Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Back

Apparently my last pic met with everyone's approval and 'earned' me a pass for not having written in a while. :)

Everyone has been very kind and helpful about the Boyfriend. Nothing really any different on that front and I would prefer to not dwell on it just now.

Truth is, I am still not feeling all that talkative about anything. But I guess it is like going to the gym - I go whether I feel like it or not, so I will try to write whether I feel like it or not. Ugh. Speaking of the gym, you are probably wondering what is up with Wide Load. I was not sure what I was wanting. I am going out of town this week again. I was going to tell him - then I was not going to tell him - back and forth in my head - and I finally just did it yesterday. I told him he could come with or meet me or whatever or not. He said he would love too.

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