Friday, April 2, 2010

I Try To Keep My Promise (Part II)

I wanted more passion from my boyfriend. I had promised myself that I would try harder too. If I had meant it, then it was my turn to do something. Part I was not the story I intended to tell. This, part II, is the story I wanted to tell.

My parents live in the same town. They were going away for the weekend. It seemed like the right time and the right place.

I planned things for Friday. My parents would be away. Saturday would mean I'd have all day to think about it and chicken out. Friday would keep me busy with work and then rushing to get ready. I could do this.

The hard part, I suspected, was going to be getting the boyfriend to cooperate without me having to fully tell him what I had in mind. As it was, he wasn't all that difficult. I told him on Thursday that I wanted to do something special for him on Friday. He tried to find out, but didn't press any harder when I said I just needed him to be at my parents place at 7pm.

I was going to cook! Okay, you might need to re-read the first part of this tale to remember why this was a really big deal for us.

My mom was bit more suspicious. I had already okayed using their place, not that they would have cared if I hadn't asked first. I just didn't need them suddenly deciding to turn back around. I told mom I might serve my boyfriend dinner outside by the pool. She made a special point of showing me how to disable the security lights saying she figured I might want it darker for the "candles". The way she put it, mom knew her baby girl was planning on putting out beside the pool. What a mom!

Truth is, I wasn't really planning on dinner out beside the pool. I had thought about it. But, in the end, I thought it might be more surprising to him if I led him out there for the first time when I was prepared to give him his surprise.

Dinner was okay. You're not really reading a sex story to hear about my cooking. Suffice it to say that my anxiety over cooking dinner without blowing it completely wiped out my being anxious over what I had planned later for my boyfriend.

Dinner went surprisingly well. He was very attentive and appreciative. I looked killer in a short red dress, my hair down, those same sexy black heels from our famous kitchen encounter. I was drinking my fill with wine. Remember, wine has this inhibitions killing effect on me. Yeah, he knew he was gong to get lucky that night.

I was waiting for it to get dark outside.

And now it was.

I began clearing the table. Good boy that he is, he started to help. I told him to just talk and keep me company, but that I wanted to do it all tonight. If he only knew how true that statement was going to be too. When I was done, I said I needed to visit the bathroom. He didn't suspect a thing.

I took a deep breathe before I left the bathroom. I was completely naked. No heels this time either. And yes, ladies, I was dripping wet. Apparently, I was excited. I walked out of the bathroom and was grateful to see that he'd gone into the living room. I stopped by the kitchen to pick up the final accessory for his surprise. I then walked into the living room completely naked holding a six pack of Corona.

"Oh my", he said.

I smiled. His look alone told me that he was totally turned on by me. What girl doesn't love to see that.

I am not especially good at demure and submissive, but gave it my best shot. I walked over to him and held out my hand for his. I pulled him up from the sofa, gave him a light kiss, and asked him to follow me. I led him through to the glass doors which led out onto the pool. It was very dark, no moon, and the sky was filled with stars.

"Tonight, you are a ruthless pirate captain".

He smiled, "argh".

"Yes, ruthless. And I am your captured princess. You've stripped me naked and ordered me to perform for you with my mouth".

"I'm liking this", he said.

"It gets better, I hope. You're going to drink a beer, you tell me, and that if I have not satisfied you with my lips before you finish your second beer, that you will allow your pirate crew to begin fucking me from behind. They won't stop using me until your cum is sitting prettily on my tongue, you threaten".


It was time to begin, I decided.

"Please Captain, my father is rich, he'll reward you well. Please don't despoil my mouth with your vile seed". It helped to have time ahead to think up things for me to say. You can attribute my saying anything at all to the wine because I have never been more embarrassed and self-conscious in my life.

My boyfriend looked down at me. The moment of truth, was he going to go along with me on this or was I going to be standing her naked, ready to suck his duck, and just look foolish.

"Princess, your father will still reward me well. The only question to be answered is can you please me before I open your treasure to me crew".

Oh, good boy, he was into this.

"You tell me", I say to him, "now, to your knees Princess, ye have some work that needs doing. And then you place yours hands upon my shoulders and push me down onto my knees. I obediantly un-do your pants". There was a certain pleasure at being completely nude before my boyfriend and playing that I was being forced to pleasure him (and no, I am not into being raped, this was all make believe). "Oh please sir, I will do anything; don't use me this way".

"You say to me", I add, "you will do anything I want anyway Princess - now to work . . . or I won't be waiting to give me crew permission to sample your virtue". Looking at him, in my most pouty face, "and tthen I tell you . . . Yes sir . . . " saying it with a whine and faking a sniffle.

I took him into my mouth, slowly at first, making sure he was watching me as much as possible in the darkness. Oh, he was too. His Corona sat in his hand, I think forgotten. "I must be doing something right", I thought. Taking him deep, I looked up at him less and began to work more on my task. I tried to put on more pressure with my lips and tongue this time. I moved slowly up and down his length, then moved quickly for a while, varying the speed and pressure often. I tried to keep my tongue firmly underneath him, trying to give him as much sensation from my mouth as possible. I really don't know how long this went on, but I do know he reached for his second beer.

The beer? I did bring a six pack and, yes, I also said earlier that he didn't really drink all that much. I brought a six pack because I figured he would drink his usual two, when he did drink, and that I would probably be needing the others for me. The wine was still working though. I was good.

I leaned back some and went to take him into my hands.

I took a brief time out from character to ask for a sip of his beer. Okay, it was a good bit more than just a sip.

I'm still massaging his dick with my hands. Finishing my sips, I tell him, "you look down at me and demand . . . What are you doing Princess? I tell you, sounding confused and scared, I'm sucking your dick Sir Captain. You remain gruff with me and say . . . Um, no, you were sucking my dick. Now you have your hand around my dick. You place your hands onto my head and guide my mouth back onto your dick." I had taken his hands into mine and guided them to my head for him to do just that. "And then you say to me threateningly . . . Use your hands again and my crew will use your ass".

At that I returned to sucking his dick. Adding in a few moments, "no sir, please no", and I managed to say with his dick still inside of my mouth. I do pull back a bit, his dick just at the tip of my lips to add, "and then you say . . . do not use your hands again. And swallow, without missing a drop either. I say back . . . Yes sir, I will be a good girl sir".

I return to bobbing on his dick, but its time to add more to my role play. I pause to tell my boyfriend, who has been listening and enjoying intently. "you decide I need to be punished though and say . . . but because you were bad, just trying to use your hands instead, you must be punished".

"No sir, please no, I wail to you".

"You don't listen to my pleas. You say . . . my crew will not have to wait for me to finish this second beer. Get onto your hands and knees and be prepared to pleasure two cocks . . . one at both your ends".

Okay, I will admit it. This little role play with my boyfriend also dealt with my fantasy of having to pleasure two men at the same time. I wasn't going to do it, but this was just in fun. I was willing to tell the entire story and had been so far. My boyfriend had played a little bit, but mostly it was me. I want him to join in more. I hope that he will. "Tell me what's happening", I said suggestively to him, "what is your crew doing to me while I have your cock in my mouth".

I wasn't sure he was going to get into this as much.

I am pleased to say that I was wrong. He tried really hard.

"My first mate is behind you now, Princess".

"Is he going to fuck me".

"Oh yes".

"is he going to cum in me".

"The cum will be pouring down your legs tonight".

A bit later, it was "Pedro's" turn at me. "Pedro wants to hear you beg him not to fuck you".

"Pedro please, don't fuck me. Please don't shove your dick inside of me. Please don't pump me full of your cum. Please don't use me".

I ask my boyfriend then, "what is Pedro doing now".

"Oh, he says he is still going to fuck you, he just wanted to hear you beg".

Another crew mate was "Israel". My boyfriend told me that Israel was fucking me now, hard, demanding, that was going to spank me until I was moaning in pleasure for him.

Believe it or not, but I've not been that much of a noise maker in bed. However, I will admit it, I am sometimes a moaner.

I would love to tell you that I can remember every single thing he said. Truth is, I was a bit busy at the moment sucking his dick. And he wasn't the most descriptive anyway. It was okay though, we were both having a good time. And apparently, he had me pulling one massively long train!!!!!

This went on for quite a while. I shared another beer or two with my boyfriend. I think he was having a tremendously good night.

I took a break with my mouth and slipped my hands back around his dick. I took another sip from the beer my boyfriend brought sweetly to my lips. Then, I stopped, and gave my best horrified look at my hand wrapped around his dick.

"No sir, please, it was an accident, I will be good, I can make you cum with my mouth, please don't fuck me in the ass, please Captain, let me make you cum in my mouth".

Hopefully, you realize that this was to be the final part of my story for my boyfriend. If he expressed any interest in my VIRGIN ass, then I was going to let him have it.

I continue along so that he would know it was okay.

Looking at my boyfriend, I tell him, "and you say . . . but Princess, a Pirate Captain who gives a command must be obeyed and you disobeyed . . . now how am I going to look if I don't follow through".

Still looking at him, I just asked, "would you like my ass?"

He smiled the most wicked grin when he said yes.

"Then lead your captive to the towels over there", I said pointing to a number of towels I had laid out before he'd arrived. Several towels and a pillow, with a bottle of lube too, to make things easier . . . or so I hoped. He helped me to my feet. "Give me another sip of beer first", I said, taking a very long drink.

He took me to the bedding of sorts which I had created. I took the lube from under the pillow and applied it liberally to both him and me. I had read about this, but was not sure about it. He laid me back and lifted my legs high over my head. My boyfriend has this one, let's call it a fetish, thing he likes; he loves to lift my ankles as far behind my head as he can get them. He lined his dick up with my hole and I told him to slowly make his way inside.

Okay, this hurt!!!!

I gritted my teeth, but was determined to 'ride it out'.

He took a while and he nearly pulled back out when he saw me grit my teeth. "No, no, its okay, keep going", I told him. When he was fully seated up inside of me, I think we both felt like we'd accomplished something.

He took my ankles and began to press them ever farther behind my head. Fortunately, I've learned to bend well over the years. This is the one thing he is guaranteed to do in almost every fuck session. He loves it, I'm telling you. Of course, the further my ankles go, the deeper he seems to get inside of my ass.

Oh wow!!!!

Adjusting to him, he began to rock inside of me. By now, he had me bent so much in double that his chest was on my boobs and he was able to kiss me on the lips.

I was never more vulnerable to a man than in that moment; doubled up with him fucking my ass.

Between kisses, I said to him, "tell me you love me". I guess I had stopped being the captured princess. I needed to know he appreciated me, that he wanted me, that he wanted this.

"I love you", he said, kissing me deeply.

I needed that then.

He said it several more times for emphasis.

Then he began to fuck me all the harder. And harder. And harder.

Being doubled up like I was, there was nothing I could do to move with him. My body was completely his for his use. He was in complete control. I was there simply to accept him inside of me.

He kept increasing his pace.

He was demanding the most from my body.

I couldn't move, true, but he was wanting me to accept all the fury he could place into fucking me.

I could not deny him. I was trapped beneath him.

He fucked me the hardest he'd ever fucked. He began to grunt with each thrust. I raked his back with my nails and moaned all the louder into his ear. He pushed my ankles even further back, his forehead now resting on the pillow beside mine, he never stopped stroking his dick inside of me. He pulled his face back just enough to lock eyes with mine.

No words were said.

None were needed.

I wanted him to know, by look alone, that I was not moving until he was completely done with me. I was his that night. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Cum inside of me.

He rode all the harder still. And I could tell, our eyes never leaving one another, I could tell when he was right there.

"Cum in me".

And he did.

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