Wednesday, February 6, 2013

About Those Heels

I have not written much about Harley of late. Has not really been that much to tell. He had fallen off the radar for a while, but that was nothing unusual. When he popped back up, I just didn't feel like posting about him. I could lie and say that I didn't want to jinx it. That's partly true, on some level, the more I look forward to seeing him, then the more likely he is to disappear again. Mostly though, I think I was embarrassed. I'm in love w a guy who has broken my heart more times than I want to admit too. It's like I'm addicted to him. Therapist admits he is fascinated by Harley as well (no, they have never met - he means my discussions about him). He says he understands how addictive Harley must be from listening to me. When Harley is there I feel like the most important person in the entire world. No matter how stupid I had been that day, Harley makes me feel smart and good about myself. Therapist says I will break it off when the bad I feel finally outweighs the good feelings I get from Harley. Wow, I'm sorry, I had not meant to get so deep about Harley. Y'all really just wanted to hear about the heels from a few days back and this was meant to be just a bit of background.
Now, about those heels . . .
. . . Harley asked if I would go to Carrabba's w him. Dinner was amazing. I'm not talking about the restaurant, it was nice. I'm talking about the evening out, surrounded by people, and still being the sole focus of Harley's attention. When he wasn't busy being the single most supportive man who's ever lived, he was busy making me laugh so hard I was crying. I had worn the heels w a matching skirt and white blouse, each tight in all the right places. Harley sat beside me at the table instead of across from me. I like that. So few guys do it. I don't know why, but I just like it more when he sits next to me. In this case, it had the added benefit of I could cross my legs and Harley could pull my skirt up enough to see an ample amount of leg. He had done the same on the drive over too. 
When we returned to his place, he saw that his Mom had called a few times. He asked if I would be okay w his calling her back for just a moment. What was I going to say? I settled in w the remote. I was trying not to listen, but it was impossible not to overhear. There was some big family drama and they all tend to rely upon him for help. I have been down that road a few times and new it was going to be a long conversation. 
I went exploring. Not really. I went into his bedroom and found one of his uniform shirts. I slipped out of my clothes, all except for the heels, and slipped into just his shirt. The damned thing was like a dress on me, but I think you still get the idea. I walked around for a little bit then. High heels and a man's dress shirt, I felt very sexy. Harley apparently trusts me still because he made no effort to come see what I was getting into in his place. When I finally wandered back into the living room, he was on the phone still w his mother. He looked at me and said, 'mom, something has come up and I need to go. I will call you tomorrow".
A moment later, I was in his arms and being carried to his bed. "Oh officer, what are you going to do w me", I teased him.
Harley is not really one for role play, so I was a bit surprised when he responded, "you need to be taken into custody and dealt w".
In his room, he put me down on my feet and began to remove the shirt. I started to slip out of the heels when he said, "leave them on".
I thought standing there naked, but for a pair a heels, in front of my fully clothed lover was as disconcerting as it could get for me - i was wrong. Harley reached for his handcuffs. In all the time I lived w Harley, he never used his handcuffs on me. I'm kind of fast forwarding here, so understand I'm leaving out some play by play. He spread my legs and began my "cavity search". 
"You are soaking wet - you are a naughty girl, aren't you". Clearly I was!!!!
He kissed me then - always nice to be kissed by the man who's just wet his fingers inside your pussy :) - then whispered into my ear that he needed to check my mouth next. Ever the complaint prisoner, I opened my mouth, but he said he did not intend to use his fingers.  He nudged me to my knees. Ooh, I thought. He freed his dick and slipped between my waiting lips. I was commanded to take him deep to be sure that nothing else was in my mouth. I got to admit, this was exciting to me.
He eventually stood me up and bent me over the bed. Oh goody, I thought. My mistake!!! He tells me that i still have one more opening to have checked!!!!! "But first, I should probably get lubricated first" at which point he then slipped his dick inside of me. Oh my!!! He felt good inside of me, but then I was also a tiny bit anxious because of what he was going to do in a moment. Yes, I have had anal before, but not that often and I will admit that I sometimes still get nervous about it. I tried to buck up into him some. One I wanted too. Two, well, if he was enjoying my pussy, then maybe he would not be so quick to want to leave it. He smacked my ass - HARD - saying I was naughty for trying to get him to cum fast.
I will give Harley credit, before he entered my final passage, he got real lubricant. He also asked me - really asked me, not play acting - if it was okay. I told him yes, if it would please him then I would love to give it to him. He entered me slowly and gave me time to adjust. And then he rode me hard!!!
Now, I should say that Harley also never cums quickly. So, before he came, my ass was thoroughly fucked and my butt was red from being spanked because I had been "naughty". Towards the end, Harley 'walked' me to standing in front of a mirror. I was pretty much exhausted at this point. Still, I won't forget the way his entire face seemed to be smiling. It was fun watching him take me. I can understand why guys are so visual.
He spanked me some more. He had me promising to be a good girl and begging for him to cum in me.
Then Harley kind of became quiet. His thrusting into me became more intense. I knew him and knew he was soon to finish. It was w Harley that I learned to start talking more during this time. I don't know about all men, but Harley always seemed to like it. 
He exploded inside of me. His breathing was more like panting now. The sweat dripped from the both of us. And I stayed there, bent over the dresser (he had already removed the handcuffs so I could balance on the dresser), looking at him in the mirror. I wanted to be nowhere else in the world right then but bent over wrapped around him. 
When we did separate, he sat me down - gently because my ass was sore - and prepared us a shower. We showered, he washed me. And then we snuggled into his bed. It was the greatest night ever.


  1. k, so I'm really glad I'm not a guy.... I had to stop reading halfway through to go eat lunch... yeah that would've been embarrassing. Very Very Hot..... And I know exactly how you feel about your addiction to him. I wish there were some way to placate the feelings.

  2. 1 - I LOVE women in men's shirts, and the high heels make it even better.

    2 - Role play is silly, but when you both buy in and have fun with it and can avoid the giggles, it can be so very very hot.

    3 - OMGOSH you are amazing, really, about the sexiest thing since sliced bread, and sliced bread is really sexy.