Sunday, April 14, 2013

About Writing

There are two reasons I occasionally indulge in FFF.  The first is I have a secret crush on Advizor and he enjoys FFF.  The second is that I like to write.
I really do enjoy writing.  I love the entire process of brainstorming ideas and then developing those ideas.  I forget who, but I vaguely recall reading a poet who compared her writing process to giving birth.  Sadly, as much as I love it, no matter what the story or how much I may like what I've written, I always wait anxiously for the criticism.
I blame Miss Bitch (my nickname for a particular high school teacher).  I was a Junior at the time.  She taught World Lit.  I forget now exactly what the assignment was.  We were supposed to write a report.  I forget the paper.  But I remember the introduction.  My introduction was from the eyes of a caveman; initially telling his stories orally and then later recording some through prehistoric artwork.  I was proud of that introduction.  It was, to date, the most creative thing I had ever written.  She returned the papers a few days later.  On mine, she wrote the introduction "sounds copied".  She graded accordingly.  I argued some, but knew there was no point arguing much w Miss Bitch.  I've always been mad at myself for not arguing more forcefully.  I think that's also a part of why I get so irritated when I think someone now is being fair towards me.  And it probably contributes to my always expecting the worst.
The comments I get from others mean a lot to me.  Everyone has been so supportive and have always had had a kind word.  I need to tell everyone that your are great.

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  1. To this day, to this very day many years later, I can remember my English teacher, just 3 weeks ahead of the due day, and in front of the entire class, tell me that the book I chose for my Sr. thesis was disallowed and that I had to start over.

    I love your writing, it's fun and fresh and honest and sexy and reflects very well on the person I know you to be.

    And that opening line? Your fiction skills are coming nicely. LOL