Friday, April 9, 2010

Two Days In A Row!!!

Two days in a row!!!!

Two days in the same week!!!!!!

You would have to go back a ways to find a time when the boyfriend and I have made love two days in a row. Well, I am here to say it happened last night. I wonder if I am creating a monster. God I hope so (smile).

We were laying in bed reading. You would probably assume I read romance novels (and I am not opposed to them, especially for the steamy sex scenes). Believe it or not, I read history late at night. It started when I saw the movie "Tombstone". I was curious how much of what was in the movie was real, so I began reading all I could about Tombstone, Wyatt Earp, and Doc Holliday (along the way also getting highly turned on by both of them). One set of questions led to other questions and I began reading more history. I do not read particularly fast and I find reading history to be relaxing. Nothing that happened in the past gets me upset and thinking; neither of which is a good thing when trying to go to sleep. I guess one way of looking at it is that reading history puts me to sleep. I an currently reading about Julius Ceasar. My boyrfriend is reading a compilation of the comic strip "Foxtrot". I read. He mostly giggles.

We were laying in bed reading. The evening was warm and neither of us were beneath the covers. He was wearing his gray sweatpants. I know I tend to be a bit excessive with the detail sometimes, but this is important for a reason. When I glanced over to him I could see an obvious swelling.

"Are you needing help with a problem", I said to him without having really thought about it.

I will never forget what he said - maybe how he said it - "OH GOD YEAH, PLEASE".

A few seconds later, I was stripped naked, his sweats were off, and my ankles were back behind my head again. I think I have noted before how much he loves to bend me up tight. Truth is, I kind of like it. I like it the most when he takes my wrists into his hands as well and stretches them out far with his shoulders holding my legs high over my head and his weight pressing firmly into me. I love everything about it. I love how deep he feels in me. I love the control he takes. I love feeling of submissiveness it gives me. And I especially love the look on his face. He tries to be a good lover and is often tender (too tender). But, sometimes, not always, when he gets me in this position, he becomes so completely self absorbed. It is in those moments that he is, to be blunt, fucking me for all he is worth. What can I say, I love the look of intensity and complete control his face gets. I would never ask him to stop before he was finished with me. But in those moments, I do not think he could even hear me if I were to ask. His need to cum inside of me is so intense that it completely turns me on and makes me feel good to be under him then, to give him my vessel for his need.

And that was precisely what was happening.

If you recall, I said earlier that on some occasions the boyfriend is gifted/cursed with God-like stamina. This was one of those evenings. I am not the kind of woman who would ever say "will you hurry up and get off of me", but I can certainly understand how a woman can reach that point. He had pounded me hard and solid for what seemed like forever. His fury seemed to have ebbed. He was tiring. He was just rocking into me then, letting only the motion of our bodies rocking cause him to slide into and out of me. I wanted him to finish. I wanted him to feel good. I wanted him to know it was okay for him to keep going.

"Can I ask what got you so horned up", I asked him. I did not think about it before now but that could have been a dangerous question - he might have been thinking of another woman. Not sure I would have handled that too well.

"You", he said. Safe answer, good boy.

"What about me?"

"That night at your mom's".

I am not sure I can describe how I was feeling. The boyfriend had me pinned beneath him, his dick deep inside of me, and we were carrying on a conversation of sorts. It was all so surreal. And strangely, in a way I can not describe, it made me feel so close to him in that moment.

"What about it," I wanted to know.

He kept looking down at me. I kept looking back up at him. I wanted him to say more. "Tell me", I whispered encouragingly.


"Like . . . "

"Your fixing dinner for us, making a real romantic night, but then getting naked to give me head outside, the way you talked, and . . . . "

"And . . . "

"Wanting me to take you from behind".

"You mean in my ass".


"You liked that", I said almost laughing I was smiling so hard.

"Couldn't you tell".

"I could sort a tell, yeah".

We did not talk any more for a bit. We both seemed to focus solely upon the pleasure of his dick deep inside of me. I had closed my eyes. When I opened them again, he was staring intently down into them.

Without thinking I said, "you know, I am not stopping you if you want it again".

It was all the encouragement he needed.

In hindsight, I have to ask myself what the hell was I thinking! He has a diamond-cutter of a hard on happening and I tell him it is okay to fuck me in the ass. And my answer back to myself is that I would do it again in the same situation. He needed me. There was nothing I would have denied him.

A moment later, his dick was seated fully in my ass. It was the second time I would have surrendered my ass to him. The change, his rest, my submission, the whatever, his energy had returned in force. He was merciless on my ass.

I was suprised when he withdrew from inside of me. There was no way in hell that he was done. I was even more suprised when he just started to role me over. No words. No talking. He just moved back, took hold of my legs, and rolled me. To my defense, we almost never change positions. How he starts is how he finishes. This was unexpected. I say that, but let me say also that I was pleased because I had been bent double for a good while too. As flexible as I can be, he had pushed my limits too. What I liked most though was that he just did it. He simply took hold of me and moved me to how he wanted me.

He pulled my hips up till I was on my knees. My face remained buried in the bed. He spread my knees and very gently re-inserted himself back into my ass. Taking my hips into his firm grip, he resumed his furious pace. My poor ass!!! I did not know how long he was going to go, but I knew he was to go until he pumped his load into me. He was not going to quit and I would be damned before I quit. He fucked me hard. Sometimes he was banging into me, other times he was using his grip upon my hips to make me fuck him instead while he remained motionless. I loved every merciless second of it.

I can always tell when he is close to cumming. He begins to grunt as he thrusts inside of me. As hard as he was riding, I was not suprised to soon hear him begin to grunt. The sound of his own grunting seemed to motivate him all the more. I thought he was fucking me hard before, it only got harder with each thrust. The headboard was pounding into the wall. I briefly thought of the neighbors - "great, they know I am getting fucked tonight". He pulled me further back along the bed until he was standing; I remained on my knees on the bed. Oh God, could it be - I actually felt myself starting to cum. Oh we were definately going to do it this way more often. It was intense. I did not know it was possible to climax that way. He was oblvious, I think, to his own needs. I raised up just a bit and could see him in the dresser mirror. He was focused upon my ass. I imagined him staring down at his dick as it slid into and back out of me. He grunted with nearly every thrust as he drove himself ever harder into me. I knew it was a matter of time before he exploded inside of me. I loved that it was me and something I had done for him which had made him so turned on to begin with. I loved that it was me he needed. I loved that he was taking pleasure in my body. And I loved that very soon he would be pouring his need deep inside of me.

A moment later, he did just that.

Exhausted, he stood behind me, with me still impaled upon him.

I was ready to fall forward and lay down myself spent.

Still inside of me, he pressed me forward further upon the bed. I guess I must have got the hint as I lay down and he laid down upon my backside, keeping his dick inside of my ass still. He kissed the back of my neck before laying his head down upon my shoulder.

We lay there for a while.

I was smiling.


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