Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been disillusioned.

I would say it is the equivalent to learning there is no Santa Claus, except that I am still holding out hope that there is a rolly jolly bearded man in red fur with a big leather belt that will come visit me on Christmas Eve to bring me things (and maybe I can do something nice in return for him too).

Everyone has seen the commercials. I was completely in love with guy. There is a mandate in our apartment - absolutely no channel surfing when this commercial in on the set. The boyfriend may not have the highest sex drive in the world, but he knows he will never get laid again if he violates this caveat. And watching it might mean he will get lucky that night - who knows! guy sings his ballad, with his sad little three man band, about how his life would have been better if he would have been checking his credit scores more frequently and had learned that his identity had been stolen. Every time I saw him sing and his voice that I could listen to for hours, I was ready to marry him, have his babies, and single handed restore his credit. Well guess what - the voice I loved to listen to is not his. He is an actor and someone else is doing the singing. I guess the boyfriend does not need to worry about his place . . . yet.

I decided to check on the UPS whiteboard commercials as long as my fantasies were being busted. I figured there was no chance in hell that the actor was actually drawing those amazing pictures on the whiteboard as he was narrating. Turns out - he is. He is actually the advertising manager who came up with the idea. He did a test video to show what he had in mind. They tried various other actors out to take his place, but no one could do it as well. He finally had to do it himself. Sadly, I do not have a crush on him. guy broke my heart (and, by the way, is not actually "free" in case anyone thought that).


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