Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have been wondering lately . . . . . .

. . . if Tree might be a virgin?


  1. Twenty. Turns twenty-one in March.

  2. Be very careful asking him (if you really want to know). If I was in his situation, I might have reflexively lied ("of course not!") and then you'll never get the truth out of him. Again, if you care.

    Maybe the best way to ask is to ease into it by asking about a specific act -- "have you ever done this?" or maybe even better, "I've never tried x, have you?"

  3. I would bet yes ... I think he's way over his head


  4. I've said he's much younger than me, but I guess I've not called a lot of attention to that fact. And truthfully, it's not something I think all that much about. The only issue his age makes is that he stays busy working a part-time job, going to school and studying, and living at home w Mom and Dad.

    Tom: No, I haven't asked and I'm not sure that I should. The only reason I would care is I would want his first time to not be like mine.

    Michael: I'm not sure how I should take this?

    Phoenix: It would explain his being semi-smooth in some things and totally awkward in other ways.

  5. Just go ahead and ask him, and then offer to change it.

    "Hey Tree," she says seductively as she slithers down to her knees, "Isn't it about time we punched that V-Card for you?"

    But I do like the idea of asking about specific things.

    Have you ever been tied up 'like this' before?
    Which do you prefer, a willow cane or a riding crop?
    Do you buy condoms by the 3-, 12-, or 36-pack?
    When joining in a threesome, who usually brings snacks?

    It shouldn't be too difficult.

  6. My point really is tat you need to be careful with his psyche. See Tom's points. If you care about him, you must approach this very delicately. "I'd like to show you some things" when spoken almost lovingly might be a good door opener.


  7. You are a good person to be concerned, you could to a certain point assume that both answers are correct. When the first time happens with you happens I'm sure you'll make it better for him than your first time.