Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Boyfriend's Birthday Presents III

Tonight, responding to past requests, I will try to detail the remainder of the Boyfriend's Birthday Trip, taking it from his birthday blowjob to where we became engaged.
So, curled up naked next to him, the taste of his cum still in my mouth, I lay with my head resting on his chest. This was the part of the trip I dreaded the most. The Boyfriend was famous for going weeks without wanting to have sex with me. The perfect way to make a girl feel wanted - NOT. Now that the Boyfriend had came, I could easily imagine him going the rest of his 'sexcape' without touching me again. I had shared my fears with my friend Randi when the Boyfriend first starting asking about a trip. She gave the usual responses, everything from taking lots of lingerie to dressing slutty, but all essentially placing the responsibility on me to always initiate. I just did not want to spend the entire weekend begging the Boyfriend, "play with me". A few days later, Randi came into my office wearing a wicked grin. She then set two little blue pills (Viagra) on my desk, "that should take care of at least two nights of fun". Randi and mine's original plan had been to give the Boyfriend his extra gift over dinner. I don't know why I wanted to do it then instead; maybe laying there naked with the taste of his cum still in my mouth, I felt more intimate.
Jumping up, I grabbed all his gifts. I got him a watch and a protective case he had been wanting for his phone. Getting back onto the bed, sitting on my knees and ankles, I handed him his gifts. I set the smallest box to the side, making sure it would be opened last.
It was only then that something occurred to me for the very first time - he might get not take this the way I meant it. Maybe everyone else thought that a long time ago, but it had only just occurred to me. And I nearly ripped the box away from him, but it was too late, he had it opened. Fortunately for me, the Boyfriend appreciates my humor. "I'm going to need water" was all he said. And he was smiling. Whew!
We decided to go to dinner. I took a shower and put my face back on. He was still in bed channel surfing with the remote. We were talking about nothing much, okay, I was talking about nothing much and he was saying "uh huh" a lot. Basically, it was a normal conversation. I was trying to slut it up for him, so I put on a pair of heels, tight low cut blouse, and a way too short denim skirt. Finished, I asked him how I looked. Of course, he still had not yet moved. And then I noticed - he had a rock solid hard on.
"Aw, want me to help take care of that", I said giving him a kiss.  I lifted up my skirt, straddled him (I was already not wearing panties), and slid him home. I always love that first moment when my lover slips fully inside of me. I remember our taking it slow that time. We talked about nothing much in particular. I love this sometimes as well, when my lover is buried deep inside of me and we're just having a normal conversation. Now that I think about it, remembering that I was talking so much while getting dressed, it may have been part of the relaxed mood I was in too. As his moment approached, the conversation became more one sided w me telling him how much I want him to finish inside of me, that I want to go to dinner w his cum still in me, that I won't wear any panties because I want him to drip out of me while we sit in the booth. All in all, the trip was off to a great start, I thought.
I am sorry.  I thought I would finish it.  Well, I did finish it, but it's way too long for one post.  I did not mean to ramble on in some places and I actually did skip a lot, but there is nothing I really want to cut out.  Not just yet, maybe later, I will shorten them down into one post.   

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