Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gray Rainy Days

I have been a little down the last few days. It has been gray and rainy every day. At least, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Been thinking too. (I hate it when that happens). What does it say about me that I have two men in my life who I care for very much. Okay, I know what it says about me. The word "slut" comes to mind. When I saw Primo, it was out of town and that seemed to make it more of a dream. A very nice adult oriented dream, but still just a dream and not as real. Time with Primo was like putting on a bikini at the beach. I put my bikini on not even thinking about how little there is to it, but I would never consider wearing it anywhere else. I do not know, maybe I am not making any sense. Maybe I am just over-thinking it. I care for the Boyfriend. I care for Wide Load. I do not want to stop being with either one of them right now.

I guess that means you will get more stories too.
Oh, and on the "slut" word, I know some guy will write that being a slut is a good thing (so let us just say you did and don't, okay). I do not disagree. But it is a time and place thing. I like being a slut in the bedroom. I do not like thinking that is who I am though.


  1. I think we are capable of more love than we allows ourselves to imagine.

  2. Slut is definitely something to use in the bedroom. Definitely. And it shouldn't define who we are. It would be like doing the opposite, like saying "vegetarian" in the bedroom, it doesn't make sense.

    Oh and I'm with Advizor on this. Humans have so much to give, often there is too much for one person. And I've always had the theory that one person can't fulfil all of our needs, so we often look for the filler somewhere else.