Sunday, August 22, 2010


I must put out a strange pheromone when I have been thoroughly fucked into exhaustion because THAT is when the Bofriend seems to want me the most. Wide Load fucks me ten times in our trip. Since returning from my "business" trip, the Boyfriend has made love to me three times. All together, I have been fucked 16 times since this time last Sunday. Sixteen times!!!! I do not think I was laid sixteen times in all of last year!!! Okay, one of those times was actually between my breasts, but I am counting it. Maybe now you see why I posted the picture with the girl waving a white flag. I am not used this much attention. I hope to post something about our trip tomorrow. But seriously, what is it with the Boyfriend? I really am starting to wonder if my body is producing some 'post-sex with another man' scent that he finds irresistible.


  1. I think you are exactly right. When you are on your game and getting what you want, you attract more of the same. It's a win/win for all three of you.

    And HOLY COW that picture is hot.

  2. It's quite possible, anything from a scent to gestures, speech, etc. Men can sense things. Someone did a study of strippers and found that the strippers who were ovulating by far made the most money. So, there is certainly something being communicated after you've just had sex. Congrats on the 16 times! that is awesome

  3. The scent of a woman! Great pic!