Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Try To Keep My Promise (Part I)

I want to tell you that my boyfriend continued to demand my body on a regular basis after that evening in the kitchen. I want to tell you that he insisted I do things for him that I only did because he would not let me deny him. I would love to tell you that, but I'd be lying.

Our sex life returned to pretty much what our love was like for the past several years - extremely restrained passion . . . with emphasis upon "restrained".

I still don't know what had gotten into him that evening when I returned from my trip and from my first affair. For a while, I thought he knew something; though I could not for the life of me figure out how. He always calls my cell phone, never the motel, so he had no way of knowing I spent the night in another man's room. In one of my more insane moments, I worried that he had driven down to surprise me. I eventually realized that he didn't even know which motel I was in. Whew. I finally decided it was one of two things. One, he didn't know anything, but he suspected something. He was more aggressive to see if I was still willing, still wanted him, or still cared about him maybe. Two, he didn't know anything, he didn't suspect anything, he had just finally built up so much sexual energy that he needed release. Whichever it was, the change was brief.

Which isn't to say the change back to normal was instantenous.

We made love once more that night I returned. By the time he had finished himself off in me in the kitchen, dinner was ready. My too long delayed shower was delayed to even longer. Because I was just minutes into my "going to be a new better girlfriend" resolution, I asked him if he wanted me to change for dinner first or come as I am. I wasn't thinking clearly yet, which I blame on the worrying, guilt, and being bent over to the floor for almost a half hour. If I had been thinking, I would have realized I had said "come as I am" before I had put my blouse back on.

The dear boy said "come as you are". When I went to pick up my blouse to put it on, he smiled and took it away from me. He said again, "come as you are".

"Oh", I realized he meant me there in my heels, skirt, and bra only.

Dinner was excellent.

Truth is, my boyfriend is an excellent cook. In fact, he's so much better at it than I am that he does most of the cooking. I realize I am succombing to sexist stereotypes, but so be it, when I say that I am sometimes jealous. Don't get me wrong, I like that he does the cooking. Its just that sometimes I feel less like a woman because he does it and I can't cook as good as him.

He also kept my wine glass full throughout dinner. Looking back, I should have suspected something then. He fixes dinner. He normally leaves me to my own when it comes to getting my wine. My boyfriend doesn't really drink. He doesn't dissapprove of my drinking for reasons which will soon become apparent.

Several glasses of wine into dinner . . . I really needed wine that evening . . . and if you need to ask why, then you haven't read "My First Affair" . . . I was starting to relax. By relaxing, I mean that I was now eating dinner wearing only my high heels. My boyfriend was loving it. And now you see why he doesn't disapprove of my drinking. I can't really tell you, with any honesty, how I came to be naked at the table. Okay, more honesty, we don't eat at the table. I was naked on the sofa because we were watching television while eating. Excuse me, I was nearly naked - I had my heels on still. I do remember how they stayed on. I had asked him.

The skirt was already gone. I extended out my leg while still seated on the sofa, "don't you like the way my heels make my legs look", I asked him. Of course he was going to say yes. "Want me to leave them on?" And, of course, he was going to say yes to that as well. So, there I sat, eating dinner on the sofa, naked but for a pair of black heels with my legs curled up underneath me.

At some point, I ended up sitting on his lap with his fingers up inside of me. I'd have been nervous about that but, liked I said, I was drunk and, by now, he was sure to think he was responsible for all the swelling to my girl. I don't remember the name of the show we were watching. I just remember it had to be the best I ever enjoyed any show.

Finally, it was time for my long awaited shower. Imagine my surprise when the shower curtain parted and the boyfriend joined me!!! He hasn't done that since the very first time we'd slept together. I was feeling pretty good though, largely due to the wine and his magical fingers, so I welcomed him with a deep kiss and turned my back for him to scrub down. Of course, he lingered a little while once he got down to my ass. I could feel him started to swell again and this girl was getting quite sore from all the attention over the past day. Not wanting him to get any ideas, like maybe bending me over again, and since the wine was having a very liberating effect on my inhibitions, I decided to work on being that new girlfriend for him.

I turned around and kissed him again. then got down onto my knees before him. Looking up at him, I tried to say submissively, "I think I promised my 'sir' head ealier".

"And swallow", he asked.

"If you 'make' me", I said smiling back up to him just before taking him fully into my mouth.

Writing "My First Affair" and this story are causing me to make way too many admissions. You now know I wasn't fond of giving head. You now know I am not a swallower. So, now I might as well admit that I wasn't entirely sure what all to do. I didn't just part my lips and hope for the best. This was not my first time; and no, don't ask, my first time will be an entirely different story if I ever get around to it. What I mean is that I had never brought a man to finish with my mouth, so I wasn't really sure what the best way to do that was. Before anyone starts making fun of me, let me say that my girlfriends don't sit around and talk about what the best way is to suck dick. And please, there is more to it than just opening your lips too. If I am going to do this for him, I want him to enjoy it. And I didn't want to be down there on my knees forever either.

As it turned out, I was down on my knees forever. Either I really sucked at sucking or he had some major staying power going on. My knees were getting sore. My jaw was beginning to ache. Also, the more my jaw ached, the more I began to worry about my teeth. I'm guessing he would not have taken too kindly to my biting his dick. And worst of all, the water was beginning to get cold!!! No, that wasn't the worst - the worst was that my wine was wearing off. All in all, I was not a happy little cocksucker. It was time to take things in hand, litterally. I sat back on my heels, releasing him from my lips, very slowly releasing him so that he could really enjoy watching his dick slip out of my mouth. Smiling up at him, I guess hoping that my smiling would make up for what I was going to try next, I took him into my hands. I began to masturbate him with my hands. He didn't complain, so I'm taking that as he was happy with me. He was still going to cum and I was still going to put it into my mouth when he did. I maybe wasn't being the perfect girlfriend, but dammit, I was trying. I was going to town I was beating him off so fast and hard. His eyes were closed, so I stopped looking up at him and paid attention to what I was doing. Damn, how do boys do this for themselves, I wondered, my arm was getting tired now. Fortunately, I am ambidexturous when it comes to giving my boyfriend a handjob. His breathing began to quicken so I suspected I was getting him close. I began to take switch up some, bobbing on his dick with my mouth and fucking him with my hands. He was in my hands when the first explosion came. Give a girl a heads up, dang it boy, if you want her to swallow your cum!!! Two bursts popped out before I got my mouth around him. My first official swallow.

I still had his dick in my mouth, a little post cumming blow for him, when he smiled down to say, "you missed".

I don't know that that was entirely the best thing to say to me then. I still had his dick in my mouth. He'd cum in me for the second time that evening. And I'm sure he was hoping to cum in me more in the future as well. It might have been the time to stroke my head and say something sweet. "You missed," was definately not sweet. "Dick", I thought, and this time I meant him, not his dick which I STILL had in my mouth.

"Yeah, well, I heard guys love seeing their spunk on their girlfriends face too". You see, the two spurts I missed - because he didn't give me any heads up - landed on my face and breasts. With my back to the shower spray, a good bit of it was still on me.

"You are the best girlfriend in the world".

That was better, I thought.

And so far, this is not the story I wanted to tell you yet. I got a bit distracted. I do that. Sorry. Guess I'm also feeling defensive about how we lapsed back into our sexual ruts. I know I had promised myself to be the new and improved girlfriend. I guess I wanted you to see that I had tried, the first night anyway. We'd had sex. I had said that I had never denied him and I meant to stick to that extra hard after my affair. Well, I hadn't denied him, but he was never as aggressive again either. He returned to making a move only after we'd finally gone to bed for the evening. And the sex was fairly traditional. To be blunt, he hadn't spanked me again, pulled my hair, or said another naughty thing to me.

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  1. I never understood a guy that has a horny, sexy little minx and doesn't play with her as often as he can. What a waste of skin this guy is.