Saturday, April 20, 2013


She stood on the stairwell looking up into a big blue wall.  A deep voice sounded from the other side of the barrier.
"Sorry, I'm sorry, my brother bailed on me, he was given tickets to the ball game, I wasn't supposed to be moving in by myself".
And of course, the elevator was out of order.  The damned thing was always out of order.  Her choice - to help the voice or stay stuck behind the blue wall.
"I can help".  Together they carried the mattress up another two flights.  They dropped the mattress when they finally got it out of the stairwell.
She could finally see the face that went w the voice.  Not bad.  He smiled, holding out his hand, and started to give his name.  She placed her finger to his lips saying "no names".  Then she pushed him backwards down onto the mattress. A moment later, her pants were off and she was climbing astride him.  She slipped her blouse off as she slipped him inside of her. 
"Tell me you love me", she said.
"i don't even know your name".
"Does it matter?"
"No, no . . . I love you".
"Tell me your going to fill me w your cum".
"I'm going to pump you full of my cum".
And then he did.
She leaned over him, her long hair falling around his face, blocking out the rest of the world.  She could feel his dick still strong within her.  They kissed for the first time.  "Who do you think is having more fun now, you or your brother counting Ichiro's stolen bases?"
They laughed and she joked that he should text his brother.  He responded to her challenge and did texted away. 
"Ask him next if he had as much fun when he was fucking my sister".


  1. OOOHHHHH, i had to do the math on that one. OUCH! I love it.

    SEE! you always add something new to FFF. Don't ever stop you beautiful hot mess.


  2. A54: 303 words - 3 freaking words over - I'm sure I invited someone to join for extra credit . . . and I was stroking my panda as I wrote it too.

  3. This phrase got to me... "her long hair falling around his face, blocking out the rest of the world." Mmm... wonderful take! So fun FFFing with you!

  4. I agree with Same Sassy Girl. Wonderful line...