Monday, August 23, 2010

"Business Trip" with Wide Load

I want to describe the entire trip, but I do not write that fast and there is so much to describe. Condense it? But then what do I include and, more importantly, what do I leave out? It was just a completely marvelous time. My favorite bits were probably the drive down and back and maybe just listening to Wide Load when he's into one of his funny rants. But those probably would not interest y'all nearly as much. I know what you want. : ) And there was an awful lot of that too. I am a very tender girl right now.

I will tell you about whatever moment comes to my mind first.

The first moment that comes to mind was when we were in the bathroom. I was wearing just my bra, no panties, looking into the bathroom mirror, and putting my face on. It was evening and we were thinking of going out for a few drinks. Wide Load came into the bathroom and, before long, he was standing up behind me chewing on my neck. I think I have mentioned a few times about just how much I love that! He does it so well too! It was incredibly erotic to watch him in the mirror, one hand snaking beneath my bra, another hand reaching down between my legs, his teeth gently nibbling at my neck, his fingers not so gently tweaking my nips, and his other fingers slipping inside of me. He got me all wet and began to rub my exposed nipples with my fluids from his wet finger. He would dip his finger back inside of me and bring it to my lips . . . for me to taste me. It made him happy and I never thought twice about it. I arched my back slightly to allow my butt to press into his crotch. He was hard. I expected him to bend me over the counter, but he had other ideas. He turned me around to kiss me, then he placed his hands onto my shoulders and gently – though insistently – pressed me down to my knees. It was okay, I liked his taking control and 'making' me do what he wanted. I obeyed and opened my mouth to take his dick between my lips. He still wasn't done. He put his hands into my hair and just held my head still. Then he began to set his own pace between my lips. He started slow . . . increasing his tempo . . . till he was full on fucking my mouth. Men have thrusted some between my lips; none have ever done this to me. I do not know what it says about me – but I loved it. I concentrated just on keeping my lips sealed as tight as I could around his shaft, no teeth, and my tongue just underneath him. He kept on like this and before long I tasted just a little something different. My man was getting ready to cum in my mouth. When he did, I just held him, his cum, between my lips, listening to him pant and, I swear, his legs even seemed to be trembling he came so hard. He pulled me up to my feet. Kissed me full on the lips. Wide Load is a very good boy and knows to kiss the girl who's willing to suck his dick! Then, he surprised me more. He lifted me onto the bathroom counter, himself dropping down to his knees, and he began to return the kindness. Oh my . . . Wide Load is very talented. Only that didn't end it either. After he had me screaming in an orgasm, he stood up to hug me and I saw that he was hard again. OH MY. He carried me to the bed, ordered me onto my hands and knees, with him standing at the edge of the bed. He smacked my ass, shoved his dick inside of me, smacked my ass again (what had I done wrong), then he fucked me hard and long. Wide Load tends to like to move me around a lot in the bedroom. Not this time. I stayed on my hands and knees and he just rode me. Sometimes he was pulling my hair, sometimes he was smacking my ass, sometimes he was holding my wrists behind my back, sometimes he was gripping my ass and pulling, but always he was fucking me. This went on for what seemed like forever, I suppose, thinking about it now, maybe because he had cum not that long before. In time, breathing heavy, he said he didn't think it was going to happen for him that time. I told him to "put it in my ass". No further encouragement needed there!!!! Seconds later, his dick is shoved fully inside of my ass and his hands are pulling my hair back. "Oh yes", I tell him, "pull my hair, fuck me until you're done with me. Don't let me stop". "Keep that up", he said. Anything for my man, I thought, then I proceeded to beg him to finish inside of me, that he's worn me out, but that my body is his and to not let me stop until he's done. If that does not make a man excited, then I got nothing. It obviously worked on Wide Load because he pulled my hair harder and fucked me harder as well. His body was just slamming into mine. When he released my hair, the force of his thrusts just buried me into the mattress. When he finally came, he just stood there behind me, keeping me still impaled on his length, me too tired to move as well. We stood there – he stood there, I was on my hands and knees - until he finally slipped out of me. Then we collapsed forward onto the bed, the both of us, his arm and leg laying across me. I was completely relaxed.


  1. i really didn't need a hard on in the office.... but thanks any way :)

  2. Damn, thats what I call a business trip.

  3. Woman!! holy f***ing hot! Not fair at all! I want some of that action. Lucky duck.