Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nurse Rach (Part 1)

The Boyfriend was sitting alone in the dark when I came home Monday night. He was so quiet and it was so dark that, at first, I did not even know he was there. I had seen his car so I knew he should have been home, but just assumed he was visiting a neighbor. I dropped my gym bag in the bedroom and it was when I walked back into the living room that I saw him sitting in the chair; saw his shadow really because it was pretty dark with the shades drawn and all the lights out. He still had not spoken.

My first thought was “Oh God, he knows something”.

Suddenly sick to my stomach, my heart in my throat, I sat down on the coffee table in front of him. I asked him what was wrong – scared to hear the answer.

“I hate my job”.

My relief was coupled with feeling sorry for how he felt. I have known that he hates his job. His Director is a miserable horrible excuse for a human being and I can not even begin to imagine working for her. She is always taking credit for his successes – not just his – and blaming others for her mistakes. She only wants to hear how wonderful she is and how great she is to work for. I have actually heard her call herself a “people person”!!!! Apparently, today was really bad. They had lay offs. He had to cut several people from his department and, on the same day, she posted a new position of an assistant for herself. She claimed she absolutely had to have the help because she had too much to keep up with. He was eaten up with guilt over laying people off.

He is telling me the story; I think more because I had asked and not because he wanted to talk about it. Nobody knows him, so it can not embarrass him – I think he started crying. I felt so bad for him. Not knowing what else to do, I slipped off my shoes and crawled up into his lap. I took his head in my arms and held him.

After a while of us just sitting in the dark, I asked if he was hungry. He said “not really”, but I felt he’d feel better if he got a little something inside of him. Food, the universal cure, right? I started something, then came back and started removing his clothing.

“I’m not really up to making love right now”, he said.

“I was not planning on that silly”, I responded, though yeah I was really planning on that. Shifting gears on the fly, I said, “a warm shower will help you relax”. I just tossed his clothing aside and led him to the shower. He was pretty much just following my lead. Getting him into the shower, I then undressed and joined him. I was planning initially just to wash his back. I pretty much washed him completely. After I had done his hair, back, and chest, I teasingly asked him if he needed cleaning elsewhere too. He smiled back and said “that would be nice”. My boy was bouncing back.

The shower spray was on his back, so I lowered myself down to my knees. I washed his legs. Taking his dick into my hand, I looked up at him and said I would clean this myself, before proceeding to take him between my lips.

He was not getting hard. I had ‘cleaned’ him pretty well with my mouth and, so far, there had been very little response. He said, nothing is going to happen Rach”, sounding very dejected I might add too.

Great, I thought to myself, I had just ruined all the good I had been trying to do. I looked him in the eye, his dick just at the tip of my lips, “you like seeing me on my knees, don’t you?” He was a smart man to respond “yes”. I added then, “you like seeing your dick in my mouth, don’t you?” He remained smart with a “yes”. I told him to just enjoy it and not worry about cumming, that I just wanted him to feel good.

After our shower, we dressed and I continued to prepare dinner. My fixing dinner was a fantasy in itself. I was wearing a sexy black lace teddy which I had decided to wear despite the disaster in the shower. He sat in the living room and played with the remote. I kept checking on him, bringing him a drink, taking a moment to sit in his lap, basically anything I could think of to make him feel special.

Returning from the kitchen at one point, I was just standing in the living room watching something that was on the television. I could tell that he was just watching me instead. I was hesitant to ask if something was wrong, but I was worried about him so I asked if there was something he needed. Little did I suspect!

He asked if dinner was something that could be put on simmer. I said sure, asking him what he wanted to do.

“You”, he said.

I will continue this to the next post. I did not mean to get bogged down with so much detail. I do not know how, when I am writing to filter the details out. It is like I was trying to comment to someone the other day – you can describe sex only so many ways, its the details that make each encounter different. I worry about being too wordy. I know people have said I am not . . . but I still worry. In any event, not much left to tell, will finish it next time. Promise.


  1. Don't worry. Keep writing. And don't think of the shower as "a disaster." Contrary to popular opinion, guys do have emotions and they tie directly to our ability to respond. I will say though, that asking him if he liked you "on your knees" was a good move, it allows him to affirm his attraction to you even though he wasn't ready right then.

    Details make each encounter different, and special, and wonderful. Keep writing!!

  2. very nice way to bring us back. I think you did exactly what I would have done to my guy/gal if they were down.

  3. Excellent! You really shouldn't worry about all the detail. You're a great writer, and I think the detail actually enables us (me at least) to visualize the situation even better!

  4. This is such a sweeeeeeet story beginning, I feel bad for him, he sounds like he's going through tough times. good on you for making him feel special, he'll need it. I wish my man could actually admit his fears and emotions on occasion.

    As for being wordy, as long as the posts aren't pages long, I'll read. You're right it's the detail that counts. I have the same problem though, I write something and then go back to slice it up to save space and reading time. People just (as far as I can tell) don't like reading long posts. But this was the perfect length. :)

  5. What I wouldn't give to have someone take care of me like that!

    And I like the details...helps to set the scene so we can really see what you're telling us. At least for me, it helps (maybe because i do the same thing when i'm telling stories, lol)