Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seriously, what more do I have to do?

I do not understand the Boyfriend. I have never denied him. I would do anything - and I do mean anything - to make him happy. Monday, I thought we had rounded a corner. He needed me. I tried to nurture and support him in every way imaginable. I can not begin to describe what I felt by doing for him Monday. I was in a glow for days afterwards. I could not stop touching him. And he has not touched me once. Okay, to be fair, he has not initiated touching me once; not a kiss (excluding the token goodnight or goodbye), not a hug, not having me sit in his lap or beside him even, and most certainly not sex. any affection we have exchanged was initiated, as it almost always is, by me. You have seen my pictures. Am I unattractive? Seriously, I want to know. Do I sound like I bitch to him all the time? I love it when he needs me in some way; emotionally like earlier this week or even just physically because he has hard on and needs release. I love giving. I love giving me. It is just that he does not seem to want me . . . or does not seem to want me very often . . . and those long periods in between are hard on me. The Boyfriend has gone fishing all day today. He will come home tired and not wanting to do anything (me). Wide Load is going to the gym this afternoon. I was not going to go, but now I am thinking I might. If nothing else, it will feel good to work out.


  1. I doubt it's you hon. As much as you might feel like he doesn't want you, it's probably just his mood. From your last post, it sounded like he hated his job. Maybe he's going through a mentally and emotionally tough time and is having a hard time coping with that. Sometimes sex doesn't come naturally when you're feeling so low about yourself. I've been through it. A whole year where I just didn't want to have sex... just because my self esteem was low.

    Keep initiating, keep letting him know that he's a good looking manly man, and he'll eventually come round I think.

  2. yep, have to agree, the last career rough patch i had really kicked my teeth in and thinking emotionally wasn't an option.
    just keep the love flowing, once he turns the same corner he'll come looking and looking hard....:)

  3. No way is it you! Your blog was pretty hot already before you posted any pictures, very erotic and sensual mind, almost insatiable sexual appetite. I was thinking to myself, "too good to be true", then you posted some pics, wow!
    Anyway, hopefully he is just going through a rough patch and will snap out of it. The only other thing I can think of is maybe he doesn't realize how good he has it and just doesn't appreciate you. Hopefully that is not it and this is just a temporary phase.
    In any event it doesn't hurt to keep trying, it's always better to be a positive person than going down a negative path.

  4. I agree with everyone else. Sometimes when things get rough, we're so focused on it, we don't appreciate what we have. The only thing I'd add is if you can find some time and let him know that you'd appreciate some more intimacy with him. Acknowledge his issues, but let him know that even some small things can go a long way to keeping you happy and better able to support him during his tough times.