Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Musings

I have not felt well since Sunday. I normally try to post something of interest on Sunday, but was not up to it this past Sunday; not even a picture. Sorry. Spank me if you must, but let's save that for when I am feeling better. Okay? Not sure what it is, just ache in the shoulders and my stomach feels quesy. Please, no pregnancy jokes. I already ruled out that little worry.

I spent this evening resting, feeling bad, and commenting on other blogs. I am not an especially good commenter. Yes, another spanking when I am better. Ugh, gonna be sore. I will try to do better.

I started moderating blog comments my own self soon after beginning my own blog. Why? There were so many "cock" and "slut" remarks from men that writing for the first time. It bothered me is all I can say. I am trying to be open about my thoughts and experiences; please do not leave me feeling cheap for doing so. Make any sense? Most comments which do not pass the 'smile' test, simply get deleted. There was one which I have kept for quite a while now; even though I have not approved it yet. Essentially, I was asked what I defined as "getting laid". At first, I thought he was simply trying to be a smart-ass. I can not explain why, I just did. The more I read it, the more I thought he maybe had a legitimate question. What do I count as getting laid. Do I count it the same way a guy might? I guess, from my perspective, I would count a single time of getting laid the same as a man might. Did he get hard. Did he cum. If the answser to both of those is yes, then that counts as one. It does not matter how many times I might have came; once, twice, three times (actually happened to me once), or none at all. If my guy cums twice in a day, then I got laid twice. A part of me thinks that is a no-brainer, but the more I thought about it, the more I guess I figured some ladies might actually have a different way of keeping tally. That's how I do it, as a guy probably would.


  1. yep that's the definition, any act that comes with a happy ending :)

  2. For me, "getting laid" is the entire encounter, without interruption... so a quickie is an alleyway counts as one, but so does 48 hours without sleep, going at it in every way we can think of.

    Where it gets complicated is - at least a couple of guys I know count receiving a quick blowjob as getting laid. I'm not sure if I do... but it does meet your criteria.


  3. Not mine... I get laid when I have sex. Doesn't matter who comes or when or how many times... Each time a new event started is one "getting laid". If that event gets interrupted for some reason, phone rings, emergency, or whatever, if say more than 10 minutes has passed, then I still consider it getting laid.

    I'm a bit fuzzy on the tit fuck situation though. I'm not sure if that's getting laid or not. I'm leaning towards not...but maybe someone can convince me.

  4. I might count it by the number of times things started and finished, not necessarily the number of times I came. If I had sex in the morning, came home for an afternoon quickie, and then had a night filled with sweating, moaning, and lots of fun, besides having a huge smile on my face for a long time, I would count that as three times, even though the last time would hopefully have involved cumming more than once.

    Hope you feel better soon, then it sounds like you'll need to go through the mile long spanking machine!

  5. I think Marcus' definition fits mine best. One event of "getting laid" to me, is the whole session, including intercourse. A blowjob does not meet my definition of "getting laid", but it does mean I "got off".

  6. I agree with Prof and Marcus! For me cuming isn't the culmination (I've had sex w/o ejaculation). The event is the key and I guess it would have to involve penetration!)