Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend w Tree IV

I might live.  Whatever I've had the last several weeks seem to have finally run its course.  I'd forgotten what it was like to not feel sick.  Now I just have no energy.  Stamina is shot.   And, as weird as it might sound, I took today off to celebrate feeling good for a change. 

Seems like a good time to finish out my weekend w Tree.  (It seems like a lifetime ago now).

The rest of our weekend together was kind of cute.  It took a while before I realized he was testing the bounds of our balcony conversation the night before.  What can I say, I was too caught up w being in my happy place.

We were getting ready to go out for brunch.  I'm in front of the mirror putting on my face.  Tree smacks my ass as he's walking past from the shower.  I wiggle it and jokingly tell him not to stop.  He steps back.  I'm thinking he's going to swat my ass again, so I'm just kind of smiling and waiting for the inevitable.  Instead, he starts pulling my panties down; not all the way, just enough to gain access.  At one point, he's pulling on my hare like its a horse's mane and he's smacking my ass w his other hand while he's riding me for all I've got.  I sat a little tenderly when we did finally get to the cafe, but it was a pleasant reminder of our morning tryst.

The rest of the day went pretty much like that.  I was sitting next to him on the sofa watching television, when he pulled me onto his lap to start kissing me; a few minutes later, my pants were off and I was straddling him.   He seemed to love catching me as I'm walking away from him or past him.  He'd grab my wrist and pull me back for just a kiss.  Other times, he would grab my wrist pulling me back only to start pulling my pants down.  I grabbed my ankles all over that hotel room.  Of course, the more success he had . . . meaning the lack of resistance from me . . . the more aggressive he became.

I think two of my more favorite moments occurred much later in the evening.  During the first, we had just finished dinner and we had planned to drive over to a bar which had a band.  He takes us back to the hotel first telling me how beautiful I looked during dinner.  I finally catch on when he's holding my hand and all but running back to the aparmtment.  "Oooh, I realized, "he wants some more 'quality' time together".
Another special moment occured following a walk on the beach.  It was beautiful on the beach.  Just the two of us.  Holding hands.  Walking.  More than once, I would stop to kiss him.  Or he'd stop to kiss me.  Later, he stood behind me, w me facing the ocean, his arms around me.  He kissed me along the nape of my neck; his hands roaming and caressing all the right places.  It wasn't long before I was pulling him back to the room. 

When I am in a very special place emotionally, one of my favorite positions on my back w my legs over his shoulders.  It's hard to describe what I'm feeling then.  I'm pretty much lost in the moment.  Tree got me into this position and he must have liked what he saw or felt - he kept me doubled up.  And keep in mind that he had cum several times that day already - Rachel was fucked for a very long time.  No complaints from me!!! 



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  1. This post is making me dizzy with delight and imagination. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time and each post about this weekend made it sound better and better.

    And, yes, I'm glad you are feeling better. The world is a better place when you are in it and writing like this.