Monday, April 19, 2010

Tied Up Naked

I think dreams mean whatever you think they mean.

Having said that – I have no idea what my dreams last night meant. Weird!!!

It was a quiet weekend, absolutely nothing of any interest to write about. I am enjoying still a great book on the life of Julius Caesar. I turn out the light, give the boyfriend the token kiss good-night (I think I did anyway, he would not notice either way), roll over, and go to sleep. Now, you tell me why I dreamed about being tied up naked, spreadeagled, in the bed.

And no, it could not be anything as simple as just being tied up naked and spreadeagled – OH NO. I am tied up, naked and spreadeagled in case I have not made that clear enough, when the boyfriend walks into the bedroom. Good, you would think, right? Wrong! The boyfriend is not whom I am apparently tied up naked and spreadeagled for on the bed. Now I am dying with anxiety that he is going to notice and start to ask questions. You know, questions like, “honey, sweetie, why are you tied up naked and spreadeagled on the bed?” He is looking in the closet and rambling about something, I do not know what. I am trying to pay attention to him so that he does not stop searching to come over to me by the bed. And I am trying to act nonchalant like it is perfectly normal for me to be laying there so that maybe he would not notice I was also naked and tied up. Hey, it was a dream. You make sense in your dreams. The boyfriend never leaves. He just keeps looking in the closet. And babbling about something. And then I begin to worry that the boyfriend is taking too damned long to find whatever it is he is trying to find. My lover is going to come walking into the bedroom soon. That would be awkward. “Honey, sweetie, why is this strange man walking into our bedroom? And while I think of it, sweetie, why are you tied up naked and spreadeagled on the bed?” The boyfriend just would not leave! No, I take that back, he did leave once and promptly came back saying that he needed something else. (SCREAM!!!) And no, the fantasy lover never arrived either so I do not know who that was either.

Needless to say, I was pleased as all get out when I finally woke up and realized the entire thing had been a dream. For a brief second, I was thinking I was still tied up on the bed, but soon the head cleared enough to realize I was on my side and not my back. The amusing thing is that the boyfriend was actually mumbling in his sleep.

I drift back to sleep and guess what – you got it – I was back on the bed, tied up, naked, and spreadeagled. The boyfriend is not there!!! But wait, he is calling my cell phone. I am tied up. How am I going to answer? If I do not answer, he is going to come home. If he comes home, then he will start asking questions; like, “why are you tied up naked on the bed?” Randi is there though. She answers the phone and holds it my ear to talk. I am trying to carry on a normal conversation with my boyfriend on the phone, a phone that my girlfriend is holding, while I am tied up naked spreadeagled on the bed waiting for my lover who is going to come do things to me. The boyfriend is just babbling about stupid stuff. Finally, he gets off the phone. I expect Randi to leave, instead she pulls up a chair and sits down beside the bed. “Um, whacha doing?” She tells me that the boyfriend might call back and she will need to answer the phone. “Okay”. WTF?!?! Then her and I carry on a conversation about normal stuff with me tied up naked and spreadeagled on the bed. I am still anxious the boyfriend will return. Randi says she has my back. I am so anxious about his coming back home that I am not even thinking about who my lover is. It is like I know, so do not even think about it. I ask Randi if she will leave when my lover does come. She leans forward to stroke my hair and says, “no sweetie, why would I”? It is then that I realize I am not in my bedroom, but I am on a stage tied to the bed, naked and spreadeagled. You guessed it – more anxiety!!!

What does it all mean? I have no freaking clue.



  1. Hey sis :)

    Hah, can I try analyzing it??

    Here's my go.

    You feel tied up/trapped in the relationship without boyf noticing how you're feeling. The obvious sexual nature of the dream hints to how you'd like him to treat you but he doesn't seem to care... (like mine)...

    Him looking for something else in the closet = him looking for things in the wrong place (he didn't find what he was looking for), he should have been looking on the bed.

    It's just what I see..... It's how I feel... and how I imagine you might feel.

  2. Cande: It makes perfect sense when I listen to you. I was trapped in how freaking bizarre it all was. I thought the boyfriend was in the way. It had not even occurred to me that what I wanted was for him to TURN AROUND AND DO SOMETHING TO ME DAMMIT. Does that mean I want to be tied up?

  3. Hah, I interpreted your dream as if it was me. But it was just an interpretation. I would love if bf tied me up. But he won't. It could also be just a symbol for being tied into the relationship, but in your dream it did sound like you couldn't understand why he was just looking for something while you were so vulnerable on the bed.