Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mom, Harley, and Me

Mom loved the Boyfriend.
She hated Harley.
Okay, maybe I am exaggerating - but probably not by much. I guess it is fair to say she strongly disliked him. Why? You tell me because I never did understand.  Harley was that guy that everyone seemed to know and everyone just liked.  I have actually never met anyone who disliked hiim.  He is a deputy and I have actually seen people he has arrested come up to shake his hand and apoligize for being a jerk at the time.  Harley, being the kind of man he was, accepted her attitude in stride.  It hurt his feelings.  He just never let it be a problem for us.  He came with me often whenever I went to visit.  He remained polite and always tried to talk to both Mom and Daddy. Daddy, I think because I never asked, seemed to like Harley a lot. Mom clearly didn't.
The day Harley broke it off with me was, until the day Mom died, the single worst day of my life.  I hurt like hell.  Mom was not all that helpful because she was too busy being happy.  I don't know that I ever stopped being angry at her for that.  


  1. It will take time to forgive. A long time. Just take it slow. xoxo

  2. Cande: It's hard. Therapist says that sometimes it's easier for me to focus on past hurts to avoid the pain of her being gone.