Saturday, February 9, 2013


"Live your wildest fantasies.  Those you admit.  And especially those you don't."

Great ad.  Great fee.

He walked in on her screwing his best friend.  It destroyed him.  Months later, she called to say she'd made a mistake and wanted to come back.  Instead, she got engaged.  She was to be married tomorrow.

How they managed to have her bend over for him one more time was a fantasy beyond his wildest imagination.  The company rep sat nearby watching. 

He was told to role play.  He was a photographer.  He had a camera.  The camera had no film. It was part of the fantasy the rep had said.

"And she will go along w that?"

"She's here isn't she.  More can not be explained.  It will take too many words".

He came all too soon. Had it been worth it?  Probably not.

The rep stood.  "I may have been mistaken about there not being film in that camera.  I will leave it to the two of you to negotiate what that film is worth . . . in money . . . services . . . or revenge".
"Especially those you don't admit, not even to yourself".  Had it been worth it?  They had not charged him nearly enough.


  1. 200 words even, less the 160 allowed, leaves 40 bonus words needed . . . or, to be more specific, I needed to give an 'assist' towards 4 O's. Did I earn my bonus words?

    First, a funny confession. I would have sworn that Advizor wrote 10 bonus words for every orgasm you helped HIM with this week. I did not realize till just moments ago what it really read. You tell me why I misread it so badly.

    Now, the bonus words. Since it was not just Advizor, they were amply earned :). And if it had just been Advizor? Maybe even then too. :)

  2. Hahaha...lucky Advizor!

    Lovely take on this pic - who doesn't love a good revenge fantasy? :-) Happy FFF!

  3. I can tell you why you thought that in 2 words....

    "Wishful Thinking" on MY part. I'm all about helping people earn their bonus words. Just let me know... HA HA HA

    I liked the story. I read it once quickly on my phone when it posted, and then twice more just now. It came in to focus, yes, the word limit was tough, the all the great ideas are there. It reminds me of a story who's name I can't remember now, about love lost, a chance at connection, and revenge. I'll find it.

    Thanks for playing, for posting, and for being just too wonderful.