I know he is a deputy, so I certainly don't make an issue of it . . . when things happen at his job, they really happen.  Nothing for two days, then a late night text "hey howdy".  I respond asking how he's doing.  I get a "fine" and that was the last I heard from him.  Nothing more since.  I damn near had to break my fingers off, but I resisted texting him "Happy Valentine's Day". And, I'm more proud of me for not checking my phone every five seconds to see if he had texted or called.  Act I was maybe dull by the action standards, but intense for all my internal struggles.

Act II

Act II has a little more subplot and action.  But like most cheap Hollywood films, it's strong on gratuitous sex.  The Boyfriend has made us dinner.  Yes, I still see him.  No, I don't talk about him all that much.  There's never really much to say.  We may have dinner together.  We may watch a movie together.  On the rare occasion, if I initiate it, we fuck.  And once in a while, I may even sleep over.  Oddly enough, we may not have sex on a night when I'm sleeping over. 
The subplots included our never discussed living in seperate homes now and me being on my period.  I'm not adversed to a little bit of 'red sex'.  Actually, given the color theme for the day, that might have been appropriate.  But it would not have been a "little".  I was bleeding a lot.  Getting laid would have involved a shower before and another shower afterwards.  I was actually kind of pissed.  I wanted to get fucked.
Instead, we had a quiet dinner in the living room watching tv.  He fixed dinner, so I got up to take the dishes back into the kitchen.  I got us sodas and headed back.  The Boyfriend had moved from his chair to the middle of the sofa.  Outwardly, I smiled like a good girlfriend.  Inwardly, I screamed "DAMN".  Moving to the sofa is The Boyfriend's primary way to make a move. 
I put the sodas down on the table next to the sofa.  Then, I try to give my best seductive walk towards him and straddle him on the sofa.  We kiss for a while.  This was really not helping me any.  I wanted too so badly.  But I could just feel myself oozing and if you really don't know how that feels, then I can't explain it to you.  Long story short, as much as I wanted too, I was not up for it.  I looked down into his face and told him how much I wanted him right then.  What guy does not like to hear that?  I apoligized and told him how bad things were flowing for me.  I know the Boyfriend and know that 'red sex' is not actually his idea of great fun too.  He's done it, but that's more because I usually initiate and I don't generally announce when I'm on my period, "oh, by the way, I'm on my period, now pull your pants off".  Instead, I talk him up for a bit telling him how I appreciate his always supporting me, his making dinner, his being always nice and kind, and how incredible he is.  Then, I slide back until I am kneeling on the ground between his knees.  I begin undoing his belt, all the while still trying to talk him up.  I wanted his pants all the way off.  I made sure he was comfortable.  I handed him his soda and told him to enjoy.  Then I slipped him into my mouth and gave him the best blowjob I knew how.  I'm not sure it's lady-like to be proud of your cock sucking skills, but I am . . . at least, I'm getting to be.  I think I've gotten a lot better at it and enjoy doing it more now too. 


Act III was Tree.  He was working the closing shift.  He seemed disappointed saying he really wanted to see me, so I had offered to come see him after he got off work.  I had wanted to see him too.  He's a bit young for me, but he makes me laugh.  I'm sitting on the tailgate to his truck when he comes walking out of the store.  I spread my legs and he walks right in to give me a big kiss and hug.  I love this position.  He was planning to take us to Steak-n-Shake, but I surprised him w a cheeseburger and shake instead. 
 When he was done, he pulled me into stardard truck sitting position - me straddled across him and kissing.  Yes, as I'm writing this, I see the similarity w the Boyfriend.  The crucial difference is that Tree actually did pull me onto him.  He began his usual fascination w my boobs and I had dressed to accomodate.  Act III in the movies always tries to twist things up.  Tree made a move!
It was not subtle.  In hindsight, I probably missed the beginning of the move, so maybe it was subtle.  He had started running his hands along my legs and ass more than I remember his normally doing.  Normally, when he has the ladies out, they get all his attention.  So, I guess maybe he was checking to see how far I would let his hands go.  Any other night and I would have let them go anywhere they wanted.
He began to unbutton my pants.  I nearly choked in shock.  He looked so devastated when I stopped him.  I think he was starting to apoligize, but I stopped him by saying I would love to "but".  And then I explained the situation.  I added that I still would - that I really wanted too - but that his truck and our clothes would look like a mass murder had taken place. 
I slid off him and began to un-do his belt.  "I thought you said you couldn't . . . ", he muttered.
"Sweetie," I smiled at him, "I'm not going to fuck you".  I figured he could work out what I was going to do.
In the past, I've always felt weird being w two men on the same day.  I tried hard not to have it happen.  Last night, and maybe it will sound bad to y'all, I was completely okay w it.  My boys were happy.  I was happy.  What else mattered.



All movies have that final closing act.  Why should my night have been any different.  Harley texted as I was getting undressed.  "Happy Valentine's Day".  I didn't respond.
I slipped in to the shower.  And I took care of me by thinking about Boyfriend and Tree.


  1. aww sounds like you had a good valentines despite the colour of the evening ;) I'm glad you got your happy Valentines from Harley.... it's better than what I got.

  2. Better than what I got. All the wife said was thanks for the stuff.

  3. I'm glad you had a good day and thought good thoughts about tree and keeping your boys happy. The "mass murder" reference made me laugh. Maybe that can be a plot for CSI Miami....