Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Should Have Worn The Heels . . .

. . . Truth is, I started out in the heels.
Tree insisted on picking me up at the house.  I offered to meet him somewhere because I knew he had to work Saturday and wanted to make things easier for him.  He was pretty adamant that a date was to be picked up at her house.  It was cute . . . and yeah, I liked it.
Of course, it also meant that I saw what he was wearing when his truck pulled into the driveway.  He was in jeans and sneakers.  I was in a skirt and heels.  Huge mismatch.  Okay, I'm sure he wouldn't have cared - I felt silly and overdressed.  So, I popped the door open (hoping he would take the hint to come on in) and ran to change.  I casualed down into jeans and sandals.
The night was great.  Top ten as far as a date goes.  Dinner at a little pizza place, movie, walking around the downtown holding hands, followed w some pretty serious necking in his truck.  I had thought my straddling him in his seat might have prompted him to take the action further, but mostly he took that as better access to my boobs.  He does like the ladies.


  1. Next time opt for a casual/formal blend of jeans with heels ;)

  2. I vote with Cande. Jeans, a crisp blouse, and the surprise of heels to finish the outfit can be (always is) very sexy. I like the combination of casual and classy. I'm sure you are plenty of both.


    And what a coincidence, I thought about you straddling me in a truck too! Wow, what are the odds. :-)

  3. Which movie did you go to... and how much of it did you see?

  4. Tom: I'm sorry, thought I had answered you. "Warm Bodies". A bit hokey, but I liked it.