Sunday, March 24, 2013


"You're in the middle of the house and a fire starts there. I'm on one side, your phone is on the other - which do you save?"
"Can't I grab my phone and text you?"
He glared. 
"Your point?"
"You're addicted to you phone - you need liberation".
"Put the phone down.  I bet you can't go one hour w/o touching it.  Better yet, every time you touch it in the next hour, you surrender an article of clothing".
Five minutes later, she'd lost her shoes.  She said, "won't happen again". It happened again and again.  Before long she was in only her panties.  She nearly picked up the phone to throw it at him, but stopped herself because that would cost her panties.  And then it rang!
He told her to go ahead, but while she was talking to her friend Candi, he began removing her panties. 
She huffed to the wall and sat down on the floor - nude.
She finished w Candi, then he took the phone.
"Nothing left to lose and you still have 30 more minutes".
"I may just have to spank you next".
He turned to sit down.  She smiled.  Candi was to call back in five minutes.
Fuck liberation - she wanted spankings.


  1. Word count 210. I should get a bonus word for doing this while sick . . . or just spank me. :)

  2. Yes, I agree!!! You should be spanked!!! And quite well, too!!!! ;o)


  3. ha ha ha.... i love your twist on phone addition therapy and I'm sure you added just enough words to earn your spanking. We'll have to increase the punishment for next week's FFF.

    Thanks for playing!!!