Monday, April 5, 2010

An Old Girlfriend's "Chore"

Since the boyfriend does much of the cooking, I do the grocery shopping. I sometimes think I would rather do the cooking. His chore is once a night; whereas, my hell is only once a week (every other week if I get lucky). I know, unimportant information, but it does tie in with what I hope to write next. At the store, I saw an old friend whom I have not spoken to in what must be years now. We were reasonably close at one time. You know how it is though; she got busy, I got busy, and the touching base got further and further apart. We spoke, just briefly, which is good because I really hate being at the grocery store any longer than I have too. I can not begin to describe how much I hate grocery shopping. She was still married to her husband of, what she called, "an eternity". I suspect that was how come she had put on quite a few pounds. I remembered something she had vented to me years ago. We were supposed to go out to the movies and she was running late. When she finally arrived, she was clearly trying too hard to be in a good mood. I suspected a fight with the husband only I was mistaken. She eventually exploded complaining of her husband being a sex maniac. I gathered from her tone that she did not consider this to be a good thing. She was rushing to get ready, she told me, when her husband came into the bedroom while she was dressing. She knew what he was hinting around for, she said, and she tried to ignore him. I guess he got unpleasant then and started asking a lot of stupid jealousy type questions; like who was she really going out to see. She said this was what her life was like anytime she didn't just spread her legs for him. Mostly, I remember just sitting there listening. What do you say in response? She called sex a chore. She knew what she would be listening to all evening after she returned if she didn't just go ahead and put out then. She didn't want the movie ruined by her knowing what she was going to be returning too. I thought he was being manipulative myself, but opted to keep my mouth closed (a rare feat if you knew me at all). I guess we all make choices on what we are willing to live with and who was I to question her choices. Remembering her did get me to thinking though. I have complained of my relationship with my own boyfriend. I have written about some extremely passionate moments between us, though I have complained about his apparently complete lack of interest in sex. I can see someone wondering - which is it Rachel? Truth is, the passionate moments were more fun to tell. Duh. But, maybe I will take a few moments in the near future to describe what a typical month is like between us intimately. Trust me, he is not a sex maniac. (But I might be).

And, for the record, I do not believe my girlfriend's husband is a sex maniac either. What he is - is an asshole. He just uses sex as one way to control her. Jerk.


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