Monday, April 15, 2013

The War Resumes

I thought that Blogger and me had declared a cease fire.  Then, this evening I decide to quickly respond to a few emails and catch up on some reading when I see that Blogger has struck again.  Various pictures have disappeared again.  No dreaded white bar this time, instead there is just nothing.  A big gaping black hole of nothing.  Bastards!!!  Why does Blogger hate me so much.  What did I ever do.  I'm just a girl trying to talk about her fucked up love-life and post the occasional naked picture . . . sometimes even of herself.  I'd think most red blooded American boys would be screaming "Hell Yeah".  So frustrating.  Its just a few pictures right now, but I anticipate more will slowly fall into the creeping black hole.  After a few days and after Blogger has had its fun, then I will re-post a few.  Grrrr!!!!!

And they strike again . . . by putting everything back!!!  I swear there were black holes.  I posted the paragraph above, then went to review the damage again - and everything was back!!!!  I promise its not the wine I had to drink tonight. 

Ugh, this is enough to make Rachel stop drinking forever . . . or maybe to keep drinking forever. 

1 comment:

  1. Stop drinking and take more pictures (even if you never post them....)

    Blogger was driving me nuts as it swallowed some of my comments and never spit them back out, and I was so wonderfully eloquent too.