Monday, September 3, 2012


It had been a long week and I went out Saturday morning to relax by doing one of life's greatest pleasures - shopping. I was headed back to the car after a semi-successful shoe hunt. A harley drove past and I would have paid no attention to it, except that it then sped up and quickly circled back around the parking lot. At the risk of sounding conceited, this is not the first time a vehicle has circled around me and done another drive by. I was cautious but not concerned.  Putting the bags into my trunk, my heart stopped when the harley slowed to a crawl behind me. Anxiety quickly became something else when I saw that on the harley was Harley. He looked great. He always looks great though. He was separated again. I think I sounded sincere when I said I was sorry. I know I tried really hard not to smile. I am not sure how long we stood there talking. I did not want it to end.
He asked if he could buy me lunch. More acting was required for me to say "yes" without sounding too excited. The next thing I know is I am climbing on the back of his bike. It's been a long time since me and the girls have been someones backrest. Harley took us into the country to a rustic cafe in the woods. He acted like we had been hanging out just the day before. Harley was like that though. And somehow, he had a way of making people so instantly comfortable that they behaved the exact same way.  Lunch was fantastic, but truth be told, the only thing I remember was my face hurting from laughing too much. I felt better than I had felt in months.
The rest of Saturday included more riding, a whole lot of verbal foreplay, some passionate kissing, and concluded with a nice hotel. I was wearing khaki Capri's and I am positive everyone could see a wet spot on them I was so dripping wet. Making me wet all the more was a little fantasy I had been imagining since we had started our verbal dance Saturday. I had been the passenger all day. I wanted to drive this engine for a bit. I wanted to give Harley head. In all the time we lived together, in all the things we had done together, I given him blowjobs, but I had never finished him with my mouth. I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to do it for him.

I knew Harley well enough to know that once we got into the room, that it was on! So, as soon as he opened the door, I put a hand to his chest and pushed him back. As sultry as I could manage (hoping it did not sound stupid), I told him to go inside, sit down, that I was taking over for a little bit, and that the only thing I wanted to hear from him was a "thank you" afterwards. I led him to the side of the bed to sit down. I then stripped naked. I undid his pants and pulled them down around his ankles, leaving his boots on. I wanted clothing to slow him down in case he started trying to change things up. However, I wanted to be naked because I wanted to feel submissive. I may have been running the show, but I like feeling submissive when I am on my knees.  And I thought Harley would enjoy seeing me naked on my knees for him.  He was already hard when I bent to my knees to take him into my mouth. I alternated between holding him deep between my lips to bobbing my head steadily upon his length. When I thought he might be nearing the limits of his endurance, then I pulled him to his feet. I placed his hands on my head and silently encouraged him to start thrusting into my face. In time, I was rewarded with a mouthful of warmth as Harley's cum gushed into me. I looked into his eyes as I swallowed my prize, but the look on his face was my real reward. 

Harley spent the rest of the night showing me just how much pleasure he could give me and how much pleasure he could extract from my body.    

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  1. Yessss this sounds like exactly what you needed. Have I already said that I'm glad you're back??