Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Morning Sex w Boyfriend

I am getting ready for work this morning and 'kind of sort of' thinking about how to describe the boyfriend and mine's last few sexual encounters. Mostly, I wanted to describe how things are more often than not; the few times i have written about being the very strong exceptions. I wanted to describe how the boyfriend and I have very different needs. I would 'put out' every night if I was 'needed'. His 'needs' run to about once a month. I had planned to write about each of the times since my great role-play effort several weeks ago. And trust me, there were not that many to describe. But then, the more I thought about it, the guilter I began to feel. I know, there is a part of me that is also screaming at me, saying "WTF is wrong with you". Still, I had promised to be this new improved girlfriend. Granted, I thought I had done a pretty amazing job with the role-play and my first back door. Since then, though, I have not done much of anything. He makes it pretty easy to slide back into our routine. Truthfully, it has become that I seldom even think about sex much when we are together; it is when he is not around that it is on my mind. I looked at my watch and decided that I could afford to be late into work this morning.

We get up at the same time most mornings; however, it takes him a lot less time to get ready than I do. He generally fixes himself some coffee, then channel surfs until I am out of the bathroom. And sometimes, he still manages to get out of the door before me. Well, this morning, I decided he would be leaving with a smile on his face. At least, he damned sure had better been smiling.

I slipped back out of the slacks I had planned to wear today. I pondered a moment on whether to leave my bra and panties on - there is something sexy about having your clothing - but quickly opted for naked. I padded into the room naked and, without hesitation, went right towards him. I straddled him upon the sofa before he even had a moment to gather his wits. The boyfriend is not a morning person.

"Good morning", I said to him before giving him a big kiss on his lips.

When we finally broke, I moved up just a bit and was hoping he would just take the hint. He did, as he took my breast fully into his mouth. I pressed ever harder into his face. He was not being gentle, as was his tendency; there were going to be bruises - but dang it felt good. I was ready for more.

"I want you", I said down to him, my hands roaming through his hair.

He was able to pull down his shorts enough without either of us having to move.

A moment more and I was fully impaled upon his dick. I do not know how to describe the feeling of having his dick up inside of me except to say simply it was a filling sensation. It made me feel good to have him there.

This was not a morning for subtleties, so once mounted, I began to ride him. I love this position because I can usually cum here. Okay, I do not "O" all that often, now you know that too. I just simply rode him and pushed his head onto my breast. Oh my. I love looking out the window behind the sofa too when I am riding him here. I have never considered myself an exhibitionist, but I enjoy it none the less. I thought about having his cum up me and having him drip slowly out this morning. I wondered how many other women this morning were going to have cum dripping out of them. I concentrated more on simply having him inside of me. Ow! He was getting extremely rough with the puppy, so I pulled him from the one and gave him the other to play with.

I was a bit concerned he might ease off thinking he had done something wrong. "It's okay", I said smiling down into him, "the other one just wants some attention too". I pressed into him hard and rode him all the harder hoping he would respond in kind. He did.

I had not anticipated this would be a long morning workout. Once in a while, the boyfriend can surprise me with God-like stamina. I did not want that to be this morning.

I felt my moment approaching. I focused more upon all that was happening there and then, being in the moment, blocking out the rest of the world. I heard his breathing increase, his nostrils flaring like a race horse trying to breathe since his mouth was full of my breast. I wanted us to cum at the same time. His breathing was like a riding crop to a race horses ass, it pressed me to ride him all the harder. He responded by biting down a bit harder with his teeth. I hugged his head. He bit me. I fucked him. And when all ceased to exist but the feel of his head upon my breast, my breast within his mouth, and his dick inside of me, I came. A second later, he exploded inside of me as well.

Spent, we simply sat there for a bit in each others grasp.

Now, if he would just 'need' me a little more often without my having to always start it.



  1. Oooh that sounds like good sex. It's a great position. And I totally agree about bf not starting stuff... why is that?? Arrggg.

  2. Cande - when you find out, please tell me!!!